Savage Seduction is the fourth episode of Season 5 of Warehouse 13. It is the 63rd episode in all.


Pete, Myka and Artie try to help Pete's ex-girlfriend Kelly when her grandmother gets trapped inside a spanish telenovela, but things go awry when they all end up as characters in the soap opera. Meanwhile, a strange accident at a university leads Claudia and Steve to discover an artifact that literally duplicates its users.


Main CastEdit

Guest StarringEdit

  • Paula Garcés as Kelly Hernandez
  • Teresa Yenque as Hortencia Hernandez
  • Sonia Braga as Alicia


  • Jeremy Ferdman as Bryce (Frat Brother)
  • Barbara de la Fueste as Maria
  • Craig Eldridge as Professor Moulton
  • Lovell Adams-Gray as Charlie Battes (Frat Brother)
  • Adam Christie as Dan (Frat Brother)
  • Serje Basi as Party Ox (Frat Brother)
  • Lucas Meeuse as Cute Frat Boy
  • Tayves as Fiddis as Frat Boy #1
  • Gibran Hassan as Frat Boy #2
  • Ryan Rosery as Frat Boy #3
  • Stephane Garne-Monten as Frat Boy #4
  • Morgan Lever as Frat Boy #5
  • Carmen Araiza as Esperanza
  • Stefani Serna as Lupe
  • Dalton Brown as Carlos (Asylum Orderly)
  • Hani Zakaria as Ritual Pledge

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Artifacts and Gadgets FeaturedEdit

  • Doña Fausta's Brooch - Worn by the character Doña Fausta in the Spanish telenovela "Savage Seduction", Kelly Hernandez's grandmother was sent this television prop after her telenovela was canceled. This cheap television prop was imbued with her grandmother's overwhelming desire to escape from her life watching telenovelas and become a part of the telenovela. It is the main artifact for Pete, Myka and Artie.
  • Edna St. Vincent Millay's Candle - When both ends of the candle are lit and wax from it is splashed on a person, they are split into two separate people: one fun-loving and wild, the other hard-working and focused. The two will remain separated until one is rendered unconscious, at which point they rejoin and any injuries or ailments suffered by one of them will be transferred to the reunited person. It is the main artifact for Steve and Claudia.
  • Harvey Korman's Cufflinks - Owned by the actor Harvey Korman who was most famous for not keeping in character during the various episodes of The Carol Burnett Show. They were imbued with the power to allow a person to stay themselves when they jump into the role of a character. Used by Artie and Pete to avoid being taken over when entering the world that the Brooch created.


  • The opening theme for this episode is a Spanish guitar/flamenco version of the standard theme, performed by series composer Edward Rogers.
  • Also during the opening intro, a mariachi band can be seen on an Aztec temple instead of the pyramids.
  • This episode's A-plot was originally pitched as the gang getting sucked in a Dowton Abbey-style show, but was later changed to a Spanish telenovela.
  • According to the address on the package and envelope sent by Seducción Salvaje's studio (Estudio Gutierrez), Hortencia Hernandez lives, and the show's A-plot takes place in, Duluth, Minnesota.[1][2]
  • This episode aired at the time when many props, including artifacts, were being auction off after the conclusion of filming. Given that the main artifact of the episode was a brooch from her favorite show that Hortencia was gifted for being such a huge fan[3], it hay have been an intentional homage to fans of the series.
  • According to Artie, this episode takes place 2-3 days after "A Faire to Remember."


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