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"Reset" is the twelfth and chronologically final episode of Season Two of SyFy's Warehouse 13, that aired on September 21, 2010.


A very powerful and destructive artifact surfaces in the wake of the events at Warehouse 2.


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Myka and Pete wake up from being shocked by H.G. Wells and discover that sand has started to fill Warehouse 2. Myka is extremely angry at Helena, and Pete tells her to channel her anger into finding an escape route out of the Warehouse. Myka discovers there is a hatch on the roof of the Warehouse, and they start to search through the artifacts of Warehouse 2 to get them up 100 feet to the hatch. Pete gets on a rug and tries to make it fly. Myka looks at the ten original chapters of Plato. Pete finds the Rod of Asclepius. Then Myka finds the Wings of Daedalus, which were created for his son Icarus. They use the wings to fly up to the hatch, but discover that the hatch door is locked. They contact Artie who tells them to cover their eyes as he blows open the hatch.

Artie tells them that he discovered H.G. was up to something when the Farnsworth wouldn't contact him. He realized that H.G. had bugged the Farnsworth. They all believe H.G. to be a bad guy. They believe that H.G. had been planning this attack on them for a long time, and they put together that she had hacked into the Warehouse accounts, and she had used the students. She discovered the location of Warehouse 2 even before she was bronzed.

With the help of Mrs. Frederic who, for a short time, had the ability to look into the artifacts of Warehouse 2 because of her recent connections with the Warehouse, they discover that H.G. took a certain spear. Claudia informs the team that H.G. had wanted to go to Paris, France so that she could try and bring her daughter back to life. Pete and Myka go after her.

Claudia is worried about when Mrs. Frederic said that she should be ready. Artie tells her that she can do whatever she wants and that nothing will be decided without her complete consent. Claudia is extremely relieved, yet Artie looks very unsure about things.

Pete and Myka, in Paris, find out that the cemetery where Christina is buried has moved. They realize that there should be an estate, so that H.G. could upkeep her daughter's remains, and an estate means that there should be a lawyer. H.G. is shown holding her gun up to a lawyer trying to make it seem as though the two of them are harmless, and maybe even lovers. The lawyer is extremely frazzled. Pete and Myka go to the lawyer's office where they find his secretary unconscious and in shock. They find a file on the secretary's desk that has "Christina Wells" written on it. The lawyer pulls out Christina's coffin and H.G. pours primordial tar from Trinidad on the ground and instructs the lawyer to remove his shoes and step in it while she drinks a bottle of water. The tar then starts to form around the lawyer's feet and H.G. pours the water into the tar. It transforms the tar into a tar pit and the lawyer starts to sink. Pete and Myka rescue him by pulling him out of the tar pit. They then discover that H.G. has run off and taken the handle of her daughter's coffin with her.

The handle of the coffin is in the shape that Leena has been drawing and saw in her dreams from when James MacPherson implanted the pearl into her mind. Artie discovers that the shape of the handle is actually part of the Minoan Trident. H.G. had hidden part of the trident on her daughter's casket and MacPherson had debronzed her so that he could find Warehouse 2 and the other part of the trident. H.G. killed him because he had been about to tell the Warehouse 13 team.

Kelly, Pete's girlfriend, gets a package that had been labeled that it was from Pete. It's a compact mirror and it has the name of her favorite breed of dog on it, "LAB". She sends a picture of the mirror to Pete, and Pete thinks nothing of it. The team discovers that H.G. had bought a plane ticket to Casper, Wyoming. Pete gets a call from H.G. and tells him that she had closed all her accounts, and buried her trail. She suggests that he check in on Kelly, and tells him that Pete has sent her a lovely gift. Artie discovers that she is going to the Yellowstone Caldera.

Pete goes to find Kelly and discovers her missing from her office. She then walks in behind him holding the mirror in front of her face and holds a knife up to Pete. She then starts to try and stab him and becomes very angry. She sticks a syringe into Pete and he passes out. Myka and Artie go to try and meet H.G. and she shows up with the full trident. Claudia goes to find Pete and Kelly is about to chop him up with an axe. Claudia manages to get the compact away from Kelly and discovers that it is Lizzie Borden's Compact. Pete tries to tell her about the Warehouse but she runs off.

