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The Truth Hurts is the twentieth episode of the fourth season of Warehouse 13, and the fifty-ninth episode overall. It is also the season finale for Season 4 of Warehouse 13.


The team continues their attempt to capture Paracelsus before he achieves immortality. Myka seems to be losing her battle with cancer. Steve learns that Artie has been hiding life-changing information from Claudia.


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As the others gather in the warehouse office, Artie arrives and tells them that Kosan has informed him that they need Paracelsus alive. If he dies, the psychic feedback could fatally rupture Mrs. Frederick’s psyche. Once they capture him, they can bronze him and transfer the caretaker ship back to Mrs. Frederick. As Mrs. Frederick continues deteriorating, Claudia tries to get a fix on Paracelsus without success and keeps trying to find him via the computers. As she works,

Claudia asks Artie how Josh took it when Artie collected the blood sample from him. Artie hesitantly says that Josh was fine and Steve looks curiously at him as he tells everyone to start searching while he goes to the storage room.

As Pete walks away, he hears Myka making a call to her oncologist about her appointment. He comes over and tells her partner that she needs to go to get herself checked.

Artie checks the Eldunari and realizes that it’s unraveling ever faster as Mrs. Frederic’s condition worsens.

Abigail visits Mrs. Frederic, who wants her to go somewhere safe since Abigail holds all the memories of the warehouse. Artie returns and agrees with Mrs. Frederic, who warns him that she doesn’t have much longer. He promises to find a way to stop Paracelsus’ mental takeover even though he has precedence, and tells Abigail to go. The psychotherapist reluctantly leaves so that she’s out of harm’s way.

Claudia gets reports on three hospitals in San Francisco. At each one, Paracelsus has been seen carrying a copper bowl emitting a beautiful golden light. Pete takes off and Myka follows him, angry that he’s leaving her behind. She tells him that her appointment isn’t until later in the week and insists on going with him, and Pete reluctantly agrees.

Nick is sitting by himself outside of Artie’s office when his father Sutton comes over. Sutton wishes that Paracelsus had killed him instead of Charlotte and Nick angrily agrees. He says that he’s never had a father and that Charlotte was the only one who was ever there for him in the last 500 years.

In San Francisco, the agents talk to Dr. Trachtenberg at one of the hospitals. As he explains that Paracelsus went into the terminal ward, Pete gets a vibe of Myka lying in a bed and an angry Claudia accusing him of ignoring Myka’s problems. Trachtenberg tells them that Maggie and Lucy, the two patients that Paracelsus visited, are in complete remission. The agents realize that Paracelsus must have a way to cure cancer, and Pete wonders if the alchemist has something else in mind rather than bloody slaughter.

Pete and Myka talk to Maggie, who explains that he said he could see her cancer in her eyes. He told her that she would help him to help people and that things would become clear when he reached the place where air yielded to stone. The agents pass the information onto Claudia, who gets a ping from another hospital while she tries to decipher Paracelsus’ comment. As she tells the agents the new address, Artie comes in with the artifact ribbon used to transfer the caretakership. He explains that he plans to send the power of the ribbon through a Farnsworth, severing Paracelsus’ link to Warehouse 13.

At the new hospital, Pete and Myka learn that Paracelsus has cured more terminal patients. Pete becomes increasingly nervous with all of the talk of cancer, and insists that everything will be fine because Myka said she was visiting her oncologist. A security guard informs them that he’s checked the security tapes and Paracelsus never left the building. They follow the alchemist’s trail to the basement morgue and search the place. Paracelsus calls out to them from somewhere in the darkness and insists that he’s working to advance science and that the murders that he’s committed are a necessary sacrifice. The agents finally discover that Paracelsus is using an artifact to throw his voice into the room. When Pete grabs it, it shocks him, and Paracelsus warns them that he’ll sacrifice them if he has to.

At the warehouse, Claudia has Nick bring Sutton in to see if he recognizes Paracelsus’ comment. The teenager says that he has no idea where Sutton is and doesn’t care, and Claudia reminds him that he no longer has an endless lifetime to get over his issues. She reminds him that he almost got her killed but that she forgives him because it’s the adult thing to do, and suggests that he do the same with his father. As Nick considers what she’s saying, Claudia asks what he remembers of Paracelsus’ process. When he describes the underground chamber having walls of petrified wood, Claudia seizes on it and starts checking the Internet.

After some research, Artie and Claudia call the agents and tell them that Paracelsus needs petrified wood, which fits the description of “air yielding to stone.” The wood he needs is only found in Eastern Turkey and much of that area has been built over.

However, some of it was shipped to the Coit Tower in San Francisco as a memorial to fireman. Artie tells them that he’ll use the ribbon combined with a scanning disk to send a blast of energy through his Farnsworth to Pete’s, severing Paracelsus’ connection to the warehouse.

