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The New Guy was the twenty-sixth episode in the series Warehouse 13, and the show's third season premiere.


With Myka gone, Mrs. Frederic hires Steve Jinks to pick up the slack. He has little time to get comfortable, since someone is using William Shakespeare's Lost Folio to wreak havoc in Denver. FBI Agent Sally Stukowski is on the case, and doesn't appreciate it when Pete and Steve stick their noses in her case.


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In Jersey City, NJ, bolts of electricity are coming out of a building. An ATF agent is escorting out a man, who is explaining what he was doing inside the building. The ATF agent believes the man placed a bomb in the building, but when the man denies knowing anything about a bomb, another ATF agent, Steve Jinks tells the other agent that he's not lying. While the other agent protests and says that there is likely a bomb in the building, Steve sees Pete secretly walking into the building. Steve follows in pursuit of Pete into the building.

Pete runs in and meets Artie and Claudia looking at Jimi Hendrix's guitar, which is shooting out lightning bolts. Pete explains that someone decided to play the guitar the same night they planned to retrieve it. As the guitar shoots more bolts out, the three of them turn around and see a woman trapped in a telephone booth on fire. Artie tells Pete to save the woman and gives him a nozzle to use. Pete opens the door to the fire hose and attaches the artifact onto the nozzle.

Meanwhile, ATF agents are entering in and heading towards Artie and Claudia. Claudia takes out a Tesla grenade and rolls it towards the agents, which stuns them. However, Steve sneaked up behind Artie and Claudia and orders them to turn around and put their hands up. Artie and Claudia try to lie to them as to why they are there, but Steve knows that they are lying. Finally, Artie tells him the truth, and Steve, satisfied that they are telling him the truth, lets them continue. Claudia attaches a tremolo bar to the guitar and winds it, bending the pitch and stopping the bolts of electricity. At the same time, Pete is spraying ice through the fire hose at the telephone hose, quenching the flames. Once the bolts of electricity stop, Claudia starts playing a little strum, at which time Artie tells her to hand over the guitar. Steve asks them who they are. Artie asks Steve to take out his Tesla and fires it at him, knocking him out.

Pete puts the fires out and the woman rushes out, thanking him. They return to Artie and Claudia. The woman is extremely grateful and wants to thank him, but Pete only gives her his jacket, saying that she's probably cold. Artie and Claudia notice this and tell Pete that he's being "uncharacteristically restrained," at which point Pete shrugs. They sneak out of the building, leaving Steve behind.

Steve arrives home in the night and listens to his voicemail. In the first message, the director doesn't believe his story about Artie and Claudia. In the second message, Mrs. Frederic tells him to turn on the light. Mrs. Frederic offers him a position to join the Warehouse, the same way in which Mrs. Frederic offered Pete.

In the Ovoid Quarantine, Pete is complaining to Artie that he doesn't want a new partner and that they and Claudia were working well. Artie reprimands him saying that they don't ask people's opinions and just do the job. However, Pete wants Myka back, and Artie tells him that they all miss her and that they've tried. Meanwhile, Steve arrives at the Warehouse and meets Claudia. Claudia looks at his Toyota Prius and admires it. While she is taking Steve into the Warehouse, the football bounces off of his car. She explains to him some of the alternate names of the warehouse. Inside, Pete and Artie are arguing about Pete's new partner. Claudia interrupts them and introduces Steve to Artie, whom he recognizes, and then Artie introduces him to Pete, Steve's new partner. Pete tries to make a friendly greeting, but Steve knows he's lying.

In Denver, Colorado, a woman in a hotel room is talking to someone. Someone knocks on the door and hands her a basket of figs with a paper rolled up and attached to it. She looks at the paper and drops it into the trash. However, snake bites appear on her, with blood coming out of them. The paper bursts into flames. She collapses on the floor and says, "Oh, Anthony! Nay, I will take thee too."

Steve remembers Artie shooting him with a Tesla. Claudia and Pete want Steve to start by working in the Warehouse while they work in the field, but Artie shoots them down saying that a decision has been made. Artie explains what the Warehouse does and takes him out of the office to show him the warehouse artifacts. As they are going back in, a storm cloud and lightning bolts appear over the Ancient Archives, and Claudia and Artie head back in into the office to research the cause. Steve looks at the area and is astonished to see a pyramid there. Pete tries to make a joke about climbing to the top of the pyramid, but Steve makes no reaction, saying that he's not much of a laugher. They head back into the office when a message arrives through the pneumatic tubes, which Claudia fixed, from Leena saying that there's a situation in the Ovoid Quarantine. Claudia tries to use the fixed pneumatic tubes to make a case for being assigned to the field, but Artie ignores her. As Artie is telling each agent what to do, a ping pops up in Denver, Colorado.

