A third season of Warehouse 13 was announced by SyFy on October 5, 2010.

This comes on the heels of an average 3.4 million U.S. viewers for each episode of Season 2, making it SyFy's most watched series. [1]


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Episode ListEdit

Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
NewGuy The New Guy Writer: Jack Kenny Director: Stephen Surjik July 11, 2011 #1
A new agent replaces Myka as Pete's partner, and artifacts from Warehouse 2 cause trouble while they're being unpacked.

Trials Trials Writer: Drew Z. Greenberg Director: Constantine Makris July 18, 2011 #2
Pete and Myka investigate why people are losing their memories, while Claudia and Steve go to an auction to get a knife that allows for transfer of disease and injury.

LoveSick Love Sick Writer: Andrew Kreisberg Director: Tawnia McKiernan July 25, 2011 #3
Dr. Calder calls on Artie to assist in stopping a dangerous virus of unknown origin. Meanwhile, Pete and Myka find themselves in a strange situation which is complicated by Steve's disappearance. In order to find Steve they must recover their memories and retrace their steps.

QueenForADay Queen For A Day Writer: Holly Harold Director: Jeremiah Chechik August 1, 2011 #4
Pete's ex-wife Amanda visits Univille and inadvertently comes into contact with an artifact. Claudia and Steve are on the trail of an artifact connected with the American Civil War.

S3e5 3... 2... 1 Writer: Bob Goodman Director: Chris Fisher August 8, 2011 #5
The hunt for an artifact involves three teams of agents, 108 years, two incarnations of the Warehouse, and two continents.

S3e6 Don't Hate The Player Writer: Ian Stokes Director: Chris Fisher August 15, 2011 #6
Claudia and Pete have to rescue Fargo from a video game he made based on the Warehouse, while Jinks and Artie team up with Stukowski to snag a Van Gogh that tends to kill people.

PastImp Past Imperfect Writer: Nell Scovell Director: Tawnia McKiernan August 22, 2011 #7
Claudia and Jinks are ambushed while attempting to recover an artifact and must uncover the assailant's identity. While on assignment in Denver Myka crosses path with the man who murdered Sam, allowing Pete and Myka to uncover the truth about Sam's murder.

40thFloor The 40th Floor Writer: Benjamin Raab & Deric A. Hughes Director: Chris Fisher August 29, 2011 #8
After capturing Sally Stukowski the Warehouse Agents learn her assignment is to assassinate several of the Regents meeting in Atlanta. The team is forced to exceed their mandate to protect the Regents leading to a series of unforeseen consequences and revelations.

ShadowsIcon Shadows Writer: Bob Goodman & Holly Harold Director: Tawnia McKiernan September 12, 2011 #9
As Pete and his mom explore her subconscious for information on A-Z Technologies, Claudia and Myka investigate an artifact that is killing people when a girl named Megan gets angry.

Zombie Insatiable Writer: Benjamin Raab & Deric A. Hughes Director: Constantine Makris September 19, 2011 #10
Myka and Pete chase an artifact that seems to turn people into zombies, while Claudia tries not to be killed by an artifact while attempting to join a band.

EmilyLake Emily Lake Writer: Nell Scovell & Ian Stokes Director: Millicent Shelton October 3, 2011 #11
Sykes is getting closer and closer to his endgame, while the agents look for information to get ahead of him. What they find is an old friend, but not quite the same person she was...

Stand Stand Writer: Andrew Kreisberg & Drew Z. Greenberg Director: Stephen Surjik October 3, 2011 #12
Fueled by grief, Claudia, Myka, and Pete work harder than ever to bring Sykes down, and avenge the death of their friend before their most dangerous enemy yet completes his endgame and destroys the Warehouse.

Warehouse13 logo The Greatest Gift Writer: Jack Kenny Director: Mike Johnson & John-Paul Nickel December 6, 2011 #13
While Pete is placing an artifact in the Christmas Aisle, several artifacts fall on him, including one that transports him to a reality where he doesn't exist. Now, he has to find a way to get back to his reality.

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