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Second Chance is the eighth episode of the fourth season of Warehouse 13, and the forty-sixth overall.


Pete and Myka investigate the case of people rusting away, and Steve and Claudia try to get Steve off the metronome, while Artie deals with Helena, Leena, and Mrs. Frederic about the astrolabe and Brother Adrian.


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Pete and Myka meet with Artie and try to get him to reveal why Brother Adrian is after him, but Artie refuses to discuss it with them. To distract them he informs them that they have a ping from Dalton, West Virginia. Steelworker Lenny Bukowski is apparently suffering from a disease that is causing him to rust from within. The agents reluctantly leave but Myka warns Artie that one day he'll have to tell them what's going on. Once they're gone, Claudia and Steve arrive and asks the same thing. He tells them to focus on the metronome that is keeping Steve alive and find a way to break the link between him and the artifact. He shows them the files which reveal that Robert Schumann owned the metronomes in the 1830s. He tried to kill himself but his fiancee used the metronome to keep him alive. In 1839 Schumann finally got free of it, but the only clue he left was a poem saying that one must make a pure start from where one comes. They figure that it must relate Steve's hometown in New Jersey and that he has to go back to where he came from.

Once they leave, Artie brings up his data file on Adrian. However, Mrs. Frederic, Helena, and Leena come in and demand an explanation. They have accurately guessed that he somehow altered time, and Artie explains that he had no choice because Mrs. Frederick and Helena were dead and the warehouse destroyed. Worse, Pandora's Box was destroyed and the world was descending into chaos. Mrs. Frederick admits that she would have done the same thing and asks what the repercussions were, and Artie tells her that he would be plagued by an undying evil.

Pete and Myka go to the hospital in Dalton and talk to Lenny. He explains that he works at the local steel mill with most of the other local men and hasn't worked with any antique objects. The only person that hates Lenny according to him is the mill owner, Hank Siskel, who has been laying off workers recently. Lenny starts coughing up rust and the agents head for the mill.

As Steve and Claudia arrive at Steve's childhood home, he admits that he fought with his mother, Emma, and left. Claudia refuse to be deterred and knocks at the door, and a smiling Emma greets them. Steve introduces Claudia and Emma eagerly invites them in.

When Pete and Myka get to the steel mill, they find that the local workers are protesting against the layoffs. Siskel and his security guards arrive and try to force their way in, setting off a near-riot. Pete and Myka move in to help and get things settled down. After Siskel goes in, the agents ask the workers if they are aware of anything that might have caused Lenny's illness. The union rep, Sam Garity, figures that Siskel is responsible and has also set up a recent series of accidents. Lenny's doctor calls Pete to tell him that they had to remove pieces of Lenny's lungs to keep him alive. Another worker, Tim Watts, starts coughing up rust and then collapses.

The agents take Tim to the hospital and call Artie. They admit that they don't have any confirmed suspects and that Siskel, the most obvious possibility, wouldn't call attention to himself by using an artifact in such an obvious manner. However, Myka has checked and learned that Siskel had fights with both Tim and Lenny. A distracted Artie tells them that Siskel was originally Hank Blaloc and changed his name in 2001. Mrs. Frederic interrupts and tells the agents to handle it on their own, and then turns off the Farnsworth. The three women have taken Artie to the B&B and tell him to explain. He explains that the undying evil may be Claudia and that he has been having dreams of her stabbing him with the dagger that he sent Helena to find. Mrs. Frederic says that she would know if Claudia was turning evil and figures that Adrian is the evil.

Emma makes tea for Claudia and Steve and admits that Claudia looks a lot like her daughter Olivia. Steve abruptly cuts her off and she switches topics, asking Steve what he's doing. He claims that he's still with the ATF but refuses to tell her where he is living now. When Steve refuses to discuss it further, Emma complains that it's been two years and she loves him, but they need to talk about what's between them. He refuses and says that he will be leaving as soon as he's accomplished what he came for, and an angry Emma walks out.

Artie assures Mrs. Frederic and the others that the astrolabe is safe and that he won't use it to undo his rewinding of time. Mrs. Frederic suggests that he's having dreams of Claudia because Adrian has used an artifact to implant a subconscious image to turn him against his friend. She says that she'll go to the Regents with what they know and see if they can reach out to the Brotherhood. As she leaves with Leena, Artie holds Helena back and angrily tells her that he didn't want her to tell anybody else. She reminds him that she has lost two other agents to time travel and didn't want to lose another.

The agents go back to the mill and Myka distracts Siskel while Pete searches his office. To keep him occupied, Myka asks about the accidents but Siskel insists that he's doing everything he can to keep the mill open. She doesn't believe it and keeps him distracted, but Peter doesn't find anything in the owner's office. They get a call from the hospital about a third victim, Karen Miller, but she doesn't work at the mill, meaning Siskel isn't responsible for the rust plague.

Once they're alone, Steve and Claudia try to break the metronome link. Trying to focus does nothing that they can tell and Steve stops the metronome to test if they've succeeded. They both begin choking and Emma runs in to see what the matter is. Claudia starts the metronome again and Steve angrily walks out while Emma asks Claudia to explain what happened.

