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Secret Services is the second episode of Season 5 of Warehouse 13. It is the 61st episode in all.


Pete and Myka encounter two secret service agents that force them to question their own relationship, while Artie attempts to show Claudia the truth about her sister.


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At the B&B, Claudia has brought up a news article on the car accident that claimed her parents’ lives, and figures that an artifact was involved given the angle of the impact. She tells Steve that Artie lying, just as Artie comes in and offers to help Claudia since he figures that she won’t give up. Claudia has Steve confirm that Artie is telling the truth.

In the parlor, Myka and Mrs. Frederic have tea and the Warehouse caretaker asks Myka if she’ considering having children. Myka, surprised, wonders why Mrs. Frederic is interested and she says that sometimes a woman reevaluates her life after a life threatening illness. The agent insists that she’s committed to her job at Warehouse 13, but Mrs. Frederic tells her to keep her options open.

Pete, overhearing them, comes in and offers his services as a father even though they don’t have to sex. As things get uncomfortable, Mrs. Frederic disappears as usual, much to Myka’s relief.

In Washington DC, lobbyist Gavin Tager is playing racquetball with a congressman. As they leave the court, Tager starts choking and collapses to the ground, his lungs filled with water.

When they get word of the incident, Pete and Myka head to DC. At the athletic club, they discover that Secret Service agents Ted Simkins and Elise Meyer are there as well. Elise and Ted worked with the warehouse agents when they were still assigned in Washington D.C., and they’ve been assigned to Tager’s death because the Vice President and several diplomats were at the athletic club. They suspect that some kind of terrorist biochemical weapon was involved. Elise has a vial of sand that was in with the water that Tager coughed up, and Ted asks for Pete and Myka’s help since they have a reputation for handling ”woo-woo-woo” cases.

Artie gets out the bronzed baby shoes that can be used to explore memories, and tells Steve and Artie that he was sent to investigate Claire because an artifact was involved. He and Claudia will use the baby shoes to see his memories of the investigation. Claudia wants to see Claire immediately, but Artie explains that she has to see what Claire went through before she learns what they did to her. Artie insists that Claudia follow his orders once they’re in his memories, since the visitor can be seduced into staying forever. As Steve watches over them, Artie and Claudia touch the artifact and find themselves at Claire’s high school, seeing what happened through Artie’s memories. Claire is in a classroom, going berserk and throwing off waves of black energy that throw anything around her that isn’t fastened down.

The four agents go to Tager’s office and discover that he works in the natural gas industry, and had dozens of enemies. While Ted and Myka search Tager’s office, Pete flirts with Elise and suggests that they go out for dinner. She abruptly turns Pete down as Myka and Ted come out, and Ted and Elise both leave. Pete tells his partner that Elise refused him and it’s suspicious, but then repeats his offer that he act as the father for her child.

Senator John Wilton is going to his car in the parking garage, and is on the phone to one his constituents, telling her that he’ll look into her letter of complaint. After hanging up, he tears up the letter and starts choking as water fills his lungs.

When they hear about Wilton’s death, the four agents go to the senator’s office. Myka and Ted check out the car and Myka finds traces of salt on the steering wheel. She goes back to Ted and notices a parking ticket on his car seat, and wonders why he got one when he’s with the Secret Service. Meanwhile, Pete and Elise talk to Dianne Hewlett, Wilton’s chief of staff. She explains that Wilton met with Tager and supported the natural gas industry. Myka and Ted arrive and Ted and Elise say that they have business to attend to. Once they leave. Myka suggests that the artifact is drowning the victims using saltwater. She’s sent the details for Artie so he can check the files to determine which artifact might be responsible.

Artie and Claudia visit Artie’s memories of Claire and her parents talking with the school principal. Sine Artie wasn’t in the office in the past, they can’t hear what the Donovans are discussing in the office. Mrs. Frederic is outside the office and the memory Artie agrees to stay away from Claire in case he does something to set her off.

Myka and Pete talk to Dianne, who explains at she has no intention of taking over for Wilton and is resigning as chief of staff.

When Myka checks the files, she discovers that Wilton was cosponsoring a bill that supported the natural gas industry. Suspecting a connection, she has Dianne confirm that ten other senators cosponsored the bill and asks for their names. As Dianne goes to get the names, the agents call Ted and Elise but are surprised to discover that they’ve turned off their phones in the middle of an investigation.

Myka suggests that they might be responsible for the two murders and remembers the address on the parking ticket. She and Pete drive there and spot Ted and Elise coming out of a building, carrying a piece of paper. When the warehouse agents confront them, Myka grabs the paper and discovers that it’s a... marriage certificate. The partners explain that they’re getting married but kept it a secret because the Service frown on romantic entanglements between agents. As they talk, Ted gets a call informing him that there’s been another similar death.

Artie and Claudia visit Artie’s memories of his watching the Donovan house as Claire’s parents try to take her to see a doctor.

