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Watched the final episode of the final season. It was epic. And yet really sad.

I didnt really get into science fiction dramas/shows but warehouse 13 seemed really ambitious, and when i watched it... It really is great. Seeing it ending... *sob* i mean.. it really is. I am actually crying to my sleep because i loved the show so much. The show is one of the reasons i watch TV, even at all! *sob*

But all things come an... *sob* im sorry it still is getting to me. *sob*. I think all things come and go, it's for the good. 

5 years of artifact catching, effect disrupting, snagging, bagging, tagging.. It brings memories. Warehouse 13 definitely will be one of the shows i'll remember years to come. Thank you, Jack, Eddie, Joanne, Saul, Allison, Aaron, and all the guys that made the show. It really was a show that i will keep in heart.

  • cries a lot more*