Pete and Myka go to the tower just as Paracelsus makes his final preparations. However, Sutton arrives and shoots at Paracelsus. He misses and Paracelsus uses an artifact to absorb and redirect Myka’s Tesla blast at Sutton, knocking him back. When Artie fires the blast through the Farnsworth, Paracelsus deflects it at Myka and then inhales the fumes from the Philosopher’s Stone As they watch, Artie and Claudia notices Mrs. Frederic come in. Her mental condition has gotten worse and she doesn’t remember who Claudia is, and collapses a few seconds later.

As Paracelsus becomes immortal, Pete freezes as he gets a vibe. At the four hospitals, all of the patients that Paracelsus cured die, and Pete shoots Paracelsus in the chest. He’s too late as the wound heals instantly. Paracelsus runs off and Pete runs after him. Meanwhile, Sutton complains to Myka that he almost died, and explains that he follow them to prove that he was a good father to his son.

As Pete chases Paracelsus toward the wharf, the agent gets an idea and tells Claudia what to do. She hacks into the harbor computers and raise the footbridge ahead of Paracelsus. Pete easily captures him and says that he’ll be going back into the bronzer, and Paracelsus boasts that he’ll be alive long after they’re all dead.

Pete returns Paracelsus to the warehouse and he and Artie put the alchemist in the bronzer.

Paracelsus insists that he can eventually lower the death toll and give others immortality. As Myka watches him, Paracelsus looks into her eyes and says that he can see her answer. Artie activates the bronzer but nothing happens, and Paracelsus explains that he made himself immune to the process he developed. A Artie suggests that they refer the matter to the Regents andˆ Paracelsus refuses to be imprisoned. Furious, Myka yells at him to shut up, and Artie suggests that they put Paracelsus into the suspension chamber.

As Nick checks his father’s injured shoulder, he asks what’s wrong with him. The teenager finally admits that he blamed Sutton so that Sutton wouldn’t blame him for releasing Paracelsus, leading to Charlotte’s death. Sutton blames himself, admitting that he should have stopped Paracelsus a long time ago, and promises Nick that he will never be alone. Nick reluctantly agrees to try and get along with him and calls him “Dad.” They both look uncomfortable and then simultaneously agree “Father” is better. They prepare to leave and Myka and Pete say goodbye. Before they go, Myka tells Sutton that Charlotte would be proud of him.

Once father and son leave, Pete gets a vibe from Myka that she’s in pain. She admits that the doctors want to do immediately surgery so they can perform a biopsy. He wants to go with her but she tells him no, that he needs to stay and help everyone at the warehouse. Pete, remembering how his father left him and died, cries and says that he doesn’t want her to go alone because he’s worried she won’t come back. Myka, holding it together better than Pete, promises that she isn’t going anywhere for good just as Artie comes out, interrupting them. He goes back inside and Myka walks away finally breaking down in tears when Pete can’t see her.

Back at the office, Artie tells Pete that Mrs. Frederic, lying on the couch, is almost gone. Pete goes to confront Paracelsus and force answers out of him. Once he leaves, Steve comes in and tells Artie that he could sense earlier that he was lying to Claudia about Josh. He wonders if something is wrong with Josh and Artie assures him that Josh is fine, and that he’s protecting Claudia.

Mrs. Frederic speaks up, telling Artie that it would be safer for Claudia if she knows the truth. Artie worries that Claudia isn’t ready, but Mrs. Frederic says that Claudia was born ready and Artie agrees. She also points out that if Claudia has to become the caretaker, she will know anyway and that it would be better Claudia found out from him first. As they talk, Leena’s spirit hovers over Artie, telling him that she’s there for him.

Pete goes to the suspension chamber and confronts Paracelsus, who tells him that Myka’s cancer has already spread too far for the doctors to remove. The alchemist says that there are artifacts that could help Myka. When Pete reminds him of their rule not to use artifacts, Paracelsus asks if he would let Myka die rather than break the rules.

Artie meets Claudia on the catwalk outside of his office and tells her the truth: the DNA he acquired came from her sister Claire.

Claudia is stunned since she believed that Claire died with her parents in the car accident. However, Artie tells her that Claire is alive.

Paracelsus explains that he can cure Myka with two artifacts and that the downside is minimal. However, he asks that Pete convince the Regents to erase this mind using the Janus Coin, rather than letting him suffer an eternity of immortality unable to move but conscious the entire time.

Claudia is furious that Artie never told her the truth and demands to know when he knew. Artie reluctantly admits that he knew even before they met for the first time when her brother was trapped between dimensions.

The doctors operate on Myka. When Pete calls, the nurse refuses to tell him anything. He gets the two artifacts Paracelsus requires and the alchemist tells him how to use the scalpel. Pete realizes that the procedure is too delicate for him to perform, and agrees to release Paracelsus long enough to perform the ritual. However, he insists that he use the Philosopher’s Stone first to make Paracelsus mortal, pointing out that the alchemist doesn’t want suffer for eternity in any case. Paracelsus reluctantly agrees to the deal.

