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Savage Seduction is the fourth episode of Season 5 of Warehouse 13. It is the 63rd episode in all.


Pete, Myka and Artie try to help Pete's ex-girlfriend Kelly when her grandmother gets trapped inside a spanish telenovela, but things go awry when they all end up as characters in the soap opera. Meanwhile, a strange accident at a university leads Claudia and Steve to discover an artifact that literally duplicates its users.


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At the B&B, Myka is on her laptop in the living room when Pete comes in and finds her writing a book. Embarrassed, she admits that she’s been working on it for a year and is only up to page 6. Artie comes in and yells for Steve. When Steve comes down, Artie says that he has a ping for him and Claudia to investigate. He’s worried that Claudia is locked up in the warehouse and it isn’t healthy, so he’s trying to distract her. Artie sends Steve and goes to find a hoagie. Meanwhile, a pregnant Kelly Hernandez arrives and says that she’s in trouble. Pete wonders if it’s about him, and Kelly assures him that it isn’t his, and reminds him that the broke up two years ago. She then asks Pete and Myka for help, explaining that her grandmother’s television is possessed.

Steve finds Claudia in the office, secretly trying to work out a way to free Claire. He interrupts her and says that he has a ping, and she can’t explain what she’s doing. Steve explains that a student, Charlie Battes, had his spine spontaneously break in three places while giving a presentation in class. Claudia reluctantly agrees to go but says that they’d better make it snappy.

Pete and Myka arrive at Kelly’s grandmother and she explains that her Nana has been homebound since her husband died two years ago.

When she got there that morning, there was no sign of Nana. She was apparently watching her favorite telenovela, Savage Seduction, because the TV is still tuned to it. However, the show was cancelled the previous night and the TV is unplugged. Kelly has called everyone she knows but no one has seen her. Pete stares at the screen and points out Nana in the telenovela on the screen. She’s playing the matriarch of the Obregon dynasty. The TV is over a year old and Nana was very fond of the show. Kelly confirms that it’s the season finale when Nana’s character gets killed.

Nana’s cat approaches the screen and it’s sucked into the TV and become part of the show.

As Kelly goes upstairs to see if Nana has bought anything strange or old recently, she first gives Pete a hug and a friendly kiss in thanks. Myka stares at Pete and he insists that there’s nothing going on between them.

Claudia and Steve arrive at Dakota University in Steve’s new car and Claudia insists that there’s no reason to go to college. They talk to the teacher, Professor Moulton, and they ask what he saw happen to Charlie. Moulton explains that Charlie was giving a presentation on gonzo journalism and a human shadow flew in and slammed him into the wall. The professor admits that it was a very insightful presentation, but Claudia points out that the hospital said Charlie had alcohol poisoning. Moulton insists that the student wasn’t drunk and leaves.

Pete calls Artie, who suggests that the television is acting as a portal for the artifact, and that Nana has the artifact with her.

Kelly comes in and sees a potted plant about to fall on her Nana, and jumps for the screen. Myka tries to stop her but they’re both sucked into the TV. Pete watches as Myka becomes a maid and Kelly becomes Nana’s daughter, and they glare at each other as Pete tells Artie what happened.

Myka, playing a character named Maribel, is dusting in the kitchen when Kelly as her character Carmen comes in to complain that she’s doing a poor job. They argue over Armando, Kelly’s fiancé in the telenovela, and Kelly tells Myka to stay away from him. She slaps Myka and walks away.

Artie arrives and Pete tries to explain the plot to him. He admits that he hasn’t found an artifact in the house, but there is a letter from the telenovela people to Nana. They sent Nana an Obregon brooch because she is such a big fan of the show. Artie realizes that Nana is wearing the brooch in the show.

Claudia and Steve go to Charlie’s room and his roommate Dan says that Charlie partied and studied. He last saw Charlie that morning right before Moulton’s class, even though he was drinking until morning and could barely walk.

