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Trials was the twenty-seventh episode in the series Warehouse 13, and the second of the show's third season.


Myka is back but on probation and partners with Pete to check out a suddenly amnesiac pilot in Seattle. Meanwhile, Claudia and Steve go to Boston on their first unsupervised mission, to retrieve Typhoid Mary's butcher knife.


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A pilot is flying a plane and is sharing jokes with his co-pilot. They start the descent into an airport. Suddenly, the pilot's eyes become grayish metallic with electric lines originating from his eyes, and then his eyes return to normal. However, the pilot doesn't know what he's doing in a plane cockpit or how he got there. He gets up and walks into the cabin, leaving the plane pitched sharply down.

As Myka is getting ready, she thinks about the responsibilities of a warehouse agent and whether she is ready to come back to the Warehouse and start working. Standing outside the Bed and Breakfast's dining room, she doesn't see a chair for her and wonders if they've moved on. Leena brings a chair to the table and invites Myka in. Claudia is thankful that there's another healthy eater at the table. Artie briefs Pete and Myka on Adam Ashby, an airline pilot who forgot to fly a plane. Pete , with the help of Myka's translation, asks Artie if they can take a train since planes are scary to him. Artie tells him that he'll take a plane. Claudia and Steve leave with Artie. Myka asks Pete if there's something he wants to say to her about her leaving, but Pete says they're fine and that they're on the case.

In the Warehouse office, Artie hands Claudia and Steve case folders about Mary Mallon's Butcher Knife that is up for auction in Boston. Steve recognizes Mary Mallon as Typhoid Mary. Artie explains that the knife lets the owner transfer his/her disease or injury to another person who is also holding the knife. When Artie tells them to go, Claudia is surprised that Artie isn't coming with them. Artie tells them that he has to attend the funeral of a Regent who died in a boating accident, which is being held in Manchester, New Hampshire. Claudia is excited that she has her own mission and, compared to Steve, is the senior field agent, which she brags to steve about. Steve protests that his last case involving Shakespeare, snakes, knives, and death was more interesting than "a Fedex run." Artie tells him to get the knife and then tell him it was easy.

At the Seattle East Pavilion Hospital, Pete and Myka watch the airline pilot color in a coloring book, as the doctor explains that the pilot with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering thought he was in college yesterday and thinks he is five years old today. The doctor thinks it's some sort of accelerated Alzhimer's. Myka sees that his mind is slowly slipping away.

A doctor is in the middle of performing a surgery on a patient when she experiences the same thing the pilot experienced in the plane. She takes her mask off and asks what she's doing there, and steps away from the patient as the patient goes into shock.

In Boston, Claudia and Steve are sitting in the auction room and are waiting for Mary Mallon's butcher knife. Steve complains that he was expecting more action and going after bad guys like what he had at the ATF. Claudia explains that they only go after artifacts, not bad guys. The bidding for the knife begins at $2000. Claudia bids first, but another woman competes with her for the knife. Steve asks Claudia why they didn't just buy the knife before the auction started, and Claudia explains they try to stay under the radar, and tells Steve to try being one with the universe for a minute. Steve retorts that he can meditate for two hours, which would be more exciting than the auction. Claudia finally wins the knife at $2800 and yells out "Yes!" getting the attention of everyone in the room. As they are leaving, she gives Steve a new nickname: poopy-pants. When they return later to collect the knife, the auctioner tells them that the knife was stolen before the auction, and that he is mortified that such a thing happened. Claudia is indignant that she loses the artifact on her first case and that now someone is out there with the power to make others sick.

Pete and Myka learn that Dr. Lisa Ward, a surgeon at the hospital, has the same symptoms. When they walk into her room, they see her acting like a teenager. Pete starts following the paper trails to look for connections between the two victims while Myka talks to Leena about memory-loss artifacts. Pete hesitates for a moment and looks at Myka. When Myka asks what is it, Pete claims he spaced out, and leaves to look for connections.

