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The Sky's the Limit is the fourteenth episode of the fourth season of Warehouse 13, and the fifty-second episode overall.


Pete and Myka head to Vegas to investigate murders that are tied to the world of high magic. Meanwhile, Claudia and Jinks search for an artifact used to rig horse races, while Artie meets the new owner of the B&B, Abigail Cho.


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Artie is at the B&B taking care of Leena's plants, only to watch them die. Steve and Claudia come in in response to his summons and Artie tells them that two jockeys in London fell into comas after winning their races. They each won riding a long shot, and each of them had the adrenaline drained from their bodies. Artie tells the agents that he's staying behind because he has to discuss some Regents business with Mrs. Frederic. Steve looks nervous but hastily assures Claudia that everything is fine.

A mile away from the warehouse, Charlotte Dupres watches the building and tells someone on the phone that she thinks she knows where to find the man she's looking for.

Inside the warehouse, Pete is relaxing in a hammock on a beach in Hawaii. Myka comes over to complain that he's not helping her reshelving artifacts, but he insists that he's determining what the artifact lei does. Artie interrupts them and Pete drops the lei, dissipating the illusion. Once Pete recovers, Artie suggests that they take some time off in Las Vegas. The agents leap on the opportunity until Myka wonders what the catch is. Artie tells her that a man, Luke Rose, dropped out of the sky and landed in a golf course outside of the city.

The agents go to the golf course and confirm that Luke was dead before he hit the ground. All of his symptoms are consistent with high-altitude exposure. However, the witness reported that there was an orange glow around Luke's body as he hit the ground. Also the agents have confirmed that there were no overhead flights at the time of the incident. Pete discovers that Luke was staying at the Maximus hotel and confirms that he didn't have any artifacts on him. Myka figures that the artifact could be at the hotel and suggests that they check it out.

Steven and Claudia go to the racetrack at Watford, England, and talk to the manager. He tells them that the jockey riding the first horse, Trudie Stein, had no trace of drugs in his system. Claudia hints that the manager may have done something crooked, but he insists that he's honest. Once he leaves, Claudia suggests that they call Artie but Steven realizes that it's an excuse for her to find out about Mrs. Frederic's visit. He's eager to stop her and Claudia realizes that he's hiding something. Steven hastily changes the topic and says that they should talk to the horses' owner.

In Las Vegas, the agents go into Luke's room and find his three friends passed out on the furniture. When they wake up, they don't remember much of what happened, and Pete and Myka discover that they've spent most of their time visiting strip clubs. The agents check out the addresses and a stripper at one club says that Luke claimed that he was "floating." Peter volunteers to stay at the strip club for a few days and look for clues, but Myka gets him back on track.

Two women are leaving a shopping mall when a $100 casino chip falls out of the sky and lands at their feet. More chips fall and a crowd gathers to pick them up. As they look up, they see a female corpse drop out of the sky, glowing orange, and watch as it slams into the pavement. Pete and Myka quickly get word of the new incident and confirm that the dead woman, a teacher and compulsive gambler named Nadine Wiggins, died of the same symptoms as Luke. The chips were from the Maximum and the agents go to the casino to investigate further.

Mrs. Frederic brings a woman in to see Artie in his office. The Regent introduces her as Abigail Cho, the new owner of the B&B. Mrs. Frederic tells Artie that Abigail has been fully briefed on the warehouse, asks him to show her around, and then disappears.

A hotel clerk at the Maximus explains that he provided Nadine with comps to get her to stay and spend more money. One of the comps was tickets to Val Preston, a famous magician. The agents confirm that he also gave tickets to Luke and his friends, and that Val does a levitation act. When they go backstage, they watch as Val levitates his assistant.

