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A tie-in comic book mini-series published by Dynamite Entertainment ; the first issue being released in 2011 while the complete compilation of Volume One was released in 2012.


After a hundred and fifty years at the bottom of the ocean, a collection of dangerous artifacts has finally surfaced and it's up to the Warehouse team to retrieve it. But when the trail of the legendary Lost Cache leads to a remote corner of the Pacific Northwest, Pete and Myka are the ones who suddenly find themselves in danger of being snagged, bagged and tagged! For as they're about to discover, a deadly new adversary has them in her sights -- and the Artifact Games have begun![1]

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Issue #1

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The issue opens in the Rocinha Favela, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Several children are placing soccer together when an earthquake strikes. Bright blue energy bursts through the ground as fissures are created. Several buildings are toppled and collapse.

It then cuts to the Warehouse, where Pete is attempting to swap a weighted bag with a bottomless cookie jar artifact, which Claudia and Myka warn him against. After Pete successfully obtains the jar, a pneumatic tube capsule rolls toward them. Claudia opens it, unleashing a loud message from Artie ordering everyone to meet him in the main office to discuss a ping.

In the office, Artie explains to them that Rio de Janeiro had been rocked by a massive, unexplained earthquake that morning, swallowing one quarter of an impoverished neighborhood and killing hundreds of people. Pete and Myka leave to investigate, but not before Artie makes Pete relinquish the cookie jar he had planned to smuggle out of the Warehouse. Artie tells Claudia to put the jar back where it belongs, and when she complains about the long trip, he advises her to take the "short cut" - the zipline.

In Rio de Janeiro, Pete and Myka observe an enormous hole in the ground. A police car drives over, and Lieutenant Carina da Costa approaches and tells them they are not authorized to be there. Pete and Myka lie to her, saying they are geologists checking for anomalies, but da Costa insists they leave, and they walk away while other officers carry guns to intimidate them.

Artie calls them on the Farnsworth and requests an update. Artie tells them that the artifact may not be at the site of the quake, and explains that six months ago, mining magnate Vincente Brisco was on the brink of bankruptcy, but is now literally striking gold wherever he goes. He suggests they talk to him.

Pete and Myka visit Vincente Brisco at his mansion and comment on his impressive collection of ancient South American artifacts. Vincente suspects they are here for more than to see his collection or enjoy Carnival, and they confirm they are suspicious about his wealth and his connection to the recent earthquake. Vincente becomes outraged at the accusation, and is interrupted by his nephew Renaldo. The agents leave for their car, where Renaldo explains that his uncle is passionate about his company, which he obtained from his late brother and Renaldo's father, He wishes them luck on their investigation, and they drive off. While in the car, Myka brings up that while Vincente claimed all of his artifacts were South American, one piece had a tag with Chinese writing, and calls Artie to discuss it.

In the Warehouse office, Artie tells Myka that the Chinese character on the tag is that for "protection", and advises Claudia to search the Warehouse's database for further information. She lists several potential artifacts, until she finally lists Qin Shi Huang's Mallet. Artie, who recognizes the artifact, explains its origin: during the fifth century B.C., also known as the Era of Warring States, rival factions threatened to tear China apart for two hundred years. That came to an end in 221 B.C., Qin Shi Huang ascended to become the first sovereign emperor of a unified China. Determined to keep his kingdom whole, and protect it from invaders, the emperor instituted a massive construction project, one that would required hundreds of thousands of workers and claim countless lives. A defensive wall along China's northern border that linked various states and was a precursor to the Great Wall of China present today. The creation of this wall had a profound effect on not only the people tasked with building it, but also on one of the mallets used in its construction. Now, the mallet has the power to literally raise the earth, but at a cost. Today, whenever the mallet is used to dig up precious metals, it causes seismic instability in the surrounding areas.

Pete and Myka now understand that they must take the mallet from Vincente Brisco, but after they finished their Farnsworth call, they notice that da Costa is driving closely behind them. She pulls out a rocket launcher and shoots their car, causing it to explode. While she tells Brisco that the agents have been killed, they are shown to have actually jumped out of the car at the last second and survived. Realizing they may never get close enough to Vincente to take the mallet if the police are working for him, they realize they must go undecover at Carnival to do so.

