Created by revered Hindu scribe Vyasa as a result of his work with electricity. Imbued with the ability to absorb and project electrical energy, great care must be taken to not overcharge the artifact beyond its capacity.  Every time that the elephant shot electricity, it would make a trumpeting noise like a real elephant.

Used by Pete and Myka to catch the static balls roaming the library. Also, was the artifact Pete and Myka had to find when trapped inside of Anthony Bishop's Manuscript: Kiss Me, Forever.

It was later stolen and used by the alternate Benedict Valda to kill Mr. Keeler and infiltrate the Regent Vault to steal the handle of the setting maul, one of Hiram Abiff's Tools.

Real World ConnectionEdit

Vyasa was a legendary Hindu sage who divided the Veda, the Hindu holy book, into four parts. He is widely believed not to have been a man at all, but really the physical incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu and one of the seven Chiranjivi, immortals, which means he could still be alive today.


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