Artie figures that the prop was a cheap item until Nana got it and then her obsession with the telenovela made it into an artifact. When it was canceled, it was imbued with her longing to escape. Artie figures that they have to get into the telenovela and neutralize the brooch. Pete points out that if they enter it, they’ll become their characters just like Myka and Kelly are. Artie gets an idea and takes out a pair of cufflinks that belonged to Harvey Kormann, who could never stay in character. As long as Pete and Artie hold them, they’ll stay themselves. The two men touch the TV screen and Pete finds himself sitting at a desk and able to remember who he is, and able to speak Spanish. There’s no sign of Artie.

Steve and Claudia drive to the site of the party and find a car with a shattered window and a collapsed hood. They figure that Charlie fell from the bridge overhead. Claudia finds Charlie’s phone nearby and discover that he recorded himself on top of the building and then falling. Steve points out that it’s the same type of impact that hit Charlie in the classroom, and the video was recorded at the same time Charlie was making his presentation. They play the video again and realize that Charlie was saying “My candle burns” in Latin as he fell. Steve notices that the car has the Psi Phi Zeta logo on it, and figures that the Latin is the fraternity’s motto.

Pete tries to work out where Artie would go, and then wonders who he is. Kelly comes in and calls him Armando, and she has no idea why he’s calling her Kelly. She slaps him and he quickly corrects himself, and Kelly reminds him that she’s carrying Armando’s child but they’re not married. Pete plays along and insists that their child is the only thing that matters to him, and they kiss. Kelly then reminds him that her mother Alicia has come to pick out the silverware for their wedding. Alicia comes in right on queue and gives Pete a sultry look. Pete says that he has to go see Nana and Kelly threatens to castrate him if she discovers that he’s cheating on her.

Claudia and Steve go the fraternity and one of the members, Bryce, claims that Charlie was never there and he isn’t pledging the fraternity. They can tell he’s lying and ask to come in, just as another frat boy, Ox, staggers drunkenly over. Bryce shoves him down toward the basement and explains that his father is a lawyer, and tells them to get a warrant. As they leave, they see Ox sitting outside, calmly reading a book. The agents check the basement and sees Ox drinking while the other frat brothers cheer him on. As Claudia realizes that they’re dealing with a duplication artifact, Ox’s shadow flies out and slams into the studious Ox outside. He pukes, clearly drunk.

Pete goes to find Nana and the brooch, and hears a gunshot. He runs in just as someone shoots at Nana from the patio door and runs away. Pete realizes that Nana doesn’t have her brooch and she explains that the person who shot her stole it.

The EMTs arrive to treat nana and confirm that it’s just a flesh wound. Kelly and Alicia run in and Pete explains that a thief took her jewelry. Alicia offers to call a PI and bodyguards, but Nana says that it’s all about her long-lost son Rafael, Alicia’s husband, Kelly’s father. When Colonel Rafael disappeared, Armando became the CEO of the Obregon company. Nana says that she received an anonymous note from someone who had information about Rafael’s whereabouts, and provided a note and a meeting time. The thief stole the note, and Pete figures that he took the jewelry to make it look like a robbery. Nana directs Pete to the desk where she found the note, and there’s a feather nearby... a feather belonging to Myka’s duster. Pete vows to find the thief and leaves.

At the university, Claudia adjusts her cleavage and goes into the fraternity with Steve. They’re partying and the agents follow a frat boy down to the basement where they’re holding an initiation ritual.

Pete goes to the kitchen and finds Myka there. She hits him with a broom and Pete realizes that she doesn’t recognize him. Myka calls him a traitor, and says that he declared his love for her but is marrying Kelly. Pete asks why she left the note for Nana, and Myka demands that he prove his love for her before she answers. Pete declares his love for her and Myka tries to kiss him. He says that there’s no time because they have to find Colonel Rafael and save Nana.

When another frat boy runs down the stairs, Claudia pretends to be drunk, gets him into a closet, and stuns him with her Tesla. She comes out with his initiation robe and mask and tosses it to Steve. Steve goes in and Bryce takes out a two-ended candle. They light it and chant, and Steve takes out a neutralization bag. One of the brothers sees it and they yank off Steve’s mask, and Bryce recognizes him and throws hot wax in his face. Claudia runs in as the fraternity brothers run out, and discovers that Steve has split into two separate individuals: one butch, one not.

