Special Agent Sam Martino was assigned to the Presidential Protection Division, Office of Protective Operations, United State Secret Service at the time of his death. He became one of the few USSS agents killed in the line of duty, and the first employee to be fatally shot since Special Agent Julie Yvonne Cross on June 4, 1980. He was shot by Leo (who was a partner to Agent Jim, who was meant to be a friend to Myka) whilst he was protecting the President. It was found out in Past Imperfect that Jim had used the Barometer of the USS Eldridge (DE-173) to delay Myka so she was late, resulting in Sam's death.

Agent Martino was romantically involved with Agent Bering, being separated from his wife at the time.

Played by Gabriel Hogan, Agent Martino was shown in a flashback during Pilot.

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