Later that night, Vincente and Renaldo are watching the Carnival festivities, while Pete and Myka observe from afar in costume. Renaldo pulls Vincente aside and tells him they must attend to unfinished business somewhere else. When Pete and Myka are ready to get close, they see that he has left his previous location and is now driving away with Renaldo. When they make to go after them, da Costa reappears on motorcycle with a machine gun. She prepares to fire on Pete, but is shot with a Tesla by Myka and incapacitated. She and Pete take her motocycle and leave her behind.

At a mining site, Renaldo strikes the ground with the mallet, causing a bunch of gold to spring up from the ground. Pete and Myka appear, and accost him for his way of 'honoring' his father's memory. Renaldo strikes the ground again, summoning a pillar of stone that strikes Myka, giving him time to run away into a mineshaft. Myka is alright, but Pete must leave her behind to chase after Renaldo, where he corners Renaldo at the edge of a large hole.

Pete implores Renaldo to relinquish the mallet, but Renaldo tells him that without it, his father's business will be ruined. His father was a great man, the heart and soul of the Brisco mining company, but when he died and his brother Vincente took control, he was running the company into the ground and was preparing to sell it to the highest bidder. Then, Renaldo found the mallet, and managed to save his father's company, but never imagined the horrible damage it could cause. Pete tells him that it's still not too late for Renaldo to do the right thing and hand over the mallet, which he ultimately does. Immediately after, though, the ground erupts with blue energy, the downside of the mallet now taking effect. A large hole opens in the ground, and Pete manages to grab hold of the ledge and save himself, but Renaldo falls in and perishes.

Pete is about to slip and fall, but Myka comes and saves him. The mineshaft is now threatening to collapse, and the don't have time to escape. Myka pulls out a neutralizer bag in the hopes that neutralizing the mallet will stop the seismic instability and preserve the mineshaft. In case it doesn't, Pete starts to tell Myka that he couldn't have asked for a better partner, but is interrupted by Myka insisting he put it in the bag. He does, it erupts in a large and violent flash of energy, and the mineshaft instantly stabilizes.

Later, back in the Warehouse, Artie attempts to replace the bottomless cookie jar with a weighted bag, but is caught by the rest of the agents before he can do so. They have successfully brought the mallet to the Warehouse, and Artie tells them that agents have been looking for it for a hundred and fifty years. At this, Claudia asks if he's curious as to how Renaldo obtained the mallet if it's eluded Warehouse collection for so long, but Pete and Myka tell her it's not important.

Issue #2

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The issue opens off the coast of Inis Orr, Ireland. Some partying tourists are enjoying themselves on a yacht when a heavy fog suddenly rolls in as one is taking a picture with their phone. The captain of the ship radios the harbor master to report the rapidly decreasing visibility. The harbor master claims the sky is clear as the smoke continues to build. The harbor master requests the yacht's position, but is interrupted when the yacht, now completely devoid of passengers, crashes into and destroys his building.

Later in the main office of the Warehouse, Artie is describing the ping to Pete and Myka while Claudia tinkers on something in the background. Myka lists off some of the more famous disappearance cases in the Warehouse archives. Artie begins to explain them and rule them out when he stops to yell at Claudia after her work makes a loud noise. She holds up one of her new magnetic boots and says she's tinkering.

Pete and Myka travel to the Inis Orr harbor to investigate the yacht wreckage. Myka compares their case to an Arthur Conan Doyle work and herself to Sherlock Holmes, declaring Pete her Dr. Watson, to which Pete objects. On the dock, Myka finds the phone one of the yacht's passengers was taking photos with just as the smoke rolled in, then explains that its captain reported unnaturally heavy cloud coverage while the harbor master did not, before deducing that someone in the nearby lighthouse must have seen what happened to the boat with a clear, unobsctructed view of the sea. A nearby man cleaning up the dock, named Jon Breen, passes by and tells them that they can find the keeper of the lighthouse at a nearby pub just before his night shift. Pete thanks Jon and shakes his hand, and notices a tattoo of a woman named Indira on his arm. When asked, Jon replies that it's of his "ex-girlfriend".