Myka takes Pete to a mental hospital and pays off the guard, Carlos, to let them into a cell. Artie is inside, in a straitjacket, and Pete explains what has been going on as he releases Artie.

They realize that their characters know but they don’t know what their characters know, and Rafael knows what is going on. Artie gives Pete his cufflink and becomes Colonel Obregon, and starts choking Pete, saying that Pete put him in the hospital. When Artie won’t take the cufflink back, Pete asks who told him that he put Artie in there, and Artie says that it was Alicia. She was the only one who truly loves him, and he starts choking Pete again.

Pete drops the cufflinks and Myka picks them up, and Pete becomes Armando while Myka realizes who she is. Artie says that he’s been waiting ten years to see her, and Myka works out that she’s Maribel and Artie’s character is her father. Her mother was Artie’s mother’s maid, and Artie has always loved Maribel but was too cowardly to admit it. Myka gives him one of the cufflinks and he has no idea what Rafael knows.

At the university, Claudia is thrilled to have two Steves. The two Steves aren’t, however, and the butch one wants to call the police to report the underage drinking, while the other one wants to party. Claudia convinces them to work together and help her find Bryce. They finally spot him and he runs, and the three agents give chase.

When Myka and Artie realize that Artie doesn’t know what Rafael knows, he gives the cufflink to Pete and then starts choking him.

Myka pulls Artie off and tells Artie that Alicia put her there and made everyone think he had vanished on the Amazon. Artie says that he knows Alicia’s secret and that’s why she had him locked away.

Butch Steve tackles Bryce, who insists that he didn’t use the candle. He explains that it belonged to Edna St. Vincent Millay, and begs them not to call his dad. Butch Steve prepares to neutralize the candle, but the other Steve doesn’t want to go back. He grabs the candle, uses his Tesla on a nearby lamppost, and runs away with Claudia and the other Steve in hot pursuit.

Artie, Myka, and Pete go back to the manor and find Kelly, and ask where Alicia is. Kelly is less than thrilled to see Myka, and Pete tells her that Alicia had an affair and she’s not Rafael’s daughter. Kelly slaps him, knocking the cufflink out of Pete’s hands and into Artie’s. Myka tells Kelly that Alicia tried to kill Nana to get the inheritance, but Kelly doesn’t believe them and draws a gun on them. She tells Pete that the baby isn’t his, and Artie knocks the gun out of her hand. Alicia comes in through a hidden door and grabs the gun, and shoots Artie in the shoulder.

Pete and Myka go to their friend, and Pete-as-Armando begs his forgiveness. Myka asks Pete for his belt, and Kelly runs out to kill Nana before she learns the truth and removes them from her will. Pete breaks into tears and Artie gives him the cufflink. The agents go after Kelly and Alicia, who have gone to Nana’s bedroom. They try to poison her with pills, just as Pete and Myka arrive and tell Nana that Kelly isn’t Nana’s legitimate granddaughter. Myka asks Alicia where the brooch is, and Pete explains that Myka is her legitimate daughter.

Artie comes in and Nana calls to her son. He confirms that everything they’ve said is true and Alicia tries to smother Nana with a pillow.

The really gay Steve goes back to the fraternity and drinks heavily, and the butch Steve tells him to hand it over. His twin refuses and they fight. Really Gay throws the candle and misses, and the two twins fight.

Kelly draws a gun and Myka kicks it out of her hand, dropping the cufflink. When Kelly kicks Pete, he drops his cufflink as well. Myka grabs a broom and fights Kelly, while Artie notices the cufflink on the floor and Pete goes to help Nana.

The two Steve’s fight while Claudia goes for the candle. When Bryce tries to grab it, she punches him and neutralizes the candle. However, the two Steves don’t merge. Thinking quickly, Claudia realizes that she has to damage one to cause the other one to merge. She Teslas the really gay Steve, and his shadow merges with the butch Steve.