Storm Cloud in the Warehouse

In Denver, Pete and Steve are investigating the death of the woman who died by a snake, more specifically a Russel Viper, but no snakes were found nearby. Artie, through the Farnsworth, suggests that it may be George Went Hensley's bible, as he died after being bitten by a snake 40 times. Pete tries to make another joke to Steve, but he doesn't get it. He then complains to Artie about Steve's lack of sense of humor, to which Artie responds, "Your jokes, Pete?"

Artie arrives where the lightning bolts are originating and walks into a room with a flashlight. He sees a statue of Zeus's arm glowing red and shooting lightning.

Pete asks Steve about his Buddhism and asks if he shaves his head and dances around in robes. Steve responds, "Only at Christmas." Steve notes that there are ashes of old parchment in the trash can and that it was burned within the last 12 hours. Pete believes that it could be an artifact twofer that kills the person and burns up the evidence. Steve thinks that Pete was joking and laughs, but gets annoyed at Pete's sense of humor when Pete tells him that wasn't a joke. Pete then tells him about the effects of Mahatma Gandhi's sandles, Charles Dickens's badminton racket, and Abraham Lincoln's hat.

Artie enters the Ovoid Quarantine and sees Claudia driving a forklift back. Artie gets annoyed that Claudia is driving the forklift, and Claudia points him to the glowing box. Artie realizes that whatever's in there is affecting Zeus.

In Denver, FBI agent Sally Stukowski enters the hotel room, irritated that Pete and Steve are in her crime scene. When Pete and Steve identify themselves, she asks them why they are there, which Steve asks her right back. She answers that someone got poisoned; Pete replies that the person was bitten by a nonexistent Russel's Viper. Pete notices that this is her first case, at which Sally orders them out.

Artie tries spraying neutralizer onto the Statue of Hera, but it evaporates instantly. He heads back into the office to study Greek mythology.

In an apartment building, a postman tells Charlie somebody sent him a flyer and leaves. Charlie takes out the flier and unrolls it. He starts to get stabbed, blood spurting out, and drops the paper. A short while later, the paper bursts into fire. He collapses along a wall, crying for help. A housekeeper arrives, and Charlie tells her "Kai su teknon?" and turns over.

Pete and Steve arrive at the scene. The housekeeper tells Pete that he worked at the Regalton Hotel. Pete walks back over to Steve, who tells him that he was stabbed 23 times with 23 different knives. Pete realizes that the first victim was doing a story about bankers meeting at the Regalton and that this victim worked at the Regalton. Stukowski walks in and sees Pete and Steve at a crime scene here and tells them to leave. Pete tries to convince that they can help, and she relents. Pete tells her that there's something happening at the Regalton since both victims were connected to it. Stukowski is disappointed with how little they have to offer. Steve asks her if she knows anything about bankers meeting at the Regalton, and she says no. Steve realizes that she is lying. Stukowski tells them that her job is to close the case. Pete gets annoyed at her, at which point she admits to them that there is an event at the Regalton. She grudgingly lets them work on the case.

In the Warehouse office, Artie find the connection between the two statues. He explains to them that the two statues in the Warehouse were the ones involved in the Battle of Compendium in 306 BC. Zeus had married Hera, but had left her to be with other women in Olympus and the mortal world. Hera had found out and hated Zeus for it. Leena and Artie realize that they need to move the statues apart so that Zeus doesn't shoot lightning bolts. Just then, one of the lightning bolts, which had mostly been going to a lightning rod, hits a suit of armor, which breaks apart.

At the Regalton, Pete bribes a bellman to let him and Steve into the event. Steve arrives and tells Pete that kai su teknon was Greek for Et tu, Brute? from Julius Caesar. Pete realizes that Antony was from Antony and Cleopatra and tells him that he knows a place where they can learn more about William Shakespeare.

Pete enters the Bering & Sons Bookstore and rings the bell to see Myka, stepping down from a ladder, wearing glasses.

