Season One is the first season of SyFy's Warehouse 13. It was announced TBA. Filming began TBA and lasted until TBA.

Season One premiered on July 7, 2009 with "Pilot" and ended with "MacPherson" on September 22, 2009.


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Episode List

Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
Warehouse exterior.jpg Pilot Writer: Brent Mote, Jane Espenson, David Simkins Director: Jace Alexander July 7, 2009 #1
Two Secret Service agents end up in the top-secret Warehouse 13. They are sent to Iowa to investigate a possible artifact belonging to a college student, who went berserk and assaulted his girlfriend while chanting an Italian incantation.

Resonance.JPG Resonance Writer: David Simkins Director: Vincent Misiano July 14, 2009 #2
Pete and Myka are after a team of bank robbers who have a distinctive weapon. Meanwhile, Artie examines the security breach at the Warehouse.

Magnetism01.png Magnetism Writer: Jack Kenny Director: Jace Alexander July 21, 2009 #3
Pete and Myka are sent to investigate a town where the inhabitants' minds are being altered making them act as they please. Meanwhile, Artie is confused by the energy flows going on in the Warehouse, caused by Mr. Knock-Knock.

Claudia04.png Claudia Writer: Drew Z. Greenberg Director: Stephen Surjik July 28, 2009 #4
The Warehouse's hacker kidnaps Artie and insists that he help her recover her brother... who was lost in an artifact-related experiment 12 years ago but was assumed to be dead.

Elements.png Elements Writer: Jack Kenny & David Simkins Director: Ken Girotti August 4, 2009 #5
The theft of a sculpture leads Myka and Pete to a sacred Indian cave holding an ancient secret of creation... and destruction.

spine (11).png Burnout Writer: Matthew Federman & Stephen Scaia Director: Constantine Makris August 11, 2009 #6
Pete and Myka take on a previous agent's assignment after the man's corpse turns up in the basement of a St. Louis police station.

Implosion.png Implosion Writer: Bob Goodman Director: Vincent Misiano August 18, 2009 #7
On the trail of a samurai sword artifact gifted to the President, the agents encounter a rival artifact-seeker.

Duped_SS_01.jpg Duped Writer: Deric A. Hughes & Benjamin Raab Director: Michael W. Watkins August 25, 2009 #8
Pete goes to Las Vegas with Myka to recover an artifact from a couple of gamblers, unaware that the real Myka is trapped in a mirror at the Warehouse.

Regrets_SS_01.jpg Regrets Writer: Tamara Becher Director: Michael W. Watkins September 1, 2009 #9
While Pete and Myka investigate a series of artifact-related suicides at a Florida prison, Claudia uses an artifact at the Warehouse.

Breakdown02.png Breakdown Writer: Michael P. Fox & Ian Stokes Director: Eric Laneuville September 8, 2009 #10
While Pete, Myka, and Claudia are trapped in the Warehouse, Artie is forced to answer to his superiors.

Nevermore01.png Nevermore Writer: David Simkins Director: Tawnia McKiernan September 15, 2009 #11
Myka travels home to see her dying father only to discover that he's the victim of an artifact.

MacPherson_SS_01.jpg MacPherson Writer: Jack Kenny Director: Stephen Surjik September 22, 2009 #12
MacPherson engages in a scheme to secretly sell off Warehouse artifacts, leaving a trail of clues that lead Artie, Pete, and Myka directly to him.

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