Pete knocks out Alicia and then grabs a vase and knocks Kelly out. Artie picks up one of the cufflinks, while Pete and Myka confirm that Nana is okay. As they hug, Artie spots the brooch in Alicia’s purse and picks it up. Pete and Myka start to kiss... as the maid, Maria, comes in. She explains that everyone thought she was dead, and that Pete and Myka can’t kiss because Pete is her brother. Artie neutralizes the brooch just in time.

Steve tells Claudia that he’s pretty much fine, and Claudia admits that she needed the break from trying to cure Claire.

After Artie leaves, Myka and Pete agree to never talk about what happened. Myka goes outside to wait and Kelly tells Pete that Nana will be fine. She’s already addicted to a new telenovela. Kelly admits that she was lucky to know Pete, and they share an awkward moment. As Pete heads out, he wishes Kelly good luck and apologizes for it not working out between them. She says that it wouldn’t have worked because it’s obvious that he’s in love with Myka.

Back at the warehouse, Claudia is working on Claire’s cure when Artie comes in and demands to know what she did. Claudia has no idea what’s going on and Artie tells her that someone took Claire.

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Main Cast

Guest Starring

  • Paula Garcés as Kelly Hernandez
  • Teresa Yenque as Hortencia Hernandez
  • Sonia Braga as Alicia


  • Jeremy Ferdman as Bryce (Frat Brother)
  • Barbara de la Fueste as Maria
  • Craig Eldridge as Professor Moulton
  • Lovell Adams-Gray as Charlie Battes (Frat Brother)
  • Adam Christie as Dan (Frat Brother)
  • Serje Basi as Party Ox (Frat Brother)
  • Lucas Meeuse as Cute Frat Boy
  • Tayves as Fiddis as Frat Boy #1
  • Gibran Hassan as Frat Boy #2
  • Ryan Rosery as Frat Boy #3
  • Stephane Garne-Monten as Frat Boy #4
  • Morgan Lever as Frat Boy #5
  • Carmen Araiza as Esperanza
  • Stefani Serna as Lupe
  • Dalton Brown as Carlos (Asylum Orderly)
  • Hani Zakaria as Ritual Pledge

Trailers and Sneak Peeks

Artifacts and Gadgets Featured

  • Doña Fausta's Brooch - Worn by the character Doña Fausta in the Spanish telenovela "Savage Seduction", Kelly Hernandez's grandmother was sent this television prop after her telenovela was canceled. This cheap television prop was imbued with her grandmother's overwhelming desire to escape from her life watching telenovelas and become a part of the telenovela. It is the main artifact for Pete, Myka and Artie.
  • Edna St. Vincent Millay's Candle - When both ends of the candle are lit and wax from it is splashed on a person, they are split into two separate people: one fun-loving and wild, the other hard-working and focused. The two will remain separated until one is rendered unconscious, at which point they rejoin and any injuries or ailments suffered by one of them will be transferred to the reunited person. It is the main artifact for Steve and Claudia.
  • Harvey Korman's Cufflinks - Owned by the actor Harvey Korman who was most famous for not keeping in character during the various episodes of The Carol Burnett Show. They were imbued with the power to allow a person to stay themselves when they jump into the role of a character. Used by Artie and Pete to avoid being taken over when entering the world that the Brooch created.


  • The opening theme for this episode is a Spanish guitar/flamenco version of the standard theme, performed by series composer Edward Rogers.
  • Also during the opening intro, a mariachi band can be seen on an Aztec temple instead of the pyramids.
  • This episode's A-plot was originally pitched as the gang getting sucked in a Dowton Abbey-style show, but was later changed to a Spanish telenovela.
  • According to the address on the package and envelope sent by Seducción Salvaje's studio (Estudio Gutierrez), Hortencia Hernandez lives, and the show's A-plot takes place in, Duluth, Minnesota.[1][2]
  • This episode aired at the time when many props, including artifacts, were being auction off after the conclusion of filming. Given that the main artifact of the episode was a brooch from her favorite show that Hortencia was gifted for being such a huge fan[3], it may have been an intentional homage to fans of the series.
  • According to Artie, this episode takes place 2-3 days after "A Faire to Remember."
  • Coincidentally, Aaron Ashmore has an identical twin brother (Shawn Ashmore) in real life.


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