Returning on July 23, 2012 with a 20 episode order for Season 4[1], the announcement of Warehouse 13’s renewal was all but expected. Season Five was commissioned, but contained only six episodes, marking the culmination of the series.


Main cast

Special guest cast

  • Brent Spiner as Brother Adrian (6/20 episodes)
  • Polly Walker as Charlotte Dupres (4/20 episodes)
  • James Marsters as Bennett Sutton/The Count of St. Germain (3/20 episodes)
  • Anthony Stewart Head as Paracelsus (3/20 episodes)
  • Anthony Michael Hall as Walter Sykes ("A New Hope")
  • Joel Grey as Monty the Magnificent ("The Sky's the Limit")

Special appearance

  • Cherie Currie as Herself ("Runaway")

Recurring cast

Guest stars

  • Lindsay Wagner as Vanessa Calder (2/20 episodes)
  • Lester Holt as Himself ("A New Hope")
  • Ed Schultz as Himself ("A New Hope")
  • Brian J. Smith as Jesse Ashton ("Personal Effects")
  • Dee Wallace as Mrs. Garner ("Personal Effects")
  • Sam Huntington as Ethan ("There's Only a Downside")
  • René Auberjonois as Hugo Miller ("There's Only a Downside")
  • Mike Dopud as Mike Madden ("No Pain, No Gain")
  • Kirsten Nelson as Judy Giltoy ("No Pain, No Gain")
  • Timothy Omundson as Larry Kemp ("No Pain, No Gain")
  • Danielle Nicolet as Deb Stanley ("Endless Wonder")
  • Laura Innes as Emma Jinks ("Second Chance")
  • Pooch Hall as Cody Bell ("Second Chance")
  • Amy Acker as Tracy Bering ("The Ones You Love")
  • Thomas Roberts as Himself ("Living and the Dead")
  • Emily Bergl as Autumn Radnor ("Parks and Rehabilation")
  • Patrick John Flueger as Park Ranger Evan Smith ("Parks and Rehabilation")
  • Missi Pyle as Lily Abbott ("The Big Snag")
  • America Olivo as Rebecca Carson ("The Big Snag")
  • Enrico Colantoni as Anthony Bishop ("The Big Snag")
  • Steve Valentine as Val ("The Sky's the Limit")
  • Todd Stashwick as DA Holgren ("Instinct")
  • Tuc Watkins as Nate ("Instinct")
  • Ricardo Chavira as Detective Briggs ("Instinct")
  • Charlie Weber as Liam Napier ("Runaway")
  • Cynthia Watros as Janice Malloy ("What Natters Most")

Episode List

Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
Post-Warehouse destruction A New Hope Writer: Jack Kenny Director: Chris Fisher July 23, 2012 #1
Pete, Myka, Claudia, Leena, and Artie must find a way to restore the Warehouse before it's too late.

Artie meets Brother Adrian An Evil Within Writer: Holly Harold Director: Constantine Makris July 30, 2012 #2
Pete and Myka track down an artifact in Philadelphia that's causing people to see bizarre monsters, while Artie tries to prevent Claudia from bringing back Steve.

Sykes's box of artifacts Personal Effects Writer: Ian Stokes Director: Andrew Seklir August 6, 2012 #3
The Warehouse team must track down the remainder of Sykes's artifacts which are out loose on a North Dakota city.

Pete marble There's Always a Downside Writer: Drew Z. Greenberg Director: Constantine Markis August 13, 2012 #4
Pete and Claudia attempt to recover an artifact that fell into Hugo Miller's hands, while Myka and Steve travel to New Orleans to find an artifact that's healing people of their illnesses.

Hatfield gun No Pain, No Gain Writer: Nell Scovell Director: Jay Chandrasekhar August 20, 2012 #5
While Pete and Myka investigate a hockey player who's being miraculously healed of his injuries, Steve and Artie look into the thefts occurring within the Warehouse. Mrs Frederic invites Claudia to lunch to show her an incredible revelation.

Creppy alice Fractures Writer: Benjamin Raab & Deric A. Hughes Director: Chris Fisher August 27, 2012 #6
Lewis Carroll's mirror turns up missing and the psychotic Alice Liddell is released into the world once more; the team set out to stop her once and for all.