Claudia and Steve return to the auction house and tell the auctioner that the woman who bid against Claudia didn't steal it. When the auctioner suggests that she might be lying, Steve assures him she wasn't lying. They look at the timecards of the employees and see that Owen Larsen, a custodian, left early. The auctioner told them that he quit, saying that the work was too much for him. Claudia and Steve decide to look into him.

Outside, someone is watching Claudia and Steve.

Leena tells Myka that she doesn't know any artifacts with the symptoms they've seen. She asks Myka how it feels to be back. Myka says she doesn't know, but asks Leena why she's asking. Leena tries to brush off the question, but Myka realizes she saw something in Pete through his aura. Just before Leena explains what she saw, Pete arrives and Myka closes the Farnsworth, saying they were talking girl stuff. Pete tells Myka that both victims were at a restaurant on the day a waitress named Amy was killed. Pete is about go to the restaurant and try to find out more while Myka is about to go talk to the victims and see if they recognize the restaurant, but Myka stops Pete and tells him again that if he has anything to say, however harsh, he can say it. However, Pete just says some movie quotes and leaves the room.

Pete goes into the restaurant and meets a waiter, Ken, who greets him like a customer. When Pete shows him the photos of the victims, he denies knowing them and anyone else in the restaurant knowing them, and asks Pete to leave if he won't be buying anything. Pete shows him the newspaper, and Ken explains that the cops keep coming in, which scares the customers away. Pete assures him that he's not a cop. Ken explains that the two victims were in the restaurant that night and are being called as witnesses. Pete tells Myka that the cops arrested Geoffrey Cedolia, and Myka tells Pete that the pilot lost all his memories and that he will lose his involuntary systems next.

Claudia and Steve are waiting outside Larsen's apartment, who is out with the knife. When Steve gives some tips about stakeouts to Claudia, she reminds him that she's the senior field agent. Steve suggests to Cluadia that since they already know that, they can instead try to relax, since it's just the two of them there. Claudia interprets this as Steve liking her and starts saying that while she may felt some chemistry between them, she needs to focus on her career right now. Steve interrupts her and tells her that he's gay, taking her by surprise. They decide to stop talking, and Claudia, facing away from Steve, mouths "Oh my god."

Pete meets Geoffrey and his lawyer at Seattle County Correctional. When Pete asks why they think their witnesses are getting sick, the lawyer fires back, saying they've just been scared off by the prosecution, the government, and that Pete feels a need to protect the government. Pete reasons that he is neutral and that the witnesses are certainly sick. The lawyer asks Pete why the government isn't protecting Eric Bell. Geoffrey explains that Eric is his best friend and that he, Geoffrey, drove him home that night, and they they'll argue that Geoffrey drove back to the restaurant to kill the waitress since the tire tracks match his car.

Myka is talking to Amy's mother, who strongly believes that Geoffrey is guilty. Myka asks her if she did anything to the witnesses or the case, and she says no. A reporter named Courtney Moore comes in for an interview. The mother explains that the reporter has been giving her story airtime. The reporter tells Myka that she and her viewers know that Geoffrey is the killer, and attributes Myka's investigation to "typical government waste."

Steve tells Claudia that he's noticed that she puts a lot of pressure on herself. Claudia tells him that she just wants to be good at what she does. Steve believes that she's already a good agent, but Claudia tells him that she's never had any training or that she's not a real agent. Steve realizes that she wants to make Artie proud, and tells her that Artie is already proud of her, considering he sent her out on her first case. Claudia tells Steve that she's never had a gay friend and accidentally reveals to him that she's been at an institution before.

Owen Larsen appears around the corner where Claudia and Steve are parked, carrying a messenger bag. They approach him and tell him to hand over the knife, but Larsen pepper-sprays Steve and runs away. Claudia chases after Larsen. As Larsen is running around a corner, a silver SUV's door opens and hits Larsen in the knee, and the knife comes out of the bag and onto the ground. Artie, wearing a hat, steps out and reaches for the knife at the same time Larsen reaches for it. The artifact activates and gives Artie the bad knee that Larsen had, and Larsen is able to run to his car and drive away. Claudia, followed by Steve, appears and is stunned to see Artie there. Steve tries to chase the car, but it drives away. Artie tells Claudia that he finished at the funeral and wanted to swing by Boston. She realizes that he was spying on her and storms away.