At the race track, Steven and Claudia learn that Sir Henry Baker owned both horses. While they go over the case, Claudia keeps bugging Steven about Artie and he finally admits that he was reporting Artie's actions to the Regents. His partner is furious at him for betraying Artie, but Steven points out that Artie endangered himself and Claudia stopping the car thief. When they try to get into the track's clubhouse, the doorman stops them because of their clothing. Claudia goes out and buys some expensive clothing so they can blend in, and they get past the doorman. However, Sir Henry soon realizes that they're not British royalty and they introduce themselves as government agents. The owner isn't impressed and as they talk, a jockey drops in the middle of the track. Sir Henry points out that he doesn't own the newest horse, and Claudia flirts with him so he'll provide her with his research. She gets Sir Henry to drop off the research at her hotel room that night and gives him her room number. Once they leave, Steven wonders who is staying at the room and Claudia admits that she doesn't know.

Artie shows Abigail around the warehouse and irritably tells her not to touch any of the artifacts. When he slaps her hand, Artie gets hold of himself and apologizes, saying that people can get hurt there. Abigail asks how he deals with the stress and Artie tells her that it's been a rough year. He blames himself for what happened, and Abigail offers to be there for him if he wants to talk about it. Artie glares at her suspiciously and then asks if she's ever done psychotherapy work. When Abigail says that she has, Artie angrily accuses the Regents of sending her there to treat him. He isn't interested and tells her to go back to the Regents.

After the show, the agents listen in as Val complains to his promoter about how he can't fill up the theater anymore. Pete and Myka then check the assistant's dress and confirm that she was wearing a harness for the levitation routine. Val demands to know who the agents are and is unimpressed when he learns that they're Secret Service agents. He escorts them outside and tells them to get out, but glows orange and shoots up into the sky before the agents can do anything.

Pete and Myka check all of Val's magic props but don't find any artifacts among them. Val's promoter tells them that Val stole all of his tricks, and that he stole his first illusion from the Monty the Magnificent. Val was preparing for a new promotional stunt, and visited Monty as he was performing his newest illusion. The agents check Val's phone and discover that he filmed Monty performing a levitation illusion. On the recording, Monty noticed Val and called him up as a volunteer in his new levitation routine. The agents figure that Monty is using an artifact to perform his magic, and the side effect is that the volunteer later levitates up into the sky and dies of exposure.

At the warehouse, Abigail is looking around when Mrs. Frederic appears. Abigail complains that Mrs. Frederic didn't tell her that Artie was stubborn and arrogant, and that kind of person drove her away from her work in the first place. She asks Mrs. Frederic what artifact she can use to numb Artie's pain, and refuses to accept it when Mrs. Frederic says that they don't use artifacts for personal use.

The next day, Pete and Myka visit Monty and run into his cardiologist as the man comes out. He warns them that Monty has a weak heart and that he could die at any time. The agents talk to Monty, who admits that he knew Val was trying to steal his act. The elderly magician knew that Val wouldn't figure out the illusion's secret and would go nuts trying to figure it out. Monty claims that what he does is real magic, not a stage trick, and that he's restored his reputation with his new illusion. Pete explains that what Monty is doing is killing people, but Monty doesn't believe it and insists that he levitates people drawing on the energy from his audience. Myka asks him to show him how he does it and Monty invites them to his matinee show to see him perform his levitation act.

Steven and Claudia go over Sir Henry's research and all of the horse. They discover that all three horses saw the same vet on the day before they raced, and figure that the vet is using an artifact to transfer energy from the jockeys to the horses.

At the matinee show, the agents watch Monty perform his act. He tells the audience that there are government agents there who want to see his act, claiming that it's dangerous, and offers to levitate himself to prove that it's safe. His assistant, Rose, objects, but Monty ignores her and introduces Pete and Myka to the audience. Pete tries to stop him, but Monty tries to levitate himself... and levitates Pete instead. Shocked, Monty realizes that he can't control his magic and runs backstage, while Pete hangs suspended in mid-air. Pete twirls in the air, playing to the audience, until Myka drags him back down. Rose comes over and tells them that Monty probably went home. When the agents arrive there, there's no sign of Monty. They find family photos of Rose and realize that she's Monty's granddaughter, and also find a sketch of a 17th century friar flying through the air. The agents figure that Rose found the artifact that the friar used and gave it to her grandfather. Rose sent them there to get them away from Monty, so that he could perform at his own outdoor promotional event and go out on top.

