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Sylvia Plath's Typewriter is an artifact kept in the Dark Vault.


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This typewriter that once belonged to writer Sylvia Plath is a dangerously powerful artifact currently kept in Warehouse 13's Dark Vault. The typewriter has a sphere of influence even while contained by the neutralizer field. A circle is marked around the typewriter to indicate the sphere of influence. Anyone who steps inside this circle will be affected by the typewriter.


The Typewriter induces extreme despair in anyone who steps within its sphere of influence and drains the life out of them. If a person doesn't get away from it soon they'll die, but it makes them too depressed to care. Warehouse agent Peter Lattimer encountered the effects of the Typewriter while passing through the Vault in 2009.


Sylvia Plath was an American poet, novelist, and short story writer who is often credited with advancing the field of confessional poetry, poetry about one's personal life. Sylvia's husband was a British poet by the of name Ted Hughes; they got divorced after Sylvia discovered Ted was having an affair. After the divorce, Sylvia and her children returned to London where she wrote some of her most famous works. Her first winter in London was the coldest the area had in 100 years; her pipes froze, her children got sick, she didn't have a telephone, she was thrown into a spiraling depression, and on top of all that she still had to type her poems. Sylvia refused any anti-depressants the doctor prescribed and when a nurse came to visit her she found Sylvia dead by her own hand. Some people say her suicide was an unanswered cry for help.


  • Despite Plath being born in the 1930s and living through to the early 60s, her typewriter appears to be either a Royal 8 or Royal 10 typewriter, which were manufactured in 1911 and 1914 respectively.
    • This is most likely either a potential oversight by the prop department, or they may have chosen an older model as it would "look cooler" than a period accurate mechanical typewriter.


Syliva Plath at her Typewriter.

The Typewriter's Dark Vault label