The agents talk to Karen, who confirms that she's never met Siskel or been to the steel mill. However, they realize that she has a bag from Tully's Gym and that Tim and Lenny go there as well. Pete and Myka go to the gym and talk to Tully. The owner says that Siskel has never been there, while Sam and a lot of the workers come in to train. Sam still figures that Siskel is responsible for the illnesses but the agents say that he can't be involved. Once Sam and the others walk away, Pete and Myka wonder if Sam is involved since his union would benefit. Pete suggests that he do a little hands-on interrogation.

Pete is soon in the ring sparring with workers and asking questions about Sam. Meanwhile, Myka checks in with Artie, who tells her that Siskel was arrested for abusing his busboys when he ran a restaurant in Oakland in 1996. Meanwhile, Sam learns that Pete has been asking about him and goes into the ring to demand answers. When Pete suggests that Sam is responsible for the illnesses, Sam jumps him and Myka is forced to break it up. Another worker, Cody Bell, enters the ring and takes on Pete. As they spar, Pete sees Cody's Marine tattoo and they realize that they both served. When Pete suggests that Sam could be responsible for the disease, Cody takes offense and knocks him out.

Claudia tells Emma that Steve is connected to the metronome without providing details, and Emma accepts that something odd is happening. She admits that she thought Steve had come there to talk about the situation after Olivia's death, and explains that the man that killed her daughter was up for the death penalty. However, Emma felt that he didn't deserve to die for what he did and petitioned for life imprisonment. Steve felt that she had betrayed Olivia and left rather than discuss it. As Claudia looks at the Jinks family photo showing Olivia, Emma notices the diary entry and reads the line about a pure start, and she says that it reminds her of a poem she read when she gave birth to her children.

Pete recovers consciousness as Tully introduces the two fighters for the main event, Cody and Todd Murray. Myka tells her partner that she saw something on Cody's arm when he hit Pete, but he figures that it's still Sam. As the fight begins, Pete confronts the union rep but Sam has no idea what he's talking about. He explains that Cody's father Charlie was hurt in one of the mill accidents that he blames on Siskel. Sam says that Cody dated Karen and then starts coughing up rust. Pete takes Sam out while Myka takes a photo of Cody as he delivers a knockout blow to Todd. As the crowd cheers their local boy made good, Pete returns and Myka shows him a ghostly metal shell around Cody's left arm.

Claudia finds Steve meditating in Olivia's room, and he tells her that despite his Buddhist beliefs, the situation is making him insane. She reads him the poem and suggests that it is referring to birth and the love between a mother and her son. Steve tells her that if they have to rely on that then he's doomed. He looks around at Olivia's room, left just like it was when Olivia was alive, and wonders how Emma can keep it intact but fight for her killer's life at the same time. Emma comes in and tells her son that they are separate things, and that the hate he carries isn't good for him. When Steve accuses her of turning her feelings for Olivia off when she has to, Emma insists that she has to forgive Olivia's killer over and over. Her son says that he can't and Emma points out that he spends his time thinking about the killer each day, while she thinks about her daughter. As Emma leaves her son alone, Steve admits to Claudia that he wants to let go of the hate but he doesn't know how, and Claudia suggest that he keep Olivia in mind.

Pete and Myka go back to the hospital and talk to Charlie, who tells them that he's never been in Tully's Gym. He tells them about the accident at the mill and how he and Cody were working on a gantry when it gave off. Charlie fell over the edge and Cody pulled him up exhibiting superhuman strength in one arm. Myka suggests that Cody might be using steroids but Charlie insists that his son isn't juicing. He shows them a newspaper article about Cody's heroics in Iraq and the agents read an article about how in 2005 the Marine saved two of his fellow soldiers from an explosion at the Baghdad National Museum.

The agents figure that the museum is the key and calls Artie. He checks and confirms that the museum houses Peloponnesian relics from the Battle of the 300 against the Persians. The relics are rumored to give the user the strength of the 300, and Myka remembers scars that she saw on Cody's chest at the gum. She figures that shrapnel from the relics embedded themselves in Cody's chest on the left and gave him superhuman strength in his left arm. He also touched the various victims with his left arm, infecting them with the rust plague. Pete points out that Cody didn't affect him in the ring, and Artie suggests that Cody has to be in an emotionally-heightened state. He didn't affect Charlie because the accident was what triggered the artifact for the first time.

As the agents discuss the situation, Cody comes into see his father and overhears the agents talking before they realize that he is there. When a nurse calls to him, the agents realize he's behind them and Cody angrily demands to know when they were going to tell him he was responsible for the illnesses. He shoves Pete aside with his left arm and runs out before the agents can stop him.

As Emma examines the metronome, Steve apologizes to her, explaining that he feels like he'd be letting go of Olivia if he let go of his anger. As they hug, Claudia comes in and touches the metronome that Emma is holding. It glows and Emma starts choking, and Steve instinctively throws the metronome against the fireplace, shattering it in a burst of light. Emma recovers and Steve realizes that he's breathing on his own. Claudia figures that Steve committed an act of pure love by destroying the metronome and saving his mother at the risk of his own life.