Endless wonder Endless Wonder Writer: Bob Goodman Director: Michael McMurray September 10, 2012 #7
Artie, Steve and Claudia try to find out where Brother Adrian is hiding. Pete and Myka search for an artifact that is making people taller, with deadly consequences, while a nosy drug executive is tailing them and putting the secret nature of the Warehouse at risk.

Steve's home Second Chance Writer: Diego Gutierrez Director: Constantine Makris September 17, 2012 #8
Pete and Myka investigate a case of people rusting away, while Steve and Claudia visit Steve's hometown to end his dependence on the metronome. Artie tells the truth about the astrolabe and his connection with Brother Adrian.

Artie crazy The Ones You Love Writer: Nell Scovell Director: Howie Deutch September 24, 2012 #9
Claudia, Myka, and Pete have to protect their families from artifacts, while Artie has some conflicts of his own. Steve and Mrs Frederic look into the brotherhood of the black diamond.

We all fall down We All Fall Down Writer: Holly Harold Director: Chris Fisher October 1, 2012 #10
Pete, Myka, and Claudia have no time to mourn a fallen comrade as they go after the person responsible. Mrs. Frederic and Steve work with Brother Adrian to find a way to undo the downside of the Astrolabe. Artie's vision of Claudia finally comes true.

Germaine1 The Living and the Dead Writer: Drew Z. Greenberg Director: Millicent Shelton April 29, 2013 #11
Pete and Myka must race to snag an artifact that can reverse the effects of the orchid before it's too late while Claudia and Steve try to bring Artie back before his mind is lost forever.

Parks and rehabilitation Parks and Rehabilitation Writer: Ian Stokes Director: Larry Teng May 6, 2013 #12
Pete and Claudia investigate a case of a man being suddenly buried alive in a national park while Artie tries to do Leena's work and Myka and Steve try to help Artie move past all the terrible things he did while he was under the influence of the astrolabe.

The Big Snag - Promo The Big Snag Writer: John-Paul Nickel Director: Chris Fisher May 13, 2013 #13
Pete and Myka get sucked into a 1940s detective noir novel in search of an artifact. Meanwhile, Artie, Steve and Claudia chase down a phantom car thief.

The Sky's the Limit - Promo The Sky's the Limit Writer: Michael Jones-Morales Director: Jack Kenny May 20, 2013 #14
Pete and Myka head to Vegas to investigate murders that are tied to the world of high magic. Meanwhile, Claudia and Jinks search for an artifact used to rig horse races, while Artie meets the new B&B owner, Abigal Cho.

Instinct Instinct Writer: Bob Goodman Director: Jennifer Lynch June 3, 2013 #15
H.G. Wells re-enters the picture to help Pete and Myka with an artifact that's forcing confessions out of criminals. Meanwhile, the rest of the team deals with earthquakes INSIDE the Warehouse.

Runaway HD Runaway Writer: Ian D. Maddox & Marque Franklin Director: Matthew Hastings June 10, 2013 #16
Pete, Myka and Jinks deal with a prison break where the Marshall assigned is Steve's ex-boyfriend. Meanwhile, Artie is struck deaf and Claudia must help him.

What matters most What Matters Most Writer: Diego Gutierrez Director: Chris Fisher June 17, 2013 #17
Pete and Myka travel to a gated community in Ohio to investigate a versatile artifact that's killing people. Claudia and Artie investigate a young man spray painting complex mathematical equations on walls in New York City.

Lost&Found HD Lost & Found Writer: Benjamin Raab & Deric A. Hughes Director: Howie Deutch June 24, 2013 #18
Artie discovers a clue to the location of long lost cache of artifacts stolen from Warehouse 12 by Roaring Dan Seavey. Steve and Claudia are betrayed by Nick. Charlotte DuPrix returns.

All the Time in the World All the Time in the World Writer: Holly Harold Director: Chris Fisher July 1, 2013 #19
The warehouse agents have to work against the clock to debronze Claudia and hunt down Paracelsus, Nick, and Sutton.

The Truth Hurts The Truth Hurts Writer: Drew Z. Greenberg Director: Jack Kenny July 8, 2013 #20
The team continues their attempt to capture Paracelsus before he achieves immortality. Myka seems to be losing her battle with cancer. Steve learns that Artie has been hiding life-changing information from the rest of the team.

  1. Warehouse 13′s Fourth Season To Expand To 20 Episodes With 7-Episode Order
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