Myka repeatedly tells Pete that she's left the Warehouse and is no longer an expert on artifacts and that she's only an expert on books. Steve walks in, and Myka thinks that he is a customer. Pete introduces Myka, his old partner, to Steve and Steve, his new partnet, to Myka. Steve tells her that they need her help and hands her the case files. Myka recognizes that each of the lines the victims said were the last lines someone said. She recognizes the poses as those in The Lost Folio. Myka explains that an actor wanted to get into one of Shakespeare's plays, but couldn't. As a result, he cursed the folio. As Myka is planning what to do next, Pete takes the book from her and leaves, saying they won't need any more of her help. Steve reassures her that Pete was lying and leaves, taking the case files.

Pete updates Artie through the Farnsworth and tells him about The Lost Folio. Claudia asks Pete if Myka is coming back, to which Pete tells her that he doesn't think so. In the Univille Garden Conservatory, Artie returns to tightening a screw bolt on the Statue of Zeus, and Claudia activates a sensor that will let them know if the statue is being moved or if there are any problems. Artie leaves, saying the plants are making him nervous and that one is staring at him.

Arriving at the Regalton, Steve tries to explain to Pete that, according to Buddha, the secret to happiness is to want what you have and not want what you don't have. As Pete is summarizing the details of the case, Pete gets a bad vibe. A bellman appears and hand Steve an envelope, saying that it was left for him. Steve opens it and finds a paper similar to the papers the other victims received. Steve turns red, unable to breathe, and falls onto the sofa next to him. Myka arrives and, seeing what's happening to Steve, looks at the folio paper and tells Steve to say "Commend me to my kind lord: O, farewell." Myka breathes air into Steve, allowing him to say the words, and Pete puts the paper into a neutralizer bag. Once Steve finishes saying the words, he is able to breathe again.

Pete vows to get the person behind this. Myka explains the paper depicted Othello smothering Desdemona with a pillow. She did some research and found out that the first person that touches one of the pages of the folio dies in the manner depicted, but he can live if he says the last words before the page bursts into flame. Steve tells her the only connection between the victims were the hotel and a bankers' meeting. Pete interrupts them and asks Myka if she is back in now and tells her that they don't need a consultant. Pete and Myka start arguing about her leaving the Warehouse when Steve interrupts them, saying that their priority should be to check video tapes to find out who left the envelope and that they can argue later. After Pete gives more money to the bellman, he, Myka, and Steve find the man on tape who handed the envelope. Pete realizes that the bankers need to cancel their meeting, and Steve points out that Stukowski will have Pete kicked out if she sees him again. Myka points out it's Pete's fault again.

As the event is about to being, Myka walks towards the panel of bankers. Pete sees the man who handed the envelope and starts walking towards him, but is stopped by Stukowski, who is about to arrest him. As the man hands the panel the menus, Pete causes a distraction by attacking Stukowski's men. The panel opens the menu and finds pages from the folio. As they start to suffocate and die, Myka makes them say the last lines of the characters dying and is able to save the three bankers. The pages burst into flames. Pete stops fighting them and smiles at Myka, who smiles back. He is then escourted out.

Pete walks out of the hotel and sees Myka in her car and mouths thank you to her. Myka tells him to be careful and leaves. Steve and Stukowski walk out to tell Pete they found the rest of the pages of the folio in a room and couldn't find the guy. Stukowski assures him that now they know what he looks like, they'll find him soon. She also thanks him for his help and tells him she'll shoot him at the airport if he flies into the Denver area again.

Artie walks into the Ovoid Quarantine and sees that the Statue of Hera is quiet. Claudia opens a box that has a green beetle inside, which jumps out and digs into the floor.

In the book store, Mrs. Frederic appears and thanks Myka for her help. She also brought Helena Wells and assures Myka that she can't hurt anyone. Helena tells Myka that she's not proud of what she did or that Myka left the Warehouse, and that hate can easily turn into fear. Myka sees that she's not actually there and that she's a holographic projection. Helena tells her that she is being held somewhere and that they can transport the consciousness. She tells her to think about what she said and disappears into a glowing sphere Mrs. Frederic is holding.

Myka is in the Warehouse office when Claudia and Leena enter and give her a hug. Pete and Steve enter, and Pete says, "Hey," to her. Steve asks if he's no longer part of the Warehouse, and Pete tells him that the only way he can leave is "feet first." Steve laughs, thinking it's a joke, but Pete turns around and looks at him. Pete welcomes Myka back. Artie arrives and says, "Good. Good." and returns to business.