Cody goes to the mill and strong-arms his way past Siskel's guards to get to the owner. He accuses Siskel of causing the accident that injured his father and prepares to crush him. Pete arrives and takes the punch, shoving Siskel away as he gasps out clouds of rust. Siskel runs for it but Myka knocks him to the floor, while Pete tries to stop Cody and takes a beating from the ex-Marine. The agent refuses to relent and tells Cody that he won't let him give up on being a hero, but Cody keeps hitting him.

Myka tells Siskel that she knows he's Blaloc and threatens to reveal who he is to the townspeople, the Feds, and the insurance adjusters. Siskel caves and says that Cody and his father weren't supposed to be working on the gantry when it gave out. He tells Myka that nobody was supposed to get hurt and the agent tells him that he's going to make things right. Meanwhile, Pete dares Cody to kill him to get to Siskel, and Cody finally relents, saying he's not a killer. Myka runs up and tells Cody that they have to neutralize the shrapnel artifact in his chest and save his victims. He warns her that the shrapnel is next to his heart and they can't remove it. Desperate for an answer, Myka takes a syringe from a nearby first aid kit, fills it with neutralizer fluid, and prepares to inject it into Cody's chest. She warns him that they don't know the risks, but he tells her to save Pete and the others no matter what it does to him. Myka injects the purple fluid into his chest and it neutralizes the artifact, healing Pete and the others.

Later, the EMTs arrive to treat Pete and the guards. Cody thanks them for their help and says that Siskel called Sam and negotiated a truce in return for better working conditions. Pete and Cody salute each other and Cody takes off. When Pete wonders how Myka got Siskel to confess, she tells him that she learned some hands-on interrogation from Pete and used it on the owner.

At the Warehouse, Mrs. Frederic and Helena go to the Dark Vault and recover the astrolabe from where Artie hid it. Helena takes the astrolabe and Mrs. Frederic tells her to disappear with it while she tries to negotiate with the Brotherhood. Helena is nervous about going behind Artie's back, and Mrs. Frederic tells her not to trust anyone.[1]


Main Cast

Guest Starring


  • Shawn Lawrence as Siskel
  • Sean Bell as Sam Garity
  • Tony Craig as Charlie Bell
  • Alex Spencer as Tim Watts
  • Andy Boorman as Lenny
  • Rong Fu as Karen
  • Keira Loughran as Nurse Stacy
  • Jude Coffey as Doctor Wilson
  • Dwight McFee as Sheriff
  • Zach Smadu as Worker #1
  • Tebor Brosch as Worker #2
  • Chris Anton as Worker #3
  • Kelby Bedeau as Siskel's Man #1
  • Clint Butler as Siskel's Man #2
  • John Konis as Siskel's Man #3
  • Nicholas Pasco as Tully (Gym Owner)


  • Craig Cyr as Boxer
  • Matt Schichter as Boxing Fan

Artifacts and Gadgets Featured

  • Spartan Armor Shrapnel: Activated by extreme emotion, the wearer gains the superhuman strength, defiance and determination of the Spartan army. Anyone who comes into skin contact with the wearer develops a rust-like infection that corrodes the body. The artifact was destroyed in a museum explosion but its abilities are still present through the shrapnel. The shrapnel could not be retrieved as it was lodged near the heart of Cody Bell, a survivor of the museum explosion, but was negated through an injection of Neutralizer. It is the main artifact of the episode.
  • Johann Maelzel's Metronome: The process of how a person tied to the metronome is able to be taken off of it and still live is shown in this episode. The artifact is destroyed.
  • Ferdinand Magellan's Astrolabe: Allows the user to travel 24 hours back in time. Immediately hereafter in the possession of H.G. Wells, after being taken from the Dark Vault to make sure Artie can't give in to temptation and use it again.
  • Nero's Lyre: Played by the emperor Nero in stage costume during the Great Fire of Rome in 64 AD, which he set to clear land for his planned palatial complex, the Domus Aurea. It was found among the ruins of the Domus Aurea in 1866. Playing "Sack of Ilium" is known to cause severe burns and 'peeling-off' of player's face. Mentioned by Artie when looking for possible artifacts that cause human rusting.[2]
  • Christian Hadine Nelson's Radio: From the Enola Gay, for which he was the radio operator during the Hiroshima mission. After bombing Hiroshima, he sent a series of coded messages to their base at Tinian Island reporting of their success. Effects unknown.[2][3]
  • Christian Kent Nelson's Thermal Jug: A mug belonging to the schoolteacher and candy shop owner who created "Eskimo Pie", a chocolate-covered vanilla ice cream bar, after a customer couldn't decide between a chocolate bar or vanilla ice cream. After the invention of dry ice in 1925, he began marketing thermal jugs with dry ice supplied with Pies to vendors without access to freezers.[2][4]


  • This is the first time the neutralizer fluid is injected into the body to neutralize an artifact.
  • Olivia Jinks' murderer was stated to be the result of a "robbery gone bad". However, in Queen For A Day, Olivia's obituary stated that she was the casualty of a gang war.[5]


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