Later that night at the local pub, they question the lighthouse keeper about if he saw what happened to the yacht. He says that he had been asleep at the time the boat crashes, but says they might find whatever mysterious object they're looking for at the local maritime museum, where many relics taken from shipwrecks are kept, some even claimed to be cursed. They are interrupted by a local priest, who claims that it was not a curse that vanished the people on the boat, but God punishing the sinners aboard such "ships of iniquity" for bringing their filth and depravity to the island, while glaring at a kissing couple through the pub window. When the priest leaves and Pete and Myka plan to go to the museum, they hear a scream from nearby. They look to find the couple the priest had seen through the window have suddenly vanished and a cloud of black smoke where they stood.

Pete and Myka report the disappearance and strange smoke to Artie over Farnsworth, and Artie strongly suspects a specific artifact that the Warehouse has not seen for some time. He will have Claudia research potential artifacts while Pete and Myka head to the maritime museum.

They grab a nearby two-man motorcycle and drive off. While they drive, Myka explains to Pete that her comparison of him to Dr. Watson was actually a compliment, because as a doctor he is smart, capable, and most importantly, compassionate. As a detective, Holmes/Myka has a tendency to be cold and calculating. Watson humanizes him. That's what makes them such great partners. After Myka explains this, Pete experiences a vibe just as a trail of black smoke with a shape that resembles a human hand flies toward them. They speed up, but it keeps up with them. Myka pulls out her Tesla and shoots the smoke in an effort to stop it, and doing so illuminates the silhouettes of many people inside before the cloud retreats. They realize that the people who disappeared aren't dead, but are instead trapped inside the smoke. They also realize that the people who have disappeared have all been tourists, not people local to Ireland, and thus that they need to follow whoever has the biggest beef with foreigners - and the priest from the pub alrady fits their bill.

They change course and instead travel to the local church, empty, searching for the priest. Over Farnsworth, Claudia (with Artie) has figured out the artifact behind the disappearances, and explains its history: in 1723, ruthless pirate Edward Lowe was the scourge of the North Atlantic. What Lowe was most famous for at the time was a weapon he ha acquired during his travels to the East - an ancient hindu prayer censer. According to legend, this censer gave Lower the power to capture and keep his enemies in a gaseous state, akin to limbo, a power he quickly put to use in plundering any wayward seafarers unfortunate enough to cross his path under cover of darkness. Once he and his men were finished looting, Lowe would sail away, leaving a trail of veritable ghost ships in his wake, and not a trace of his victims. If a trapped victim is left in the censer long enough without being released, they will vanish completely and permanently.

Back in the church, the priest appears, and Pete and Myka demand the censer from him. The priest doesn't know what they're talking about, and as he refutes their claims that he would use Satanic objects, the cloud of smoke returns and envelops him. Pete and Myka now realize someone else must have the censer, but they don't know who. Pete takes the Tesla from Myka so as to fight the smoke and buy Myka time to figure out who the culprit is, but it is out of energy and must be recharged. As a pair of hands emerge from the smoke to capture Pete, Myka recognizes a tattoo on one of the forearms, and exclaims she knows who owns the censer. The smoke cloud, now revealed to speak, changes course and captures Myka before she can reveal its identity. As she's envloped, Myka reiterates that Pete is her Watson, and that she knows he'll figure this out and save her.

Then, Jon Breen appears more tangibly, merged with the smoke. He explains to Pete that his ex-lover, Indira, had been a tourist who came to Inis Orr six months ago on holiday, and that it was love at first sight. They met at the pub and spent several weeks together, before she suddenly stopped visiting him without warning, explanation, or even a phone call. Now whenever Jon hears the foghorn of the yachts, he's reminded of the pain Indira had caused him. Pete tells him that hurting innocent people won't bring Indira back to him, to which Jon refutes, saying he doesn't want her back, only all the tourists gone. The Tesla finally recharges, and Pete fires it at him, making him retreat.

