A tie-in comic book mini-series published by Dynamite Entertainment ; the first issue being released in 2011 while the complete compilation of Volume One was released in 2012.

After a hundred and fifty years at the bottom of the ocean, a collection of dangerous artifacts has finally surfaced and it's up to the Warehouse team to retrieve it. But when the trail of the legendary Lost Cache leads to a remote corner of the Pacific Northwest, Pete and Myka are the ones who suddenly find themselves in danger of being snagged, bagged and tagged! For as they're about to discover, a deadly new adversary has them in her sights -- and the Artifact Games have begun![1]

Production[edit | edit source]

Writers and Artists[edit | edit source]

  • Issue #1
    • Written By: Ben Raab & Deric A. Hughes
    • Art By: Ben Morse
    • Colors By: Ben Morse
    • Color Assists By: Jonathan Cooper
  • Issue #2
    • Written By: Mike Johnson & Ian Maddox
    • Art By: Ben Morse
    • Colors By: Ben Morse
    • Color Assists By: Jonathan Cooper
  • Issue #3
    • Written By: John-Paul Nickel & Marque Franklin-Williams
    • Art By: Ben Morse
    • Colors By: James Babbo
  • Issue #4
    • Written By: Ian Stokes
    • Art By: Robert Gill
    • Colors By: James Babbo
  • Issue #5
    • Written By: Ben Raab & Deric A. Hughes
    • Art By: Gordon Purcell
    • Colors By: James Babbo
  • Letters By: Bill Tortolini
  • Collection Design By: Jason Ullmeyer

Characters[edit | edit source]

The mini-series features the TV series' main characters in the starring role,

Plot[edit | edit source]

'Issue #1'[edit | edit source]

'Issue #2'[edit | edit source]

'Issue #3'[edit | edit source]

'Issue #4'[edit | edit source]

'Issue #5'[edit | edit source]

Artifacts and Gadgets Featured[edit | edit source]

'Issue #1'

  • Qin Shi Huang's Mallet: Can raise the earth wherever struck, possibly any specific minerals the wielder focuses on. Causes extreme seismic instability in the surrounding area.
  • Bottomless Cookie Jar: Supplies an infinite amount of cookies. Implied to rest on a kind of pressure plate that must hold something of equal weight, reminiscent of the opening scene of "Raiders of the Lost Ark."[2]
  • Edison Gold Moulding Records Cylinder: Capable of repeating any audio spoken into it. Whether it always plays anything it repeats very loudly, or whether Artie simply shouted into it, are uncertain, as these cylinders were also under the working title of "Edison Hi-Speed Extra Loud Moulded Records". Unknown if this was meant to be the Pneumatic Tube capsule. The label on it says "Edison Gold Moulding Records", when in reality it was "Edison Gold Moulded Records"[2]
  • Confucius' Flip-Flops: Mentioned but not seen. Currently at large.
  • Attila the Hun's Swaddling Blanket: Mentioned but not seen. Currently at large.
  • General Tso's (Pet) Chicken Bones: Mentioned but not seen. Currently at large.

'Issue #2'

  • Edward "Ned" Lowe's Prayer Censer: Turns the wearer into a gaseous specter they can control, and traps others in dense smoke. Victims will disappear after prolonged incarceration. Smoke dissipates in heat.
  • The Marie Celeste: Mentioned to be in the Warehouse. Effects unknown; said to have disappearing properties.
  • Brothers Grimm Expedition Journal: Stored in the archives. Details the apparently horrifying lives of the Grimm Brothers. Artie wanted to use this to tell ghost stories to the others.

'Issue #3'

  • Hannibal Barca of Carthage's Whip: Imbued with the enduring willpower of the great general, the whip is able to summon a wave of razor-sharp energy that is able to cut through almost anything. One of the artifacts from the lost cache of Warehouse 12. Sold to Kaiko Ikahi by Viola Adair. It is the main artifact of Issue #3.
  • Ice Mine: When detonated, covers the floor in a sheet of ice and traps feet in ice.
  • Roman Coins: Used in Claudia's Magnetic Boots. Running an electric current through them creates electromagnetic fields; Heads for attraction, tails for repulsion. At least two of them were destroyed by Hannibal's Whip.
  • Claudia Donovan's Magnetic Boots: Created by Claudia using the Roman Coins, used in conjunction with special gloves. Used in her training with Pete and Myka to hover above them and to create a temporary forcefield to protect herself from the force of Hannibal's Whip.
  • Harry Winston's Loupe: Grants crystalline clarity to any stone, and screens/monitors, it touches.
  • Marvin Middlemark's Rabbit Ears: Belonged to the inventor of the Rabbit Ears (aka dipole) television antennae. Implied to be able to clear up the static on screens.

'Issue #4'

  • P.T. Barnum's Top Hat[3]: Exact effect(s) unknown. Possibly allows wearer to control anything circus-related, or create an entire circus.[4]
  • Peter Heinlen's Nuremberg Egg: The oldest Nuremberg Egg, the Heinlein-Uhr. Functions as a kind of time bomb; as it ticks down it either sucks electricity out of nearby electric mechanisms, or simply messes with nearby mechanisms. Once it finishes ticking it releases a wave of electricity strong enough to render anyone nearby unconscious. Used by Viola Adair to short-circuit Pete and Myka's boat and capture them.
  • Willem Jansz's Boomerang: Originated from Jansz's first expedition to Australia in 1606. It is capable of cutting through anything in its path, and always returns to its thrower. Utilized by Filip Volpe against Pete and Myka before Myka used it to decapitate them.
  • Trident: Effect(s) unknown, shown to glow. Collected by agents of an early Warehouse, possibly Warehouse 1 or 2.[5]
  • Unknown Artifact: Whether the artifact is a giant set of Roman Gladiator armor, or if the artifact created it, is uncertain. Seen facing against two Warehouse 3 agents outside of the Roman Colosseum.[5]
  • Hourglass: Effect(s) unknown, shown to glow orange. Seen to be collected by (assumedly) Warehouse 11 agents being chased by many guards in front of what appears to be a Russian palace.[5]
  • Neptune Statue: Appears to be the statue of Neptune located at a Nodre Toldbod in Copenhagen, Denmark, sculpted by Christian Carl Peters.[6][7] Shown to be collected by Warehouse 12 agents and tied down on a ship by many ropes.[5]

'Issue #5'

  • Aphrodite's Girdle[8]: Wearer takes on the appearance of a tall, beautiful blonde woman. Gives wearer a gaze capable of seducing anyone (or at least any man) the wearer makes eye contact with. Used by Rachel Mahoney against Pete while Shirley's Noose is used against Myka.
  • Laurence Shirley's Noose[8]: The noose used in the execution of the last peer to be hanged. It glows golden and appears to reach down to choke anyone standing underneath it. Used by Geoffrey Mahoney against Myka while Aphrodite's Girdle was used against Pete.
  • William Tell's Rabbit Foot: Alters probability and grants the wearer impossible luck. However, how that luck manifests is entirely the artifact's purview. Used by a hunter, "Mr. Cross", to attempt (and fail) to shoot Myka and Pete with what is implied to be another artifact hunting rifle.
  • Spartacus' Retiarius Net: Turns whoever it traps into stone for a few hours.
  • Nero's Lyre: Playing it creates a large blaze that can quickly engulf the surrounding area.
  • Ring: A ring with a red jewel cut en cabochon set into the top. Effects unknown, but when pressed it released a small red ring of energy. Was intended to be used by Viola Adair as "an exit strategy" before she was shot by the Tesla Shotgun.

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