At the hospital, Myka and Pete are questioning Eric Bell's mother, who brought him into the hospital with the same symptoms as the others. They ask her about Courtney Moore, and she tells them that she's spoken to a lot of people. Myka tells Pete that Courtney could be going after that, but Pete asks her who Courtney is. When Myka turns around to look at Pete, Pete is going through the same symptoms as the others, and he no longer remembers who Myka is.

Pete wakes up in a hospital bed, and Myka tells him that she'll fix this. Pete doesn't think so because his father just died. He tells him that it's hard on his mom, but she tries to stay busy. When Myka tells him that he still has his sister, he tells her that she'll go to college soon, and that everyone keeps leaving him.

Myka storms into the KTRD station and questions Courtney Moore, the reporter about the witnesses and the artifact she's using. However, Courtney also starts to experience the same symptoms as Pete.

Steve tells Artie that they need to figure out where Larsen is, and he admires Claudia's computer. Claudia comes in and takes the laptop from Artie. Artie tries to explain that he's there to see Claudia in action, considering it's her first case. Steve tells her that he's telling the truth. Artie tries to cheer her up by saying that they all make mistakes and that she's not overreacting, and that he's proud of her. Just then Claudia finds out where Larsen is, and Artie leaves, trusting the two of them that they'll be fine.

Myka talks to Geoffrey and tells him that her partner and Courtney are affected as well. He tells her that the reporter tried to go after Sawyer as well, but it went badly for her.

Claudia and Steve race into a hospital room to see Larsen holding the knife with a patient. They rush in and he tells them that they can take him away. He explains that his son had leukemia and that it wasn't fair, so he started researching cures and learned about the knife, and that it's now fair. Steve tells him that they only go after artifacts, not people. Larsen's son wakes up to see the three of them.

Myka goes into the KTRD station and sees the tape where Courtney questions Sawyer. She sees him wearing a tie clip and realizes that no one wears a tie clip today, and realizes that everyone who's regressing was questioned by Sawyer while wearing the tie clip.

Myka goes to see Sawyer, who's waiting for Geoffrey. She asks him how long ago he received the tie clip. He tells her that he got it as a gift a week ago with no note, and that he feels confident while wearing it. She realizes that that's when the symptoms started. When he asks what she means, she tells him not to ask her any questions and takes the tie clip from him. She sees the inscriptions "W. W."

Leena shows Myka a picture of Walter Winchell wearing the same tie clip and cuff links that also have the same inscription. She thinks that it's a bifurcated artifact, with the tie clip pulling memories out and the cuff links putting them back in. Leena tells her that there was a reporter working there when Winchell was starting there, and that his daugher and his grandson, Eric Bell, live in Seattle.

Myka rushes to the hospital room where Eric is, but finds the room empty. She asks the doctor where they are. The doctor tells her that his mother checked him out an hour ago after her son fully recovered. As Myka is leaving the hospital, Pete sees her and asks her if he can come with her. When Myka says no, Pete thinks she's leaving her as well.

Myka enters Mrs. Bell's home and sees her packing up. Myka asks her where the cuff links are. Mrs. Bell initially pretends she doesn't knwo what she's talking about, but then tells her that she can't help the others. When Myka points her gun, Mrs. Bell takes out the cuff links, swithces on the sink waste disposal unit, and holds the cuff links over it. She tells Myka that she'll send the cuff links when they're at a safe place. Eric comes in and tells his mom that he shouldn't have gone along with the plan and that he needs to pay for what he did. Myka shoots at the switch, turning the waste disposal unit off. Eric hugs his mom, takes the cuff links, and gives them to Myka.

Myka is holding the tie clip and the cuff links and is standing in front of Pete. She drops them into the neutralizer bag, sending up sparks. Pete exclaims at the sparks. Myka then takes out the cuff links and shows it to Pete. This time, instead of the grayish metallic eyes, there are now gold eyes, with gold electric lines, and Pete regains his memory. As Pete is about to leave, Myka asks him to stop, and tells him that she should have asked him first before leaving the Warehouse, and that she's sorry.