Pete leaves the church, trying to think like Myka to figure out how to stop the artifact. He realizes Lowe only used the censer at night, then that heat must be the smoke's weakness, explaining why the Tesla was able to rip thrzugh it. If he can find a strong enough heat source, he can burn all the smoke away and render Jon powerless - and the lighthouse is just up a nearby hill. Pete takes the motorcycle and drives to the lighthouse with Jon trailing behind him, and ultimately beats him to the top. Just as Jon reaches him, Pete turns on the lighthouse light, dispelling the smoke and solidifying Jon's form. Shortly after, with Jon now unconscious, Pete bags the censer and frees all of the surviving trapped victims, including Myka.

Back at the Warehouse, Artie and Claudia shelve the censer. According to Claudia, Jon told Pete and Myka that some woman had sold the censer to him. This troubles Artie, as this is the second artifact that has been off the grid for a hundred and fifty years that has suddenly and mysteriously resurfaced. Artie asks if Jon gave the woman's name, to which Claudia says no and asserts she was probably just a normal antiques dealer who didn't realize what she had sold. Artie begrudgingly acquiesces, then asks where Pete and Myka are. Claudia says they're at the B&B, planning to roast marshmallows and tell ghost stories. Artie exclaims he knows the best ghost stories, and tells Claudia to grab the Grimm Brothers' expedition journal from the archives and meet him in the car. Contrary to Claudia's claim that the Grimm fairy tales she's read are harmless, Artie asserts that the stories the Grimm Brothers actually lived through were horrifying, then tells her again to grab the journal.

Issue #3

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The issue opens in Tetsuya Airfield in Tokyo, Japan. Two pilots of an airplane are attempting to get enough speed to achieve liftoff while a man referred to as "Oyabun" frantically exclaims they need to leave immediately. Down the runway stands a figure in a a dark cloak and golden Japanese demon mask, glaring angrily at the plane. The figure does not move as the plane speeds toward it, and finally lifts off the ground just before it would strike them. Below them, the figure pulls out a glowing whip from their cloak and slashes the plane just above them, making it explode.

In the Warehouse, Claudia is being pursued by figures in black body suits and goggles while the Warehouse is filled with red light, under red alert. A suited figure drops down in front of Claudia and she dodges its attempts to punch and sweep her, and another figure appears behind her. The first figure orders Claudia to stop talking to it and just fight. Claudia says she prefers not to fight and runs away. The first figure claims this to be disappointing, and the second is disturbed by their enjoyment of violence, to which the first retorts that they just like a challenge, then says that it's their job to teach Claudia that taking things easy and not fighting will only result in pain.

They are interrupted by a mine detonating when they get too close, releasing a cloud of freezing fog that coats the ground in a sheet of ice and entraps their feet. The first figure pulls out a firearm and shoots above themself, revealing Claudia standing upside-down from a railing with a pair of odd boots, now covered in green paint. Claudia explains to them that they are one of her latest inventions, magnetic boots that use a pair of roman coins that generate electromagnetic fields when an electric current is run through them, allowing her to walk on magnetic surfaces. Claudia bemoans the paint stains on her clothes, to which the first figure replies she could have avoided that if she had disarmed them with any of the moves they had taught her. The figures both remove their masks, revealing themselves to be Myka and Pete, who had been putting Claudia through a combat training exercise. Myka tells Claudia that she can't rely on her gadgets all the time, to which Claudia replies she is a hacker, not a fighter. Artie then appears and informs them they have a ping.

