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For Information on namespaces see: Warehouse 13 Wiki:Namespace

* All artifact pages should be in the Artifact namespace.

  • All episode pages should be in the Episode namespace.
  • Currently, the Episode and Artifact namespaces are being removed, and pages in both namespaces are being moved to the Main namespace. All Artifact pages have been moved to the Main namespace.


  • Links to artifacts should either use Template:art or be a direct link. This can be used only if the artifact is on its own page (not just on the List of Artifacts and Gadgets).

** {{art|page name}}

      • Example: {{art|Johann Maelzel's Metronome}} gives Template:Art.
  • Links to episodes should be using Template:ep. Using the template will allow renames of an episode to be reflected across all pages.
    • The format for this is {{ep|#|##}}, where # is the season number and ## is the episode number.
  • Links to Wikipedia pages should use the wikipedia prefix and a separate display name should be specified (otherwise, it will come out with the wikipedia prefix). Also, pages are not automatically checked to see if they exist. Therefore, you have to test the link and confirm that it works correctly.
    • [[wikipedia:page name|displayed page name]]
  • Links to pages within this wiki should always use [[page name]]. They should never use [link title].


Since the show takes place in the US, use the American format for dates. Examples

  • August 11, 2012 (preferred for use in the Air Dates)
  • 8/11/2012


If there are multiple allowed spellings for a word, use the American spelling. Typically, the s has to be changed to a z. Examples

  • Realize instead of Realise
  • Globalize instead of Globalise
  • Neutralize instead of Neutralise


Surround the full recap with {{full-recap| and }} so that the recap is hidden upon initial view.