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Runaway is the sixteenth episode of the fourth season of Warehouse 13, and the fifty-fourth episode overall.


Pete, Myka and Jinks deal with a prison break where the Marshal assigned is Steve's ex-boyfriend. Meanwhile, Artie is struck deaf and Claudia must help him before it becomes permanent.


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In Arkansas, a volcano erupts underneath a prison-- as it does-- and Pete, Steve and Myka go to investigate.

Back at the Warehouse the shelves are still unstable from the quakes but Artie is busy planning Claudia's 21st birthday party. While retrieving Jerry Garcia's blacklight-- for groovy visuals-- he upsets a clock of because a ball fell and bounced off his forehead and the clock repetitively.

They are aided by a U.S. Marshal named Liam Napier. He knows Steve from a previous life. At the moment none of the prisoners from the yard escaped but two-- Joe and Rick-- did from the main prison. Whatever artifact was used, was used as a diversion. They clearly had someone on the outside.

That someone is a blond chick who picks them up in a pick-up truck on a road near the prison. She shows them the "magic bottle." They plan to use it on a bank vault.

Claudia catches Artie setting up her party. He tells her he has a surprise in store as well. She's very grateful but she made plans to get beers with Steve. He wants her to stay home. They bicker a bit and then he says to turn off the music. She doesn't hear music. Artie has a Beethoven symphony playing in his head because the ball bounced between his head and the composer's clock.

Steve is nervous around Liam and Pete and Myka figure out that they used to date. And Steve admits Liam dumped him. They offer to hate him. Steve says he's not a bad guy and he doesn't want to talk about it.

Myka agrees to shadow Liam. Liam asks how Steve is doing. Myka talks about how Steve is doing "a lot" of dating. Liam calls her on this but he says it's okay but he's glad that Steve has friends to stick up for him.

Liam and Myka interrogate one of the escaped convicts gang friends on the inside. They realize he was supposed to be part of the prison break and was therefore cut out of money they were supposed to get together. They threaten to rat him out to his other gang friends for intel on where the escapees are going.

Pete tries to "relate" to Steve about his break-up. Steve tells him he thought Liam was the one. But then he started lying to him, which of course Steve caught him on. Steve and Pete figure out where the escapees are going.

Artie and Claudia try to figure out how to fix the clock and the music in his head. They need a missing part of the clock. They find it in Boston.

Liam and Myka find a bag of cash in the woods, what the escapees were after. They find the girlfriend in a truck and one of the escapees burned up. The other one fled but oddly left the money.

The girlfriend explains to Liam, Myka, Pete and Steve about the artifact, it's a copper jug from Italy. She doesn't know where he went. They figure out where he went, a diner where members on the outside affiliated with the prison gang hung out. The escapee killed one at the diner.

Steve and Liam have a sidebar about what is going on since they're keeping him out of the loop on the supernatural aspect of it. Steve doesn't budge on sharing information, so Liam takes off to find the safe house for the gang. Pete and Myka tell him to go with him in case he finds the artifact without him, since it could kill him.

Artie and Claudia break into the gallery and set off an alarm, but do turn it off. The music is getting louder in Artie's head. He tells her to finish up without him. But she won't let him.

Pete and Myka get a lead on a waitress from the diner that the escapee with the artifact was after. He goes to see her. She is not happy to see him.

Jinks and Liam go to the safe house but talk about their unresolved feelings. Liam didn't dump him, Steve left without saying goodbye. They argue about Liam's lying and he says he just wanted him to like him. They loved each other but had trouble with the "like" part. Steve apologizes for being a human lie detector and for caring so much but says it's who he is but says if he couldn't make it work with Liam he can't make it work with anyone and he has to make his peace with that.

Pete and Myka visit the diner waitress. Myka figures out that the escaped convict was there. It turns out the escaped convict is her son's father. The gang he was affiliated with has taken in his son and want to jump him into the gang.

The piece is missing when Artie and Claudia arrive. As are other pieces. They find the buyer in the nick of time since Artie realizes the effects of the clock will make him deaf before too long.

Jinks and Liam arrive at the safe house. It's empty but they figure out the convict was there and that he's after an armored car pick up at a mall. A gang member asks his son to kill the security guard to join the group. The convict actually shows up to save him but the son points out that these gang members have been protecting him more than his own jailbird father. He tells him he doesn't want to go to jail. Guns are draw and Steve and Liam jump in to try and stop things. A firefight ensues and the convict shoots the lava at the gang members. He himself is shot, however, and almost falls into the lava but he and his son reach a ladder and hang on for dear life. He drops the lava and it begins filling the parking garage, spilling out of the jug.

Liam is surrounded on a truck and he tells Steve to go. Steve pulls up and saves him. As they jump from car to car, Liam says he knows Steve works for a secret organization that collects artifacts.

