Season Five is the fifth and final season of SyFy's Warehouse 13. Filming began on June 24, 2013[1] and lasted until August 31, 2013.[2]

Season Five premiered on April 14, 2014 with "Endless Terror" and ended with "Endless" on May 19, 2014.

Episode List

Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
Preview.jpg Endless Terror Writer: Jack Kenny Director: Jack Kenny April 14, 2014 #1
Paracelsus turns the Warehouse into a house of horrors. Can the team stop him in time?

4.jpg Secret Services Writer: Bob Goodman Director: Robert Duncan McNeil April 21, 2014 #2
Pete and Myka investigate a series of drowning victims and run into a pair of Secret Service agents with a secret, while Artie attempts to show Claudia the truth about her sister.

A_Faire_to_Remember.jpg A Faire to Remember Writer: Holly Harold Director: Matt Birman April 28, 2014 #3
Pete and Steve search for an artifact that's making horseless chariots and life-size chess pieces come to life, Claudia searches for a way to revive her sister.

Savage_Seduction.png Savage Seduction Writer: Diego Gutierrez Director: Jack Kenny May 5, 2014 #4
Pete, Myka, and Artie help Pete's ex-girlfriend, Kelly, track an artifact that sucks them all into a Telenovela. Meanwhile, Claudia and Steve investigate a college student whose spine mysteriously broke in the middle of class.

Claire_controlled_lens2.jpg Cangku Shisi Writer: Benajmin Rabb & Deric A. Hughes Director: Michael McMurray May 12, 2014 #5
An old enemy returns and attempts to move the Warehouse, and plans to use Claudia's sister to do it.

3.jpg Endless Writer: John Paul-Nickel Director: Jack Kenny May 19, 2014 #6
Mrs. Frederic and the team share stories to put in an artifact time capsule.

Unused Episodes

The show had planned several episodes before getting word that they were only able to do six. The season's original overarching plot would have been about a US Senator visiting, as the host country is allowed to check up on the Warehouse every 100 years. At one point the Senator would have been nearly killed, and later in the season it would have been revealed that the Senator was facilitating the Warehouse's sale to China. The staff also wished to cover more of Myka's cancer and her perspective on her growing feelings for Pete (as Myka begins to realize her feelings for Pete, he would "get shut down", and vice versa).[3]

Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
unknown.png Musical Episode Writer: N/A Director: N/A N/A #1
The Warehouse is celebrating its Centennial, and takes partly in place during 1893, during the ribbon cutting ceremony for the original Warehouse 13 before it burned down. During the ceremony, the singing of the crowd (composed of the Regents and Univille citizens) activates Hans Christian Andersen's Mechanical Nightingale, fueled by song and compelling people to sing what's in their hearts. In present day, Claudia is baking a birthday cake for the Centennial and sings Happy Birthday, which activates the bird, and it flies around the Warehouse. Myka's song is about being in love with Pete and hating it; Pete's song is about his love of food; Artie's song is a love song to the Warehouse. At the same time, a US Senator visits the Warehouse, as per the custom of the Warehouse's host country checking the Warehouse very 100 years.

Primary Artifact: Hans Christian Andersen's Mechanical Nightingale - Activated and fueled by song, it compels people to sing what it in their hearts. It also appears to be large or strong enough to carry a full grown human, can spit fire, and turn into a dragon.[4][5]

This would have been the ninth episode of Season 5.

unknown.png Alien Abduction X-Files Episode[6] Writer: N/A Director: N/A N/A #2
In a small town in the South, people were being abducted when bright lights appeared in the sky, and when they came back the victims were "all irradiated and messed up", leading to a UFO scare. In reality, it was one of two artifacts that Alternate Valda had planted to get the Warehouse empty so as to work on part of his plan to move the Warehouse to China.

unknown.png Ghost Story Episode Writer: Ian Stokes and Mark Winemaker (Producer) Director: N/A #3
A horrible murder had happened at a kids camp out in the woods, likely inspiring a local ghost story. Present day, an artifact was being used to perform revenge killings, and it looked like a ghost. Mike Stern asked "Why not actually make it a ghost at the end of the episode?"

unknown.png Russian Cosmonaut Episode Writer: N/A Director: N/A N/A #4
An episode for an earlier season. Russian Cosmonauts who had been cryogenically frozen and stored in the Warehouse 50 years ago get thawed out, and believing them to be at war, shoot up the Warehouse.

unknown.png Dog Show B-Plot Writer: N/A Director: N/A N/A #5
A fun B-plot for an episode where an artifact is at a dog show. In order to retrieve it, Trailer must be entered into the competition.

unknown.png Fountain of Youth episode Writer: N/A Director: N/A N/A #6
4 people are using a Fountain of Youth to remain young, when someone was deactivating it and causing them to crumble to dust in front of people. At one point, Pete and Myka are regressed into 5-year olds.

Primary Artifact: Carafe of Water from the Fountain of Youth[7] - Keeps drinkers young.

unknown.png Gold Episode Writer: N/A Director: N/A N/A #7
An episode where women are being turned into gold.

Primary Artifact: King Midas Artifact[8] - Capable of turning anything, even living organisms, into gold.

unknown.png Stephen King episode Writer: N/A Director: N/A N/A #8
An episode where Stephen King's Bed is causing an entire town to have the same hallucination.


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