Claire refuses on going with them and Artie tells Claudia that she doesn’t want to see what happens next. Claudia insists on watching as the memories show Claire losing her temper, lashing out, and crashing her parents’ car against a tree. They then fast- forward to Artie’s memories of his going to the Donovan house and talking to a young Claudia. She points out a music box that was burned in the fireplace and the memory Artie realizes that it’s Frances Farmer’s music box, a powerful artifact, now destroyed. The memory Claudia recognizes the music box as an artifact, much to his surprise. Mrs. Frederic comes in and memory Artie tells her about Claudia’s ability, and she says that they’ve given Claire a sedative and they’ll take her with them, leaving Claudia with relatives.

As they watch, Artie tells Claudia that since someone destroyed the music box, there was no way to neutralize it and cancel out what it had done to Claire. All they could do was put her in an artifact-induced coma. Claudia figures that her younger self was the one who destroyed the music box when she sensed that it had powers, but Artie assures her that it isn’t important.

Claudia demands that they focus on her memories instead of Artie’s so she can learn if she damned her sister... and they wake up. Artie figures that Claudia is subconsciously blocking the memories to avoid facing the truth, but Claudia doesn’t believe it and walks off.

The four agents go to the home of the newest victim, Freddy Olin. Olin was a wealthy real estate investor with no connection to Wilton or Tager. Myka blames herself for making the mistake of assuming the victims were connected by Tager, and for missing the signs that Ted and Elise were married. Elise confirms that Olin used to work as a bartender at the Palladium Hotel a year ago. She and Ted start arguing and the warehouse agents interrupt them to suggest they go to the hotel.

At the hotel, Pete and Ted talk to the bartender that used to work with Olin. The bartender confirms that Olin worked there until a year ago, when he got an inheritance from a rich aunt and quit suddenly. The two men ogle the girls at the pool, until they see Myka and Elise across the way. Talk turns to romance and partnerships, and the Secret Service agents both say that one day it just made sense that they should get together because they were already partners. Elise thought she was pregnant and it turned out to be false, but they both reevaluated their lives and decided to get married. Pete and Myka both insist that nothing is going on between them.

As the agents get back together, Elise notices the hotel logo and remembers it from earlier, and Myka remembers that there was a political scandal a year ago. There was a party at the pool and a Senator Dean Kelton was there and rumored to be involved with a younger woman, Julia Helmsworth. The rumors spread until Kelton lost his reelection, his wife divorced him, and he committed suicide. Olin get the inheritance at the same time that the rumors turned up, and they figure that he anonymously tipped off the newspapers. Kelton was running against Wilton and Wilton ended up as Senator. They figure that the killer is going after the people who drove Kelton to suicide, and the next victim will be Nancy Malloy the reporter who received the tip and broke the story about Julia.

At the warehouse, Claire demands that Artie take her to Claire. She wants to use the baby shoes artifact to check her sister’s memories and see if Claudia destroyed the music box. Artie warns that it’s too dangerous, but finally offers to do it by himself.

Claudia reminds him that it’s not his job to protect her, so Steve volunteers to go in with Claudia and Claire. He points out that Artie may have blocked out the relevant memories to protect Claudia, while he’s neutral and can protect Claudia while making sure that they find out the truth. Artie reluctantly agrees and they go to the warehouse room where Claire is being kept in an artifact-induced coma. Artie defends their action, insisting that it was the most humane thing they could do under the circumstances.

Pete and Myka go to Nancy’s studio and tell her that they know Olin leaked the story to her. Nancy insists that she had nothing to do with a false story, and starts choking on water. Myka uses a silver necklace forged from the driest desert on Earth to save Nancy’s life, drying out her lungs. As the paramedics arrive, the warehouse agents work out that in each instance, the victim was telling a lie when they drowned. They tell Nancy that someone is using a truth serum-related drug on her and demand the truth, and the reporter admits that Dianne was the one who paid her to take Olin’s tip and spread it as a rumor.

Pete goes to Wilton’s office and talks to Dianne, who admits that it’s true. She says that it was just politics as usual and that no one thought Kelton would kill himself. Because of her role in Kelton’s death, Dianne is retiring. She insists that she has no idea where Julia is. Pete tells her to stay there and they’ll protect her and look for any clues as to who the killer is.

At the warehouse, Claudia tells the comatose Claire to focus on the music box in her memories. She and Steve touch the artifact and find themselves in Claire’s memories of a rummage sale. They watch as memory Claire finds the music box and ignores memory Claudia’s warning her that it’s dangerous. Memory Claire winds it up and is brief enveloped in a burst of energy. She then decides to keep the music box despite memory Claudia’s objections.

As the agents secure Wilton’s office, Ted and Elise start squabbling again. Listening, Myka tells Pete that she’s glad that they have boundaries. Ted goes over to check on Dianne, who has taken an old ceremonial sword hilt out of her drawer. She says that it’s an old gift from the Veterans Affair, when honor meant something, and twists the blade so the light shines in Ted’s face. He goes back to Elise and she accuses him of eyeing the women at the pool. When Ted denies it, he starts choking and spitting up water.