Rose talks to Monty at the theater, and her grandfather says that he can't go on anymore. Monty describes how he and his wife would fill the theater every night, and Rose suggests that he go out with one last great performance and then walk away with his dignity. She volunteers to let him levitate her for the performance and they set out to take away Val's promotional event.

Steven and Claudia talk to the vet, who explains that all three horses that had injuries caused by their abusive jockeys. She checks and discovers that Ricky Johnson reported all three injuries, and she just reported another injured horse, Devil's Share. Claudia runs to stop the race while Steven finds Ricky.

Pete and Myka call Artie, who checks the records and tells them that Cupertino's Medal give the user the ability to levitate themselves or others. However, Cupertino couldn't control the levitations and eventually the church banned him from performing public ceremonies. As they try to work out what triggered the second, fatal levitation, Abigail enters Artie's office and dumps a pair of boots in front of him. He signs off and realizes that they're Pancho Villa's Boots, which negate guilt in the wearer. Abigail insists that she's seen cases where someone has refused to confront their guilt, shutting everyone out, and that eventually they were consumed with guilt and self-loathing. Artie refuses to use the boots, but Abigail insists that she's dealt with someone who went through the same situation... and didn't survive. He realizes that Abigail is talking about a patient and Abigail admits that he's right.

That night, a crowd gathers at the plaza outside the Maximum. Monty comes out and announces that Val couldn't make it so he'll be performing his famous allusion. As he prepares to levitate Rose, Pete and Myka arrive and Pete wants to participate despite the fact that they're in the open air. Myka lures him to the car by claiming that there are cookies in the glove compartment. She locks the car doors on him and sees Rose using the medallion, which is on a chain around her neck. Rose levitates herself around the plaza, and Monty assumes that he's doing it. Inside the car, Pete glows with orange energy and then burst through the sunroof. As he hangs on, Rose passes overhead and Pete lets go. He drifts up but manages to grab Rose and tells her that he'll die if she doesn't bring them both down. Realizing what is happening, Rose levitates them both to the ground, but asks Pete not to tell Monty the truth.

Myka grabs the Medal from Rose and neutralizes it. However, Monty sees what happens and accuses rose of using a cheap trick to make him think he was performing real magic. He walks away and Rose goes after him.

Steve captures Ricky and demands to know what he's done. Ricky insists that he was just punishing the jockeys that were abusing the animals, but Steve asks if he intends to be a murderer. The stable boy confesses and Steve calls Claudia with the news that Ricky was using a piece of Sitting Bull's Riding Blanket, placed beneath the saddle. Claudia tries to stop the jockey riding Devil's Share, but he refuses to listen to her. When he tries to ride off, Claudia leaps on. The artifact activates, draining both their energies to power the horse. Weakened, Claudia manages to pull the Blanket out of the saddle and toss it into a neutralization bag. The effect fades and Claudia warns the jockey that she'll be back if he ever abuses a horse again. As Claudia dismounts, Charlotte comes over and asks if she's okay. Claudia thanks her for her concern and walks off, and Charlotte sends a photo of Claudia to an unseen employee, saying that the agent is the target.

Later, the agents bring Monty to the warehouse and show him some of the artifacts that came from famous magicians. Myka tells the old man that there is real magic in the warehouse, no tricks. Monty thanks them for bringing him there and assures them that they'll keep his secret. As they walk off, Monty pockets one of the illusions. Meanwhile, Steve and Claudia put the riding Blanket away. Claudia is still unhappy that Steve didn't tell her what was going on with Claudia. As they walk away, a seemingly random bolt of lightning strikes Claudia in the rear, and Steve figures that it's karma for her teasing him earlier about his fear of horses.