The guy the FBI are looking for is talking to a man in shadows and tells him of what he knows. He offers to investigate into Myka and Pete, but the man tells him he needs to disappear for a while. Just then, someone places a plastic bag over him and dies of asphyxiation. That person is Stukowski.


Main Cast

Guest Starring


  • Mark Robinson as FBI Agent
  • Marc Minardi as Exhibit Worker
  • Dwain Murphy as ATF Agent
  • Nikki Grant as Girl
  • Brad Austin as Logan
  • Megan Fahlenbock as Monica Hopper
  • Eric Charbonneau as Charlie Stanton
  • Matt Lemche as Bellman
  • John Balabik as Banker #1
  • Ian Batt as Banker #2
  • Keith Kemps as Banker #3
  • Toni Ellwand as Landlady
  • Liz Gordon as Housekeeper
  • Ted Ludzik as Frederic's Bodyguard


  • Jason Novelli as Hotel Guest
  • Johnny Larocque as Bike Courier

Artifacts and Gadgets Featured

  • William Shakespeare's Lost Folio: Thought to be cursed by an actor fired by Shakespeare because he couldn't remember his lines, when someone touches and sees the engraving on a page, they re-enact the scene and die the way the character did, reciting that character's last line as the page bursts into flames. The only way to avoid the death is to recite the last line before the page burns up. It is the main artifact of the episode.
  • Statues of Zeus and Hera: Causes very dangerous electrical storms when the statues are in close proximity with one another, due to the immortal antipathy, or at least squabbling, they represent.
  • Holographic Projection Sphere: Containing the Janus coin, the sphere allows for holographic projection of the consciousness of those imprinted on the Janus coin.
  • Jimi Hendrix's Guitars: The one here plays on its own and emits large amounts of electricity, enough for the electrical grid of the eastern seaboard to almost crash. The guitar is neutralized when the tremolo bar is attached to bend the pitch of the guitar strings.
  • Neil Peart's Drum Kit: The original artifact in the place of Hendrix's Guitars. Mentioned in the episode's behind the scenes podcast.
  • Tesla Grenade: Acts like a Tesla gun but is capable of zapping multiple people at the same time when triggered.
  • Ice Pressure Nozzle: When attached to a fire hose, it provides a stream of ice and frost to snuff out fires. Artie handed it to Pete to save a bystander while retrieving Jimi Hendrix's guitar because the electricity was too much of a hazard to use water.
  • Pneumatic Tube and Capsule: Sends messages by speaking into the capsule and transporting it to the recipient. Once they receive it they can listen to the message.
  • Scarab of Imhotep: Comes alive and constantly burrows in and out of the ground.

Quotable Quotes

Steve: Slow, turn and hands please.
Claudia: Listen, we work for the museum and we are just here...
Steve: Lie.
Artie: We are under presidential orders to shut this place down.
Steve: Lie.
Claudia: That is my guitar and only I can...
Steve: Lie.
Artie: Even as we speak this place is being surrounded by a legion soldiers...
Steve: Oh My God, Quit Lying!
Artie: Alright, fine! We are special agents who find and neutralize dangerous artifacts and if she doesn't use Jimi Hendrick's Tremolo Bar to bend the pitch on those strings, right now! This place will go crazy enough to shut down the power grid on the eastern seaboard.
Steve: Thank you.

Myka: (to Steve) Hi. Can I -- Can I help you?.
Pete: (interrupting) Yeah, this is Steve, my new Myka. Steve, the old Myka.
Myka: Oh.
Steve: Oh.
Myka: Oh.
Steve: Right! Myka! Hi!
Myka: Hi. So... I take it he's mentioned me?
Pete: No.
Steve: No. Not really.

Myka: (to Steve) Congratulations. You were almost killed by an artifact. You are now officially a Warehouse Agent.


  • Like Pete before him, Steve gets an invitation to a 'world of endless wonder' from Mrs. Frederic. This is interesting, as Jinks is 'the new Myka', not the new Pete.
  • Although the Scarab of Imhotep had been featured in the opening credits of the first two seasons, it was never seen 'in-show' until this episode.
  • As revealed in the behind the scenes podcast for this episode, Neil Peart's Drum Kit was original in the place of Hendrix's Guitars.
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