Dianne slips out the back, evading Pete and making good her escape, while Elise calls in the emergency. Myka uses the necklace to drain Ted’s lungs and he tells them what happened. Pete remembers the statue of Alfred Dreyfus in Paris holding a sword hilt, and how the man was falsely accused of spying. Myka realizes that the victims are drowning from salt water because Dreyfus was locked up on Devil’s Island, surrounded by miles of ocean. Elise wonders what they’re talking about but figures that they know what’s going on, and Myka figures that Dianne attacked Ted as a distraction so she could escape and kill the last person responsible: Julia.

Dianne drives to the house where Julia is staying and honks the horn. When Julia looks out the window, Dianne reflects the sunlight from the hilt into her face.

Steve and Claudia return to Claire’s memories of her parents in the house, trying to convince her to go to the doctor with them.

Memory Claudia warns them about the music box, and the real Claire starts moaning in pain, fighting to hold onto the memories.

Claudia tells her to hold on a little longer, and they watch as the memory Claire tosses the music box into the fire. The memories disappear and Claudia realizes that she isn’t responsible for what ultimately happened to her sister... and that Claire fought the pain to show her the truth from her memories.

As the paramedics stabilize Ted, Elise calls the hospital. They tell her that Nancy’s lungs are slowly refilling with water, and Myka tells her to go with Ted to the hospital and alternate using the silver necklace on both victims. Before they go, Pete has Ted point out the drawer where Dianne kept the sword hilt. When he and Myka go through it, they find files on the entire scheme to discredit Kelton, including checks addressed to Julia with her address on them.

Diana tells Julia to pack because she’s in danger, and asks if she trusts her. Julia is about ready to lie and say that she does, when Pete and Myka burst in and tell Julia to stop talking. Dianne runs into the garage and locks the door, and then uses the hilt on herself. Pete and Myka break in and neutralize the artifact, saving her life so that she can face punishment in a court of law.

Later, Pete and Myka take the hilt back to the warehouse and put it away for safekeeping. Ted and Elise fudged their report and Myka and Pete will keep their secret. Pete then turns serious and tells Myka that she’s the most important person in his life, and that if she ever wants seriously about them having a baby, he'll be there for her. Myka stares at him, shocked, and Pete hastily takes off.

Claudia goes to see her comatose sister and promises that she’ll find a way to wake her up.

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Main Cast

Guest Starring


  • Abigail Winter as Claire (15 Years Old)
  • Stephen Sparks as Congressman
  • Teresa Pavlinek as Tager's Secretary
  • David Tompa as Gavin Tager
  • Brian Paul as Senator Wilton
  • Peter Valdron as Claudia's Dad
  • Fiona Byrne as Claudia'a Mom
  • Simu Liu as Bartender
  • T.J. McGibbon as 1999 Claudia
  • Karen Glave as Nancy Malloy
  • Danielle Burgon as Booth Owner
  • Emily Alatalo as Julia Helmsworth

Trailers and Sneak Peeks


Secret Services

Artifacts and Gadgets Featured

  • Bronze Baby Shoes - When held, the bronze baby shoes allow a person to relive memories. Used by Artie, Steve, Claudia and Claire when looking through the memories of the case involving Claire Donovan and Francis Farmer's Music Box.
  • Alfred Dreyfus' Sword Hilt - When someone looks at the hilt, the next time they lie their lungs will begin to fill with seawater until they drown. It is one of the main artifacts of the episode.
  • Frances Farmer's Music Box- Owned by the American actress, who was most famous for her involuntary commitment to a mental hospital. This music box infects it's victim, which causes telekinetic outbursts triggered by anger. Claire bought this music box after she opened it up and activated it. Currently destroyed.
  • Joseph Pilates' Resistance Bands - Used to keep Claire's muscles from moving but keep her circulatory system active.
  • Oliver Sacks' Record Player - Keeps the user's mind into a perpetual coma. Used to keep Claire's mind in a recursive coma
  • Silver Necklace from the Atacama Desert Mines - A necklace made from sliver that came from the mines of the Atacama Desert, the driest place on earth. Used to save the victims of the sword hilt by drying up the seawater in their lungs.
  • Chariot Wheel from the Red Sea - Suggested by Pete as to what is causing the people to drown in seawater. Exact Effect(s) unknown. Is a reference to the supposed chariot wheel found at the bottom of the Red Sea.
  • Ted Kennedy's Turn Signal - Suggested by Pete as to what is causing the people to drown in seawater. Exact Effect(s) unknown. Probably from the Chappaquiddick Incident.
  • Violin from the RMS Titanic - Suggested by Pete as to what is causing the people to drown in seawater. Exact Effect(s) unknown. Probably belonged to Wallace Hartley.
  • Biometric Wrist Device: A wristwatch-like device that displays the wearer's heart rate, blood pressure, and brain activity on its screen.


  • According to Ted and Elise's marriage certificate and Ted's parking ticket, this episode takes place June 27th, 2013.[1][2]
    • Ted's parking ticket was issued by an officer "J. McPherson", a reference to James MacPherson.
  • Ted Simkins is most likely named after series executive producer David Simkins.


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