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Limentinus was one of the three Roman deities associated with the entrance way into homes, the door. Cardea was the deity of the door hinges, Limentinus was the deity of the threshold and Forculus was the deity for the door itself. The doorway in its entirety was the realm of Janus, the two-headed god who gave his name to 'January' as a month, and the other three were auxiliaries to the more senior god.


When placed at the base of any wall, it'll cause the wall to collapse thereby creating an opening.


Artie thought this was the artifact Brother Adrian was using to break into the Warehouse with. However, it was later discovered Artie was actually having a psychotic break due to Ferdinand Magellan's Astrolabe and he was actually stealing artifacts from himself. 


  • When Claudia first saw the artifact, she thought it was a piece of The Argo.
  • The inscription written on the front of the threshold is written in Latin and is inscribed "PER HOC OSTIUM CUM IUS PRAECEDENTIBUS OMNES INTRARE" which is translated to "All to enter by this door with the right of the preceding".