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"Vendetta" is the ninth episode of Season Two of SyFy's Warehouse 13, that aired on August 31, 2010.


"The team flies to Russia to to track down a killer with links to Artie." --From the official website.


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A masked figure walks into Dickinson's office and uses a chain artifact to kill him. Then he uses the computer to print files on warehouse employees.

Claudia doesn’t want to go to the hardware store and fix a shelf because she is avoiding Todd. Pete receives a call from Kate Logan about Dickinson, and Artie sends the team to Washington.

In Washington, Kate explains that Dickinson’s bones have been pulled apart. Artie explains that Dickinson was killed with the chain from Torquemada’s rack from the Spanish Inquisition. Artie explains that he sold many artifacts to the Soviet Union for the release of political prisoners. After figuring out the artifacts had powers and turning them in, Mrs. Frederick offered to erase his past in exchange for working at the warehouse, and Artie changed his name.

At Dickinson’s funeral, Myka meets H.G. Wells, who is also tracking the chain (to prove her place at the warehouse). After prompting, H.G. explains that to reverse her daughter’s death, she had searched in vain for a time-travel device, accidentally resulting in a colleague’s death. She asked to be bronzed in hopes of awakening in a better world. H.G. leaves Myka with her contact info. Artie is photographed talking to an old colleague from the NSA.

At Leena’s, Leena has brought Todd, the shelf brackets, and Claudia together. Todd asks to be friends, then leaves abruptly after a text.

Artie’s colleague is frozen by a man blowing air over a board artifact. On the scene of the crime, Artie identifies the artifact as a board once held by a Titanic victim. He had also traded this artifact to the Soviets. Artie discovered that the last file seen on the computer was a list of Artie’s relatives, the prisoners he had released in exchange for artifacts. Pete shows H.G. Wells on the security footage. Myka admits that H.G. is tracking artifacts to prove her place at the warehouse, and Artie get angry he wasn’t told sooner. Myka tells them that H.G. is at the Archer hotel.

Claudia stalks Todd at the hardware store and takes a picture of him with a generic government agent.

At the hotel room, the team receives a call from H.G. She explains that she followed someone who was taking pictures of Artie to the scene of the second death. H.G. offers to trade an object left by the killer in exchange for information. The object, a king of hearts, was used to signify that Artie’s blackmailer (Alexander) wants to meet.

In Moscow, Artie explains that one of his cousins was a “refusenik” so the whole family was imprisoned. Artie takes them to Alexander’s old hideout. Someone drops Charles II’s murderous croquet balls down the chimney, also traded artifacts. Artie escapes while Pete and Myka trap the ball in a fridge. Myka and Pete discovered Artie has disappeared, leaving his hat.

Claudia has discovered that Todd’s identity was created six months ago, as he moved into town. Claudia calls Todd and asks about his previously revealed high school mascot, the fighting ocelots.

Myka and Pete discover H.G. following them. She planted a tracking device on Myka at the funeral. H.G. reveals Alexander is dead.

Artie is chained, and discovers his kidnapper is Ivan, Alexander’s vengeful son. Alexander was imprisoned by the Soviets after the fiasco with Artie.

Todd and Claudia meet in the park and draw guns on each other. Todd reveals that he is in the witness protection program. As an IT guy, he saw secret files of the mobster John Conte.

Myka, Pete, and H.G. track Artie using the device Claudia installed in his glasses to help find the glasses when they are lost. After H.G. discovers Artie, Ivan uses the Titanic plank on H.G. and says she will freeze to death in a few minutes. Myka and Pete open a door to the room using Artie’s reflex hammer. H.G. shoots Artie free. Artie knocks out Ivan. Artie unfreezes H.G. by having her cling to the board. Myka and Pete come in and Pete uses the tesla on Ivan who was sneaking up on Artie.

Todd kisses Claudia goodbye: he’s being relocated. A Mr. Kosan, who has the ultimate say on hiring decisions at the warehouse, has decided to reinstate H.G. Wells, in part because Myka wrote H.G. a letter of support. Artie refuses to shake Wells’ hand and tell Myka he should have let H.G. freeze to death.


Main Cast

Guest Starring


  • George Tchortov as Ivan
  • Gary Krawford as Joseph "Joe" Sweetwood[1]
  • Richard Alan Campbell as Marshal Will Fox
  • Jimi Shlag as Isaac Weisfelt


  • Devon Richards as Mourning Agent

Artifacts and Gadgets Featured

  • Tomas de Torquemada's Chain: Causes extreme pain and agony in the victim when the chain is pulled taut. The chain pulls apart bones, creates internal bleeding and induces hypovolemic shock, eventually leading to death. It also corrupts the soul of the user, slowly detroying his humanity and making him more like Torquemada with every use.  It is the main artifact of the episode.
  • Driftwood from the RMS Titanic: When blown on, the driftwood instills severe hypothermia in whoever the piece of wood is pointed at. The only way to reverse the effect is to make the victim hold the driftwood close to them.
  • Charles II's Croquet Balls: Imbued with fury of a king and sore loser at croquet, when one croquet ball is struck at the second, the second ball bounces uncontrollably around an area, ricocheting off walls and other surfaces with enough force to injure and/or kill a person. It usually takes hours to eventually stop, but Pete managed to stop it more quickly by trapping it in a refrigerator.
  • Tomahawk Reflex Hammer: When struck against the joint of a person or even an object it causes whatever is struck to shake violently. Myka used the hammer to break through a gate by striking at its hinges.
  • Phoenix: Protects the holder from direct fire at the costing of killing those nearby in exchange. Seen alongside other artifacts in a flashback when Artie explained he traded artifacts for Gulag prisoners.
    • Continuity note: Although seen in this flashback, it is unlikely the Phoenix was traded to the Russians as it was in possession of the Warehouse by 1994.[2]
  • Jacks: Effects unknown, but Artie appeared very alarmed when Ivan brought it out along with other artifacts.


Quotable Quotes

Myka: For the record, I knew that you slipped this in my pocket at the cemetery (Hands the tracker to H.G).
Helena: I thought you'd know.
Myka: I knew you'd think that.

Claudia: Zoiks!

Claudia: I could always just send Conte into an interdimensional space.
Todd: What's that?
Claudia:Tell you later?
Todd: Not fair.

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