Myka's narration to three Regents continues, and she says that while the world is a scary place full of anger, violence, and hurt, there is also warmth, love, and forgiveness, and that you have to fight for places you feel joyful and for people who love you. She tells them that she keeps thinking abouy Eric who had secretly been dating Amy, and that when she ended it, Eric took Geoffrey's car to kill her, and her mother wiped the memories of others so that Geoffrey would be blamed, believing she was protecting Eric. Another Regent remarks how Myka thought she was protecting the Warehouse by leaving. She tells them that she needed to prove to herself that she would be able to continue with the Warehouse. Another Regent asks her about Pete, and she says he's an extraordinary person. The Regents have no more questions for her, and welcome her back.

Myka enters the B&B's dining room and joins Pete, Artie, Steve, Claudia, and Leena at the table.


Main Cast

Guest Starring


  • Sterling Jarvis as Adam (Pilot)
  • Alexandra Castillo as Lisa (Surgeon)
  • Jason Blicker as Aaron Sawyer
  • Trevor Blumas as Geoffery Cedolia
  • Joanna Douglas as Courtney Moore
  • Steven Yaffee as Eric Bell
  • Wendy Lyon as Mrs. Bell
  • Jonathan Wilson as Courtney's Producer
  • Christine Brubaker as Doctor
  • Guy Bannerman as Owen Larsen
  • Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman as Ken (Jalapeño Harry's Manager)
  • Yank Azman as Auctioneer
  • Olaf Sham as Operating Room Anesthesiologist
  • Lisa Li as Operating Room Resident
  • Paula Boudreau as Theodora Stanton (Regent #1)
  • Lok Archer as Regent #2
  • Roger Doche as First Officer
  • Robert Tsonos as Larsen's Son
  • Marcia Bennett as Amy's Mother
  • Karen Skidmore as Woman at Auction
  • Brittany Adams as Pregnant Girlfriend


  • Jayden Greig as Larsen's Grandson (uncredited)

Artifacts and Gadgets Featured

  • Walter Winchell's Tie Clip and Cuff Links: A bifurcated artifact, the tie clip has the ability to pull out a person's memories when the wearer asks questions. This leaves the victims regressing and losing all forms of memories; episodic memories (life experiences and interactions), semantic memories (general knowledge and facts) and procedural memories (cognitive processes such as swallowing and breathing). The memories can be restored with the cuff links, but if not restored the victims eventually die from their bodily processes shutting down.
  • Mary Mallon's Butcher Knife: Transfers injury and disease from person to person when they come into contact with the knife.

Quotable Quotes

Artie: Should we talk about why you're so upset?
Claudia: I'm not upset. I'm just undoing the mess you made here and doing it correctly.
Artie: Oh yeah? I did not come here to spy on you--not the way you think, anyway.
Claudia: Oh sure. The good kind of spying, like here, have some flowers and a puppy and some spying.
Artie: I came here to see you in action, dum-dum! It's your first case as a non-apprentice. I-I-I wanted to do that.
Steve: (appearing through a window) He's telling the truth.
Artie: Sometimes that's annoying.
Steve: That's funny. You're not the first person to say...
Artie: Go.


  • Aaron Ashmore (playing Steve Jinks) is listed as a guest star, not main cast.
  • 'The Force will be with you - always.' is this episode's 'Star Wars' nod. It is, however, merely the opening salvo in a sequence covering Clash of the Titans, Chinatown, Anchorman, Apocalypse Now, Jaws and Scarface, among others. Also, the custodian initially presumed to have stolen the knife was named Owen Larson, possibly a reference to Owen Lars, Luke Skywalker's uncle.
  • The hospital used for the outside scenes is the same hospital shown on the hit TV show Charmed.
  • According to Steve, this episode occurs a week after the previous one.
  • According to the auction house portfolio, this episode takes place April 5th, 2011.[1]
    • However, the case file for Adam Ashby dates this episode to the 11th at the soonest.[2]


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