Warehouse 13 Wiki

The Warehouse 13 computer system controls all of the electronic functions of the warehouse. The network is accessible through the main computer in Artie's office, or through various points scattered throughout the warehouse. The system was previously created by Hugo Miller. This system took the form of a normal computer system, but had an emergency failsafe if someone tampered with it. This resulted in an AI, modelled on Hugo, taking control of the warehouse and searching for the problem.

The Mousepad


This system was updated by Douglas Fargo of Global Dynamics. He updated it using a microchip that was several magnitudes more advanced than the previous system. Following this update, the computers run on a TTD-Proto 4.5 GHz processor with 43.4 Gigabytes of RAM. The system also uses eight 500-petabyte hard drives for storage.

The system is probably used by Artie, as he uses it to find Artifacts. He can also run an SIS, which catalogs all of the Artifacts in the warehouse to check if there are any missing. It also allows him to zoom in on different parts of the warehouse floor, and view the artifacts that are placed there.

Claudia Donovan managed to hack into the Warehouse system once by checking the entire eastern seaboard of the USA for power irregularities. She then sent the message "Knock knock".

Real World Connections


Artie's keyboard is a "Sojourner" designed by the steampunk hardware hacker and artist Richard Nagy (also known as Datamancer) which he originally built for his girlfriend.

Nagy stated in his blog: "I hope the show becomes very popular so they commission me to build them some more elaborate contraptions for future seasons." Due to demand for this and similar keyboards Datamancer is now selling frames for DIY-ers to build their own.