Pete and Myka jump from a car and grab the artifact and bag it, thus saving everyone from a fiery lava death.

Pete convinces the son to say goodbye to his convict dad and says it's worth getting to know him since he took a bullet for him.

Liam promises he'll keep Steve's secret. They make up and make peace with each other.

When Artie and Claudia find the nephew of the buyer he tries to hide the piece from them. The music gets louder in Artie's head and then there's nothing. Claudia chases after the guy and gets the artifact. They bag it and Artie gets his hearing back.

Everybody meets back at the bar to celebrate Claudia's birthday. Artie arrives and presents Claudia's surprise. Cherie Currie from the Runaways is there to sing and she invites Claudia onstage to sing "Cherry Bomb" with her. Turns out Artie saved Cherie Currie's life back in 1979.

Source: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2426442/synopsis?ref_=tt_ov_pl


Main Cast

Guest Starring

Special Appearance by

  • Cherie Currie as Herself


  • Vladimir Jon Cubrt as Joe Barton
  • Ronnie Rowe as Rick Davis
  • Mary Krohnert as Christina Robertson
  • Daniella Evangelista as Anna
  • Landon Norris as Kyle Barton
  • Deklon Roberts as Armored Car Guard
  • Bobby Brown as Tower Sniper
  • Todd Sandomirsky as Tony
  • Jenni Burke as Waitress
  • Earl Bubba McClean as Inmate
  • Anthony J. Mifsud  as Adam Griff
  • Tim Campbell as Oscar Adams[1]
  • Andy McQueen as Barista
  • Jake Hays as Musician

Artifacts and Gadgets Featured

  • Pompeii AmphoraOpening the amphora lid pours out molten lava that can melt through anything it touches. It is the one of the main artifacts of the episode.
  • Ludwig van Beethoven's ClockCauses anyone who disturbs it to have all of Beethoven's famous symphonies play in their head in order, drowning out all other sound. When they are finished playing, the affected will go deaf until it is neutralized. It is bi-furticated, as it cannot be neutralized without the bust that should sit atop it. It is the one of the main artifacts of the episode.
  • Analog Password Decoder: A cylindrical cryptographic device used to bypass electronic entry systems requiring a password or some type of alpha-numeric code for access.
  • Jerry Garcia's BlackbulbEnhances the visuals of any artwork it is shined upon by giving them neon colors and making them seemingly pop out from the canvas. The drawbacks or harmful effects are not stipulated.
  • The Original Bouncing Ball: The ORIGINAL Bouncing ball is filled with the energy of about a billion sing-alongs. If disturbed, it bounces uncontrollably, making it incredibly hard to follow.
  • Leon Panetta's Projector: Distorts projected images based on the personal beliefs of the user. Seen on the same shelve as Ludwig van Beethoven's Clock.
  • Red Keyboard: Origin and effects illegible, stored on the shelf beneath Garcia's Blackbulb among other music/rock-n'-roll-related artifacts.
  • Black Keyboard: Effect(s) unknown, seen next to the Red Keyboard.
  • Sequined Jacket: A purple jacket with silver sequins on the front. Effect(s) unknown, stored with other rock-n'-roll artifacts,
  • Punk Jacket: The words "Punk Never Dies", followed by an image of a scorpion, are written on the back. Effect(s) unknown, stored next to the Sequined Jacket.


  • Pete mildly misquotes Tommy Lee Jones' character Sam Gerard, from 'The Fugitive', in the prison yard. The original line is: "What I want from each and every one of you is a hard-target search of every gas station, residence, warehouse, farmhouse, henhouse, outhouse and doghouse in that area."
  • David Boreanaz was originally wanted for the role of Liam (Steve's ex boyfriend), because they wanted Liam to be as much like Pete as possible, and Eddie McClintock has said before that he has been mistaken for David Boreanaz multiple times. There may be an in-joke in the fact that it is another 'boyfriend of Buffy' (Charlie Weber played Ben in BtVS season five) who steps into the shoes.
  • The title of the episode "Runaway" is likely a triple meaning, referring to Steve Jinks' having run away from his relationship with Liam; the fugitive they must track down; and Cherie Currie, from The Runaways, who makes an appearance in the episode.
  • According to Steve, the events of this episode take place on a Monday.
  • The inventory sales report that Artie and Claudia read changes between cutaways; it first reads that the bust of Aphrodite was purchased by Oscar Adams[1], who later tries to steal it, before changing to it being bought by his aunt Viola Adams.[2]
    • Also according to the inventory report, the episode takes place August 18th, 2012.
    • However, this date was a Wednesday, not a Monday.
  • The Arkansas segments of this episode take place in or near Fayetteville.


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