Pete and Myka go to Tetsuya Airfield, now accompanied by Claudia, and see that whatever artifct they're dealing with has cut clean through the plane and its passengers. Myka learns from the local police that this has been the fourth incident over the past few weeks where victims have been literally sliced in half. Claudia learns from the flight recorders that the pilots referred to the main victim as "Oyabun", a yakuza term meaning "leader" or "boss". Over Farnsworth, Artie explains that over the past two weeks, four major Japanese corporations experienced a sudden change in leadership, all of which were the "legitimate" business fronts of various yakuza clans whose leaders care very little for each other. They theorize that whoever has the artifact could be a yakuza boss killing off their rivals. Until recently there were five yakuza clans, and after this latest incident, only one remains standing.

The agents travel to a local investment company building and attempt to speak with Nago Rokuro, the leader of yakuza Clan Akahi that runs it, but are told by his daughter Kaiko that he is not takng any meetings. The agents insist they be allowed to speak with him, while Kaiko insists they may not. They are interrupted by a man, Kaiko's brother and Nago's son Isamu, why she is getting involved in Nago's business. Kaiko tells him she was trying to help, and Isamu tells her she can do so by staying out of the way then to go to her dance lessons, and she leaves. Isamu apologies for Kaiko being "impudent and undisciplined", and says that she will one day learn her place. Pete says that Clan Akahi was at the bottom of the yakuza totem pole only three weeks ago, but have since become the most powerful clan now that their rivals' leaders have been assasinated. Isamu seems to be glad to prove his company's lack of involvement with their deaths, and agrees to show the agents proof of their innocence. Pete and Myka follow him elsewhere, while Claudia goes to check the security cameras for any evidence of the artifact.

Claudia hacks into the security room's computer system and displays a message on the screens to distract the security guard inside, before incapacitating him with a Tesla grenade.

Meanwhile, Pete and Myka meet Nogu Rokuro, an old and ailing man on oxygen support in a wheelchair, which Isamu claims makes him clearly unfit to be the one going around assassinating the other yakuza leaders with the artifact. While Pete refutes this, Myka surmises that due to Nogu's condition, Isamu is the effective leader of Clan Akahi, who takes sole responsibility for the clan's work and survival. Pete and Myka feel this is adequate opportunity and motive, but still need to identify the means. Pete spies and picks up a katana on a nearby table, and Isamu explains it is an heirloom passed down over the generations within the family that runs Clan Akahi, and that only the clan's leader may hold it. Angered by their accusations and disrespect to their family, Isamu orders them to leave, escorted by his security guard.

Back in the security room, Claudia sees that all of the camera feeds are showing static. From her bag she pulls out Harry Winston's Loupe, capable of granting crystalline clarity to any stone it touches, and uses it to clear up the images on the camera monitors. Through the cleared static, Claudia sees the same cloaked and masked figure from the airfield now in the elevator, holding a glowing whip.

Claudia warns Pete and Myka of the artifact's identity and that the person using it is coming their way. Pete knocks the bodyguard out with the Tesla just before the elevator opens. The figure orders them to leave and strikes at them with the whip, which they dodge, leaving a large gash in the floor between them. The figure kicks Pete and throws Myka away.

In the security room, Claudia pulls out her magnetic boots, as well as an accompanying chestplate and pair of devices he wears on her hands. The masked figure breaks into the security room, and Claudia blasts them away with the electromagnetic field generated by the coins in her boots redirected through her hand devices. Claudia immediately recognizes the way the figure fought Pete and Myka had the style of an experienced dancer - Kaiko. Kaiko removes her mask and explains that as firstborn, she should be the leader of Clan Akahi, but her father refuses to see that she is more of a warrior than her brother just because she is a woman. Claudia tells her she understands how she feels, and asks her to hand over the whip. Kaiko refuses, and slashes at Claudia with it. Claudia attempts to hold back the slash of energy with a forcefield generated by her hand devices, but the whip proves stronger and breaks through it, destroying them in the process. Kaiko prepares to deal Claudia a finishing blow, but Claudia manages to disarm her and knock her unconscious with a punch.

Pete and Myka wake up and call Claudia on the Farnsworth to warn her about their masked assailant, but Claudia tells them it's all taken care of, and that she's both a hacker and a figther.

