Univille, South Dakota

General information
Type Town
Location The Badlands of South Dakota
Points of interest Leena's Bed and Breakfast
Warehouse 13
It is more like a road.

Univille, South Dakota (pronounced [uhn-uh-vil]), is the small town seven miles away from Warehouse 13. The name Univille comes from "unnamed unincorporated settlement," as seen on the town sign in the Pilot episode.

History Edit

Univille was founded the 6th, 13th, 20th, or 27th of August, 1878[1][2]; this event is celebrated every year on "UnFounder's Day", a popular celebration that the entire town takes part in. Businesses offer special bargains, the local high school band performs in the town square, clubs and charities host fundraising sales, a barber shop quartet performs in the gazebo, a kite flying competition is held in the park, and some citizens dress up in costumes such as Sitting Bull, Buffalo Bill, and Laura Ingalls Wilder.[3]

Sometime during or before January of 1893[4], Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, and M. C. Escher resided at the local Bed and Breakfast to work on the conceptual model of the original Warehouse 13.[5] Later that year, the original Warehouse 13 would burn down as a result of their inability to work together and improper storage of artifacts.[6] The construction of the second and final iteration of Warehouse 13 was completed sometime before April 27th, 1914.[7]

At some point during 2009 or 2010, Brenda, the manager of the Univille Post Office, took Philo Farnsworth's Transmutational Projector home and used it to watch a marathon of Raymond St. James movies; this resulted in tangible projections of film scenes randomly appearing in a section of the town, and nearly caused the destruction of Univille by a doomsday bomb before Warehouse agents averted the danger.[8] It was during this incident that Claudia met Todd, whom she quickly fell in love with. Later she discovered he was in the Witness Protection Program after confronting him at Tesla-point at the pond in Univille Park - he was relocated shortly thereafter.[9]

At some point in 2010 or 2011, the Statues of Zeus was moved from the Warehouse to the Univille Garden Conservatory after it reacted violently to the presence of the Statue of Hera that had recently been collected from Warehouse 2.[10] Claudia Donovan was urged by Pete Lattimer to begin performing at the local coffeehouse's open mic nights, which she ends up doing regularly over the next few years.[11][12][13][14] A notable UnFounder's Day took place one Saturday in 2011 - it was interrupted early into the festivities by a sudden downpour of rain and hail generated by Wilhelm Reich's Cloudbuster to prevent the Nisqually Totem Pole's thunderbird from attacking Univille's citizens, which was apprehended and shot down by Artie Nielsen and Claudia Donovan with the Bloody Baron's Triplane; the incident was reported in the local newspaper as "a spectacular 'air show'", and the Cloudbuster's destruction was dubbed a vandalized sculpture. Soon afterwards, the newspaper reported that a circus would be stopping in Univille.[3]

Relationship with the Warehouse Edit

Univille's existence predates the installation of even the first Warehouse 13. At some point, the building that would eventually become Leena's Bed and Breakfast was likely acquired by the Regents for use of Warehouse personnel, as the lack of tourists made it a viable permanent residence. At another point in time before 2009, a portrait in the B&B's living room became an artifact connected to the building itself, preventing anyone inside from exiting; it was transferred to the Warehouse and an identical replica, sans the portrait, was left in its place.[15]

Over the centuries, the towns that host the Warehouse have been given various kinds of protective or detective measures in case artifact activity is present: the pole in the local barber shop glows purple in the presence of artifacts within the town when illuminated or energized by a special device, and Wilhelm Reich's Cloudbuster was previously installed as a work of art in the town park's reflecting pool to generate storms in the event the streets had to be cleared quickly before it was destroyed in a crash with the remains of the Nisqually thunderbird.[3]

Univille's citizens are notably hostile to Warehouse employees, since the established cover is that they are IRS agents and the Warehouse is a vast archive of tax returns - all of them, in point of fact. Many of them regard agents rudely, or else avoid interacting with them entirely, although this is not the case with every resident.[8]

Residents, Businesses, and other Locations Edit

As a small and isolated town, almost all businesses in Univille are locally owned and run; big chains have yet to discover the town, likely because outsiders rarely know it exists in the first place. Outside of its businesses, it is also home to several other locations, as well as many citizens.

Residents Edit

Businesses Edit

  • Ann's Fabrics[22]
  • Bakery[23]
    • Possibly Black Forest Pastry Shop[24]
  • B Dubs BBQ[25]
  • Brady & Son (illegible)[26]
  • Brisket Boy[25]
  • The Candle Shoppe[24]
  • Carlson's Rib Crib[25]
  • Coffeehouse[11][12][13][14]
  • Curves For Women[27]
  • Dentist office[3]
  • Doctor's office[17]
  • Dry cleaners (and possibly general laundromat)[3]
  • Eccles Auto Service[28]
  • Fickle Pickle Restaurant & Deli[27]
  • Good Eat Chinese Restaurant
  • Grocery store[3]
  • Hardware & Lumber[29]
  • Hearing Care Clinic[30]
  • Hubba Hubba Fine Ladieswear[31]
  • Ice cream shop[32]
  • Jeweler's[33]
  • Leena's Bed and Breakfast
  • Lindy's Florist[34]
  • Orthodontist[35]
  • Papa Jack's Smokehouse[25]
  • Pet store[3]
  • Scotiabank[36] (possibly non-canon)
  • Saucey Joe's[25]
  • Smith's Funeral Home & Chapel[37]
  • Tokyo Sushi[38]
  • Univille Diner[24][39][40]
  • Univille Farmer's Market[41][18]
  • Univille Insurance[21]
  • Univille Street Barber Shop[30]
  • Univille U.S. Post Office[42]
  • Univille Veterinary Hospital[8][43]

Locations Edit

  • Buffalo Statue[44]
  • Garden Conservatory[45]
  • High school[3]
  • Theater[46]
  • Univille Chamber of Commerce headquarters[3]
  • Univille Park[9][3]
    • Pond
  • Univille Parking Lot[41]
  • Warehouse 13

Trivia Edit

  • Univille is located within the fictional Stokes County.[47]
  • Univille's ZIP code is 57148[42]. Although it is fictional, it adheres to all South Dakota ZIP codes beginning with "57-", and falls within the Souix Falls 570-571 sectional center[48].
    • In "Time Out", the ZIP code is 57799, the code for Spearfish, South Dakota, located approximately an hour and a half from the South Dakota Badlands.[49] This is not considered canon.
  • Univille was filmed in Whitchurch-Stouffville, Ontario, Canada.
  • The map of Univille is actually a map of Stouffville, with only some (if any) roads and locations named differently.[50]
  • The nearest town to Univille is the fictional Featherhead, located ninety miles (or two hours)[51] away.
  • Univille's local newspaper is the Univille Unquirer.[3]
    • However, the County Chronicle and New York Times are also distributed.[52][3]
  • According to Kelly, Univille is a "farming community".[17]

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