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A white smoking pipe with a carving of a windmill on each side which gives the user the power to manipulate the weather.


The artifact activates when someone puts it in their mouth. Once activated, the windmills on each side of the pipe begin spinning and smoke comes out. The smoke can affect the weather and if used properly, the user can control the weather freely. This includes thunderstorms, tornadoes and even precise lightning strikes when the stem is pointed at the desired location.

According to SyFy's Artifact Guide, prolonged use also causes an uncontrollable rage to build in the user. Whether this was the cause of Jesse's behavior or merely an amplifier of it is uncertain.


It belonged to Admiral Richard Byrd, the famous explorer. One of the artifacts formerly owned by Walter Sykes. Snagged by Peter Lattimer and Myka Bering after tracing it to Devil's Lake, ND in "Personal Effects".

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Rear Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd, Jr. was a naval officer who specialized in feats of exploration. He was a pioneering American aviator, polar explorer, and organizer of polar logistics. Aircraft flights, in which he served as a

25 October 1888 – 11 March 1957

navigator and expedition leader, crossed the Atlantic Ocean, a segment of the Arctic Ocean, and a segment of the Antarctic Plateau. Byrd claimed that his expeditions had been the first to reach the North Pole and the South Pole by air.