Back at the Warehouse, Artie explains the origin of the whip: in 218 B.C., Hannibal Barca of Carthage embarked on his campaign to conquer Italy. His army of thousands was massive and imposing, including many war elephants that he rode on. To reach his target, his troops had to cross the treachorous passes of the Alps. The trip was brutal, and his men hd to contend with Gauls, Romans, wild animals, and the very forces of nature itself. Through it all, Hannibal refused to turn back. He pressed forward through every challenge that came his way with a combination of ingenuity, power, and old-fashioned stubbornness. His leadership was so strong, it appeared as if the very winds had begun to obey his commands. When he hild his whip, it seemed as if he could conquer anything. As a result, his ordinary leather rider's whip became imbued with his enduring will. Now, when wielded, the whip focuses the user's willpower into a razor-sharp wave of energy, capable of cutting through anything standing in their path.

Artie is concerned about how an artifact that disappeared two hundred years ago landed in the hands of a yakuza leader's daughter. Myka recalls that the previous two artifacts they've snagged also disappeared around the same time as the whip and recently resurfaced as well. Artie, shocked, now recognizes the artifacts' shared history: they were all part of a lost cache, one of the most dangerous collection of artifacts in Warehouse history, which has now been found, but not by the Warehouse...

Issue #4

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Issue #5

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Main Characters

Minor Characters

  • Byron Cross
  • Carina da Costa
  • Filip Volpe
  • Geoffrey Mahoney
  • Jon Breen
  • Irene Frederic
  • Isamu Rokuro
  • Kaiko Rokuro
  • Nogu Rokuro
  • Rachel Mahoney
  • Renaldo Brisco
  • Vincente Brisco
  • Rufus

Artists and Other

  • Letters: Bill Tortolini
  • Collection Design: Jason Ullmeyer

Issue #1

  • Art: Ben Morse
  • Colors: Ben Morse
  • Color Assist: Jonathan Cooper

Issue #2

  • Art: Ben Morse
  • Colors: Ben Morse
  • Color Assist: Jonathan Cooper

Issue #3

  • Art: Ben Morse
  • Colors: James Babbo

Issue #4

  • Art: Robert Gill
  • Colors: James Babbo

Issue #5

  • Art: Gordon Purcell
  • Colors: James Babbo

Artifacts and Gadgets Featured

Issue #1

  • Qin Shi Huang's Mallet: Can raise the earth wherever struck, possibly any specific minerals the wielder focuses on. Causes extreme seismic instability in the surrounding area.
  • Attila the Hun's Swaddling Blanket: One of several Asian artifacts associated with protection that Claudia researched on the Warehouse database that have not been collected by the Warehouse.
  • Bottomless Cookie Jar: Supplies an infinite amount of cookies. Implied to rest on a kind of pressure plate that must hold something of equal weight, reminiscent of the opening scene of "Raiders of the Lost Ark."[2]
  • Confucius' Flip-Flops: One of several Asian artifacts associated with protection that Claudia researched on the Warehouse database that have not been collected by the Warehouse.
  • Edison Gold Moulding Records Cylinder: Capable of repeating any audio spoken into it. Whether it always plays anything it repeats very loudly, or whether Artie simply shouted into it, are uncertain, as these cylinders were also under the working title of "Edison Hi-Speed Extra Loud Moulded Records". Unknown if this was meant to be the Pneumatic Tube capsule. The label on it says "Edison Gold Moulding Records", when in reality it was "Edison Gold Moulded Records"[2]
  • Hernan Cortez's Helmet: A "get-rich-quick" artifact proposed by Myka to explain how Vincente Brisco was striking gold and subsequently causing seismic activity. Confirmed to be in the Warehouse by Artie.
  • King Midas' Scepter: A "get-rich-quick" artifact proposed by Myka to explain how Vincente Brisco was striking gold and subsequently causing seismic activity. Confirmed to be in the Warehouse by Artie.
  • General Tso's Pet Chicken Bones: One of several Asian artifacts associated with protection that Claudia researched on the Warehouse database that have not been collected by the Warehouse. It is a reference to a dish known as "General Tso's chicken" served in North American Chinese restaurants. While the dish has been associated with Zuo Zongtang (General Tso), he could not have eaten or known of it; a proposed origin for its name is that it is merely known by a homonym, a word that sounds like Zongtang's given name but is actually an unrelated word.