At the B&B, Abigail is tending Leena's plants without success. As she wonders what she's doing there, Artie comes in and tells her that he killed someone he loved. Now he doesn't know what to do about it, and Abigail invites him in to talk with her.

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Main Cast

Special Guest Star

  • Polly Walker as Charlotte Dupres
  • Joel Grey as Monty Dilman/Monty the Magnificent

Guest Starring


  • Gregg Lowe as Ricky Johnson
  • Goldy Notay as Beatrice
  • Shaun Austin-Olsen as Sir Henry
  • David Schurmann as Race Horse Owner
  • Gavin Williams as Devil's Share Jockey
  • Daniel Matmor as Wolford Stallion Club Doorman
  • Terrence Bryant as Monty's Doctor
  • Russell Yuen as Maximus Hotel Concierge
  • Riel Paley as Luxy Lounge Bartender
  • Aldrin Bundoc as Restaurant Waiter
  • Steve Coombes as Golfer
  • Robert Verlaque as Val's Promoter
  • Ian Blackwood as Dude #1
  • Norm Sousa as Dude #2
  • Kamil Orzechowski as Dude #3
  • Tara Joshi as Stripper
  • Jessica Levy as Blonde


  • Natalie Gauvreau as Stripper

Artifacts and Gadgets Featured

  • St. Joseph of Cupertino's Medallion - Lets the user levitate whoever they focus its power on. However, when the medallion is used again on someone else the previously levitated person shoots up into the air uncontrollably, suffocating in the stratosphere and crashing back down to earth. It is the main artifact of the episode.
  • Sitting Bull's Riding Blanket - Enables horse and rider to become one – transfers adrenaline from rider to horse allowing the horse to perform great feats of speed and strength at the cost of the rider's life. Stored in a section assumedly focused on either Native American- or horse-related artifacts.
  • Julia Child's Apron - Properties: Allows wearer to create the perfect pastry every time. Warning: Wearer will be unable to stop cooking and baking for others. Seen by Abigail during her tour given by Artie.
  • Original Ginsu Knife - Supposedly able to cut through an aluminum can. Other effect(s) are unknown. Seen by Abigail during her tour given by Artie.
  • Pancho Villa's Boots - Imbued with the power to numb any guilt or grief caused by one's own actions. Users must first walk approximately one mile before the artifact will activate.
  • King Kamehameha's Hawaiian Lei - Transports the wearer to a tropical paradise in their mind by making you see, feel, and think that life is LITERALLY a beach.
  • Blinding Lamp - Effects unknown, but assumed to cause blindness. Its display card was seen next to Myka after Pete removes the Lei. Located in Aisle Vallecito-((illegible)).
  • Rainwater Urn - Origin and effect(s) unknown. It's display card is seen behind Pete after he removes Kamehameha's Lei.
  • Leon Panetta's Projector[1] - Causes evidence and images to be altered by operator's personal beliefs. Its display card is seen behind Pete after he removes Kamehameha's Lei.
  • Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin's Water-Escape Tank - Effect(s) unknown. Seen by Monty while being shown artifacts belonging to famous magicians by Pete and Myka.
  • Harry Houdini's Water Torture Chamber - Effects unknown. Seen resting horizontally and full of water in the introduction to the magic section. Whether it was stored under the name of Robert-Houdin merely by coincidence or due to the set designer confusing him with Harry Houdini is unknown.
  • Harry Blackstone, Sr.'s Light Bulb - Glows separately from any fixture and levitates when put in the air.
  • Alexander Herrmann's Moustache Scissors - Effects unknown. Seen on the digital poster screens behind Pete and Myka.
  • Leon Herrmann's Sword and Playing Cards - Effects unknown. Seen on the digital poster screens behind Pete and Myka.
