Time Out is a series of Warehouse 13 interactive comics on It is presented by Toyota Prius C.



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  • Matthew Brady's Civil War Shoes: They cause the wearer to need to use the restroom. Claudia gave this for Steve to try on, hoping it would lead them to the disaster.
  • Aluminum Blüthner Piano: Playing the piano causes disasters to occur.
  • Alpine Brandy Rescue Cask: Taking the cork out causes a dog and its master to switch places so that a dog can rescue its master when there's trouble. Putting the cork back returns the dog and master to their rightful places.
  • Gary Coleman's SAG Card: A Screen Actors Guild card once owned by Gary Coleman has the power to fill the holder with overwhelming sadness.
  • Hunter Doherty Adams' Jack-in-the-Box: It senses sadness and feels a pull to soothe it, causing the clown inside to lean towards the source of the sadness (based on Patch Adams).
  • Natinim Wooden Wedding Ring: Keeps the sun from setting, causing a time loop.


  • Unlike the webisodes, the interactive comics were not voiced by the actors.
  • This takes place after The Living and the Dead, because Claudia has already brought Artie back from his subconscious, but before The Sky's the Limit, as Abigail Cho has not been introduced yet.
  • The zip code 57799, part of Russ and Gabi's address, is the zip code of Spearfish, South Dakota, located approximately an hour and a half from the South Dakota Badlands.
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