Issue #2

  • Edward "Ned" Lowe's Prayer Censer: Turns the wearer into a gaseous specter they can control, and traps others in dense smoke. Victims will disappear after prolonged incarceration. Smoke dissipates in heat.
  • The Marie Celeste: Mentioned to be in the Warehouse. Effects unknown; said to have disappearing properties.
  • Brothers Grimm Expedition Journal: Stored in the archives. Details the apparently horrifying lives of the Grimm Brothers. Artie wanted to use this to tell ghost stories to the others.

Issue #3

  • Hannibal Barca of Carthage's Whip: Imbued with the enduring willpower of the great general, the whip is able to summon a wave of razor-sharp energy that is able to cut through almost anything. One of the artifacts from the lost cache of Warehouse 12. Sold to Kaiko Ikahi by Viola Adair. It is the main artifact of Issue #3.
  • Ice Mine: When detonated, covers the floor in a sheet of ice and traps feet in ice.
  • Roman Coins: Used in Claudia's Magnetic Boots. Running an electric current through them creates electromagnetic fields; Heads for attraction, tails for repulsion.
  • Claudia Donovan's Magnetic Boots: Created by Claudia using the Roman Coins, they channel an electric current through the coins that allow her to walk on magnetic surfaces with them. She later used them in conjunction with a special chestplate and devices worn on her wrist that could redirect the coins' charge to her hands, allowing her to create blasts of repulsive energy or create a forcefield. The hand devices were destroyed by Hannibal Barca's whip.
  • Harry Winston's Loupe: Grants crystalline clarity to any stone, and screens/monitors, it touches.
  • Marvin Middlemark's Rabbit Ears: Belonged to the inventor of the Rabbit Ears (aka dipole) television antennae. Implied to be able to clear up the static on screens.

Issue #4

  • P.T. Barnum's Top Hat[3]: Exact effect(s) unknown. Possibly allows wearer to control anything circus-related, or create an entire circus.[4]
  • Peter Henlein's Nuremberg Egg: The oldest Nuremberg Egg, the Henlein-Uhr. Functions as a kind of time bomb; as it ticks down it either sucks electricity out of nearby electric mechanisms, or simply messes with nearby mechanisms. Once it finishes ticking it releases a wave of electricity strong enough to render anyone nearby unconscious. Used by Viola Adair to short-circuit Pete and Myka's boat and capture them.
  • Willem Jansz's Boomerang: Originated from Jansz's first expedition to Australia in 1606. It is capable of cutting through anything in its path, and always returns to its thrower. Utilized by Filip Volpe against Pete and Myka before Myka used it to decapitate them.
  • Trident: Effect(s) unknown, shown to glow. Collected by agents of an early Warehouse, possibly Warehouse 1 or 2.[5]
  • Unknown Artifact: Whether the artifact is a giant set of Roman Gladiator armor, or if the artifact created it, is uncertain. Seen facing against two Warehouse 3 agents outside of the Roman Colosseum.[5]
  • Hourglass: Effect(s) unknown, shown to glow orange. Seen to be collected by (assumedly) Warehouse 11 agents being chased by many guards in front of what appears to be a Russian palace.[5]
  • Neptune Statue: Appears to be the statue of Neptune located at a Nodre Toldbod in Copenhagen, Denmark, sculpted by Christian Carl Peters.[6][7] Shown to be collected by Warehouse 12 agents and tied down on a ship by many ropes.[5]