  • Claude Alexander Conlin's Thought Control Turban[2] - Exact effects unknown, presumed to allow the wearer to manipulate the thoughts of others. Seen on the digital poster screens behind Pete and Myka.
  • Harry Houdini's Ball, Chain, & Straitjacket - Effects unknown. Seen on the digital poster screens behind Pete and Myka.
  • Joe Van Victorina's Loaded Gun Barrel - Effects unknown. Seen on the digital poster screens behind Pete and Myka.
  • Harry Kellar's Vanishing Lamp - Exact effects unknown, presumed to be able to vanish. Seen on the digital poster screens behind Pete and Myka.
  • Howard Thurston's Floating Playing Cards[2] - Capable of flotation. Seen on the digital poster screens behind Pete and Myka.
  • Newmann the Great's Mind-Erasing Cabinet[3] - Able to erase minds, likely of those who enter it. Seen on the digital poster screens behind Pete and Myka.
  • George the Magician's Lightning Electrodes[3] - Effect(s) unknown. Seen on the digital poster screens behind Pete and Myka.
  • Dividing Box[4] - Exact effects unknown, but presumed to allow for the complete separation of the body into three pieces. Seen in the magic section. Red box with a yellow human image. Also known as a "Zig Zag Girl Box", possibly belonged to its inventor Robert Harbin.
  • Hammock - Effects and origin unknown. Pete was lying on it while wearing the Lei.
  • Frying Pan - Effects unknown. Has a black handle and a silver bottom, was seen hanging on a peg across from Julia Child's Apron.
  • Knife Block - Unknown whether it is an artifact, or simply holds knife artifacts, as no contents were visible. Shelved next to the Frying Pan.
  • Various Wooden Utensils - At least two containers filled with various wooden spoons, forks, and sporks were stored on the shelf behind the Ginsu Knife. Whether these are all related or individual artifacts is unknown.
  • Bakeware Dish - Effects unknown. Round, with a glass lid. Seen stored behind the Ginsu Knife.
  • LAFF! Sign - Effects unknown. Seen in the section beside the cooking section. Bulbless, with a red box surrounding the white text.
  • Table Set - Effects unknown. Small, round wooden table with two identical cushioned chairs, plate cloths, silverware, and plates with bowls on top. Seen behind Julia Child's Apron.
  • Native American War Bonnet - Effects unknown. Seen when Claudia is shelving the Riding Blanket. Red feather base and white, fluffy feathers.
  • Saddlebag - Effects unknown. Stored near the Riding Blanket.


  • In what seems to be 'A Fish Called Wanda' (1988) shoutout, Claudia cons a racehorse owner, and tells him she's staying at 'the Cathcart Towers' hotel.
  • Music from Gioachino Rossini 's overture to 'La Gazza Ladra ' ("The Thieving Magpie") plays during the scene where chips fall from the sky.
  • The Maximus Hotel is the same hotel featured in "Duped", in which Jilian and Gary Whitman, and later Pete and Alice Liddell (as Myka) check in.

Quotable Quotes

Claudia: (after a horse scares Steve) What? I'm not laughing at you. I'm laughing with the horse.

Myka: You know, his assistant, Rose, never told us that she lived here.

Pete: Ooh, nice. No wonder he's got a heart condition. Man, I hope I have a hot, young girlfriend when I'm his age.

Myka: Well, it's good that you have a five-year plan.

Monty: Sweetheart, I think I'm done.

Rose: Gramps, don't say that.

Monty: Hmm, listen, adorable Rose. When your eyes go, you stop painting. When your knees go, you stop dancing. And when you can't do what you do best, you walk away with dignity.

Myka: You can't be out here in the open air.

Pete: Ah, come on, coach, it's the fourth quarter--don't bench me.

Myka: Pete, I left cookies in the glove compartment.

Pete: Oooh...

Myka: There's no tricks here, Monty. The world is full of magic. Real magic.


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