Artie tells Claudia that he was protecting her because Claire is an incredibly dangerous woman.

Paracelsus tells Pete how to perform the ritual and Pete holds the smoking Philosopher’s Stone up so the prisoner can breathe in the fumes. However, a wave of energy sweeps out from the alchemist, setting off an earthquake and freeing Paracelsus. In the Eldunari, the remaining symbols burst into flame. When Pete recovers, he tries to use his Tesla on Paracelsus, but the alchemist throws lighting from his hands, stunning the agent. Paracelsus then explains that when the Stone is used in proximity to the Eldunari, it increases the caretaker’s mental link to the warehouse. When Pete tries to attack him, Paracelsus commands the ropes in the warehouse to come alive and hold the agent in place.

As Claudia and Artie argue about his lies, Claudia senses that Paracelsus has assumed control of the warehouse. As Mrs. Frederic lies dying, Claudia picks up the ribbon and uses it to disconnect Mrs. Frederic from the warehouse. The older woman thanks Claudia and tells them that they have to get out before Paracelsus turns the warehouse against them.

Paracelsus throws Pete cross the warehouse and the agent slams into the office as the others leave. Pete tells them what happened and they realize that the umbilicus was destroyed in the quake. Artie leads them to another exit as lightning strikes down around them. Claudia tells them to go on without her, because the warehouse is giving her the feeling that it needs her to stay. She’s going to stand and fight for the warehouse. Artie objects but Claudia tells him that he’s made enough decisions for her. Mrs. Frederic tells the others that the warehouse might protect Claudia, and Claudia asks them to trust her. When Artie tries to apologize, Claudia tells him that she knows. As they leave, Pete promises Claudia that he’ll stop Paracelsus whatever it takes.

At the medical center, Myka lies unconscious in a bed.

Paracelsus strides triumphantly through the warehouse.

As Pete and the others get outside, Paracelsus activates the defense system, encasing the warehouse in a force field.

Claudia steps into the aisle and confronts Paracelsus.

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Main Cast

Special Guest Star

Guest Starring

Special Appearance by

  • Genelle Williams as Leena


  • Anand Rajaram as Dr. Trachtenberg
  • Catherine Fitch as Maggie
  • Andrea Grant as Lucy
  • Juan Carlos Velis as Med Center Security Officer
  • Mike Kirby as Dakota Hospital Surgeon
  • Melissa Kramer as Dakota Hospital Nurse
  • Gavin Hope as Hapless Tourist

Artifacts and Gadgets Featured

  • Hippocrates' Fibula - Helpful in mole removal, implied to have healing powers when mixed with another artifact.
  • John Logie Baird's Scanning Disk - Used (Along with the Caretaker Ribbon) to send the energy from the Ribbon to Paracelsus and disconnect his connection to the Warehouse. Facilitates the transfer of electromagnetic energy through any medium. Used in 1926 for the world's first demonstration of the live transmission of moving images.
  • Caretaker Ribbon - Used to break and.or transfer a Caretaker's connection to the Warehouse.
  • Hua Tuo's Scalpel - Removes impurities from the body.
  • 16th Century Ear Trumpet - Works in tandem with a smaller version of the ear trumpet much like a CB radio. Allows user to speak into the smaller trumpet and communicate over great distances without actually being present. Used by Paracelsus to trick Pete and Myka.
  • Copper Bowls of Life and Death - See episode 19 of season 4.
  • Philosopher's Stone - Using it with Petrified Wood from the region of Turkey can allow person smelling smoke to become immortal.
  • Janus Coin - Though not used in this episode, it was shown in a flashback being used on H.G. Wells. It separates the wielder's consciousness from his/her body.
  • Coit Tower - a tower in San Francisco made of petrified wood from Turkey, named after Lillie Hitchcock Coit. Paracelsus uses it as a replacement for the underground chamber.
  • Wooden Spoon - Origin and exact effect(s) unknown. Used by Paracelsus in a deleted scene while Pete was chasing him. He snapped the spoon in half and put the pieces in the hand of a bystander, paralyzing them with a painful full-body wave of electricity that lasts until neutralization. It it's uncertain if the spoon had this effect or a different effect when hole as it did not affect Paracelsus when held, and only seemed to activate after being handed to another person; or if the electricity was a side effect of being broken, though if it were considered destroyed it would have lost its powers, which it seemingly did not.


Pete: Myka, I don't want you to leave me. Okay, I just, I, I got a thing about that and I am--
Myka: I know you do (Pete crying) I know. Look I am not going anywhere


  • The song that plays as the team is fleeing the warehouse is No Light, No Light by Florence + The Machine.

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Warehouse 13 Season 4 420 Finale Episode



Warehouse 13 Season 4 420 Sneak Peek

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