Allows user to levitate the person of their choice – including themselves – but causes the last person levitated to uncontrollably ascend into the stratosphere, eventually leading to hypoxia and a rapid decent back to earth. This artifact was collected by Pete and Myka in Las Vegas after a person just fell right out of the sky onto a golf cart; the doctors claimed it wasn't the fall that killed him, but rather he died from high altitude sickness. This artifact was used by a the granddaugther of Monty Dilman to make his levitations real.

Real World Connections[edit | edit source]

St. Joseph of Cupertino, was an Italian franciscan friar who is honored as a mystic and a saint. He was said to have been remarkably unclever, but prone to miraculous levitation and intense ecstatic visions that left him gaping. In 1630 while he was setting up for feast day, he suddenly began to float up into the sky and remained above the crowd for some time before coming back down. After this incident, St. Joseph continued to experience sudden and spontaneous acts of flight which earned him the nickname "the flying saint". However, St. Joseph was not able to control his ability to levitate and was often banned from public ceremonies for fear he would incite chaos in the crowd.


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