Issue #5

  • Aphrodite's Girdle[8]: Wearer takes on the appearance of a tall, beautiful blonde woman. Gives wearer a gaze capable of seducing anyone (or at least any man) the wearer makes eye contact with. Used by Rachel Mahoney against Pete while Shirley's Noose is used against Myka.
  • Laurence Shirley's Noose[8]: The noose used in the execution of the last peer to be hanged. It glows golden and appears to reach down to choke anyone standing underneath it. Used by Geoffrey Mahoney against Myka while Aphrodite's Girdle was used against Pete.
  • William Tell's Rabbit Foot: Alters probability and grants the wearer impossible luck. However, how that luck manifests is entirely the artifact's purview. Used by Byron Cross, to attempt (and fail) to shoot Myka and Pete with what is implied to be another artifact hunting rifle.
  • Spartacus' Retiarius Net: Turns whoever it traps into stone for a few hours. Used to petrify Byron Cross.
  • Nero's Lyre: In the comic, playing it creates a large blaze that can quickly engulf the surrounding area. Used by Viola Adair to entrap herself and all of the Warehouse agents on her island, creating an ultimate survival test. It was then frozen solid by the Freezing Snowglobe.
  • Freezing Snowglobe: Used by Artie to extinguish the blaze summoned by Nero's Lyre, then freeze the lyre itself.
  • Ring: A ring with a red jewel cut en cabochon set into the top. Effects unknown, but when pressed it released a small red ring of light. Was intended to be used by Viola Adair as "an exit strategy" before she was shot by the Tesla Shotgun.
  • Artifact Tracker Football: Flies across the globe collecting information on artifact activity and transmitting it back to the Warehouse database. Seen on the final page, falling to the ground in front of the Warehouse, before being picked up and thrown back into the sky by Pete.
  • Tesla Varieties: Two variants of the standard Tesla gun were featured in this issue:
    • Claudia's Mini-Tesla, used to incapacitate Viola's butler Rufus.
    • The Tesla Shotgun, an unnamed variety unseen in the series that resembles a shotgun more than a pistol or a sniper rifle, presumably capable of firing much larger and more intense blasts.


  • The comics contain several references to episodes from the show's first three seasons:
    • Near the beginnging of Issue #1, a capsule from the pneumatic tube is sent by Artie to contact the agents in lieu of a Farnsworth call. The pneumatic tube was fixed by and first used in "The New Guy".
    • TBA
    • In Issue #3, Claudia hacks into the computers in a security room and makes them display the words "KNOCK KNOCK". This is the same message she made with the lights when hacking into the Warehouse's electricity grid in "Magnetism", and then spoke to Artie in person in "Claudia".
    • In Issue #3, Claudia incapacitates the guard in the security room using a Tesla grenade. These were first hinted at in the credit sequence of "Of Monsters and Men", and officially debuted in "The New Guy".
    • At the beginning of Issue #4, Myka references when Mrs. Frederic had appeared in her home to hire her as a Warehouse agent. Although her approach with Myka is off-screen (the episode instead shows her appearing in Pete's kitchen only), this occured in "Pilot".
    • In Issue #4, Pete references a mission involving poop-flinging monkeys and claims it was one of the worst ones he and Myka have ever went on. This may be a reference to the case they had finished by the beginning of "Claudia".
    • In Issue #4, Pete's phone rings and plays "C is for Cookie". This ringtone was also seen in "Time Will Tell".
  • The comics' plotline involving a Warehouse 12 ship full of lost artifacts was, for unknown reasons, seemingly repurposed for the plot of "Lost & Found".
    • The smoke-manifesting effects of the main artifact of that plot, Aleister Crowley's Amulet, are similar to that of Ned Lowe's Censer, as is the fact that they were both used by infamous pirates.
  • In Issue #2, Myka lists three famous disappearance cases in the Warehouse archives, and Artie briefly explains them:
    • The Mary Celeste ship is located in the Warehouse, specifically aisle Jefferson Thirty-Three.
      • The ship's name is erroneously spelled Marie in the comic.
      • A pulley block from the ship is its own artifact, collected by Warehouse 12.
    • Amelia Earhart disappeared on a mission for the Warehouse.
    • Jimmy Hoffa "sleeps with the (fishes)".
      • In "All the Time in the World", Artie claims the Warehouse found Jimmy Hoffa after his famous disappearance thanks to tabloid magazines.


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