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Even though Warehouse 13 may be over, our Endless Wonder of fans aren't

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See the Artifacts that are stored in Warehouse 13

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Look at the Agents who Snag, Bag, and Tag like Pros

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World of Endless Wonder

Take a look at the world's biggest junkdrawer called Warehouse 13

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Warehouse 13 was a dramatic comedy that followed United States Secret Service agents Myka Bering (Joanne Kelly) and Peter Lattimer (Eddie McClintock) as they retrieved new and missing supernatural objects and placed them in Warehouse 13, a secret government warehouse. They were accompanied by Claudia Donovan (Allison Scagliotti) and former ATF agent Steve Jinks (Aaron Ashmore). It had its series finale with Endless on May 19th, 2014.




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Per Ankh Per Ankh 24 March 2020

Warehouse 13 wiki discord

Hello friends!

We over on the Artifact Database wiki were considering making a wiki discord for our community as a whole-incorporating both the canon wiki here, and the fanon wiki over on the database.

Does anyone here have any thoughts regarding doin…

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Spongebob456 Spongebob456 18 March 2020

Fandom UCP updates

Hi all! I have an awesome update regarding the Unified Community Platform (UCP). As a reminder, the UCP is a new unified platform giving users the up-to-date MediaWiki experience including the latest features! More can be found here as a reminder.

In …

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The show appears to trace its lineage back to "Secret Contents of a Certain Government Warehouse" (derived from the closing scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark) via Steve Jackson Games Warehouse 23 webpage and GURPS RPG supplement.

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