Secret Santa was the twenty-fifth episode and was the Christmas special of Warehouse 13's second season.



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Larry Newley is sitting at home, talking to his daughter via a web camera. When he logs off, he hears banging from upstairs, and then goes to see what is causing the noise. He seems suprised at whatever is there. A glowing light then flies around his living room, before flying up the chimney with a "Ho ho ho."

Pete and Myka are walking into the warehouse. They speak about what they are doing during the holidays, and Myka throws a snowball at Pete. They enter Artie's office, and are greeted by Claudia, who has decorated the office using christmas-y artifacts; lights glow in the room like fairies, the original mistletoe hangs from the celing, and Claudia manages to make it snow marshmallows. Claudia seems excited that she is going to have people around for Christmas, as she has never had family around before. Pete and Myka then disappoint her by saying that they are spending time with their families over the holiday. Artie then walks in, extremely annoyed that Claudia has decorated his office with "dangerous" artifacts. He then kisses Claudia's brother under the mistletoe, and promptly demands that the decorations be removed.

Realizing where she has seen the artifact, they return to Kallie and Lyla's house to find the artifact; a little submarine ornament nestled in the tree. Picking it up Lyla says Larry got that for Kallie from a German auction and Pete wants a closer look at it and realizes where the artifact might have come from and asks if anyone knows about the Christmas Truce of 1914. He tells them about it and Myka realizes that the harmonious energy of that event was infused in the ornament, turning it into an artifact and that it's been trying to grant Kallie's secret wish to have her family back together.


Main CastEdit

Guest StarringEdit

  • Judd Hirsch as Izzy Weisfelt
  • Paul Blackthorne as Larry Newley


  • Tyler Hynes as Joshua
  • Jameson Kraemer as Alternate Santa
  • Jaime Bloch as Kallie
  • Kirsti Angus as Lila
  • Majoria Chan as Marla
  • Mark Wilson as Wilkie

Artifacts and Gadgets FeaturedEdit

  • Christmas Truce Submarine Ornament: A small but incredibly potent artifact; it has the power to grant wishes and has a desire to make the world more harmonious and a better place. It is the main artifact of the episode.
  • Swiss Miss Mug: When the cup is shaken, it summons a blizzard-like flurry of marshmallow and cocoa-flavored snow. Claudia nicknamed it the "Swiss Miss-Hap in a Cup".
  • Muhammad Ali's Boxing Gloves: Makes you see stars without hitting you.
  • Original Mistletoe: Causes people under the mistletoe to forcefully kiss each other. According to Claudia, "it is rather strong" - demonstrated when Artie (under its influence) grabs Josh and plants one on him.

Quotable QuotesEdit

Myka: You're making a Christmas list in your head right now, aren't you?
Pete: Maybe.
Myka: Threatened... Larry's life.
Pete: Well, the guy was a bit of a tool.

Pete struggling to eat the fruitcake
something cracks
Pete: Ow... I mean... 'ow delicious is this, lassie? Oh, I love it, it's-
Larry's daughter: Dude, it's not like I baked it.
Pete: Oh, thank God.
spits it out

Claudia: He had to change his name. You know, he did that to protect you?
Artie's Father: Yeah? From what? You know what, I don't want to know-
Claudia: Well, he'll explain it to you! There's your ice breaker!
Artie's father: My ice breaker? How 'bout I break his neck, huh? He wanted me to believe he's dead, so he's dead.
Claudia: Not yet, but soon! He's dying.
Surprised look on Joshua's face
Claudia: That's right. Artie's dying. I-I came here to beg you to see him.. to say goodbye... to your son... dying...
Joshua: Claudia... you sure you should be telling him that?
Claudia: Artie's dad deserves the truth.
Joshua: Yeah, I agree, he does, but Artie might get a little angry.
Claudia: If I tell him everything?
Artie's father: There's more?
Claudia: Oh yes... that Artie is too ashamed to call you himself... that he's going to take that guilt to his grave... after he dies...
Artie's Father: Alright. Alright, you wait here, and I will come with you.
Joshua: You are going to hell.
Claudia (excited): I know!
Artie: What have you done? What gives you the right?
Claudia: I thought you wanted to see him. You wrote him that song.
Artie: Piano Nocturne? I would've contacted him on my own time!
Claudia: He's even older than you are, how much time do you think he's got?
Artie: Well you are going to undo whatever it is you did!
Joshua comes walking down the stairs
Claudia: Artie, he's dying.
Joshua: Holy mother of God.
Claudia: Joshua knows too.


  • This episode takes place sometime after "Vendetta", as Artie tells Isadore that he "knows all about (his) family in Russia."
  • The brand of piano that Artie used to play and Claudia searches for is named Glückklavier.
    • Glück is German for "luck" or "happiness", and klavier translates to "piano". Together, the brand name means literally "lucky piano".
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