H.G. says that things have gotten worse in this new world, and she wants to use the trident to kill off the people. She wants to make the volcano erupt again and create another ice age. Artie shoots H.G. in the arm with a gun, but H.G. is wearing the Corsican Vest and Artie also gets the gunshot. H.G. then stabs the ground of the volcano with the trident and geysers start to come up out of the ground all around. She hits the ground again harder and a bigger geyser forms. Myka tries to stop her by talking to her. She confronts Helena saying that she is so full of grief and anger that she is doing it for all the wrong reasons. Myka tells Helena to kill her if she's wrong, because she's going to die either way. H.G. can't do it and Myka grabs the trident.

H.G. is arrested by the Warehouse higher ups. Kelly is leaving and Pete tries to tell her about the Warehouse again, but Kelly tells him that she is not the one and she doesn't want a complicated life. She tells him his life is filled with insanity and she doesn't want any of it. She then leaves him. Myka later gives Pete a pep talk about how he can't quit his job because the Warehouse was made for him.

Myka gives a letter to Mrs. Frederic saying that she wants it to go to Artie. It is her letter of resignation. She believes that it was her fault about what happened with H.G. and she doesn't want to take the chance again. Mrs. Frederic reads out the letter to everyone. Pete leaves in the middle of her reading the letter to go and find Myka. Pete rushes outside just as Myka is pulling away. He watches as she drives away.


Main Cast

Guest Starring


  • Allen Altman as M. Sempe
  • François Klanfer  as Elderly French Man
  • Julie LeGal as Felice (Lawyer's Assistant)

Artifacts and Gadgets Featured

  • Minoan Trident: The world's first weapon of mass destruction. When plunged three times into the ground, it creates a fissure in the earth's surface which results in severe earthquakes. If jammed in the right place, such as a dormant super-volcano like the one in Yellowstone Park, it can cause an extreme volcanic eruption which results in an Ice Age capable of devastating humanity and life on Earth. It is the main artifact of the episode.
  • Lizzie Borden's Compact: Causes a person to kill the ones they love when they stare into the compact's mirror.
  • Wings of Daedalus: Attracts wind which allows for flight.
  • Primordial Tar from Pitch Lake : Acts a miniature tar pit when some of it is poured on the ground, holding the victim in place and dragging them down through the floor. The reaction is catalysed when water is spilt on the tar.
  • Claudia Donovan's Tracker: Claudia built it to track H.G. Wells.
  • Subterranean Heat Sensor: Measures heat caused by magma with a range thousands of feet into the ground.
  • Corsican Brothers' Vest : When pain is caused to the person wearing the vest, the pain is communicated to the person who caused it.
  • Original Ten Books of Plato: Effects unknown.
  • Rod of Asclepius: Effects unknown, but the snake around the rod came alive and hissed at Pete when he tried to touch it.
  • Lamp: Effects unknown, but Myka assumed it was a wishing lamp as she rubbed it.
  • Carpet: Effects unknown, assumed by Pete to be a flying carpet but left unactivated
  • Bed and Breakfast Portrait: Seen behind Artie while talking to Claudia after Helena was taken by the Regents. Unintended.


  • According to Kelly, this episode takes place two days after the previous episode ("Buried").
  • The text in the book Ancient Weapons of Mass Destruction comes from the "Foundation of Athens" section on Poseidon's Wikipedia page.[1][2]
  • According to Pete, Ralph Brunsky's voice (at least by fifth grade) was comparable to that of Jennifer Tilly's, high and nasally.
  • According to the episode commentary, there was an episode planned for Season Three or Four where Pete's childhood bully Ralph Brunsky (who would have been played by Craig Bierko) would feature, now an adult.
    • Ralph Brunky would eventually be seen in the flashback portions of "Shadows" as a child, played by Mark Ramsay.

Quotable Quotes

Claudia: Artie, can I talk to you about something?

Artie: Will it make me feel old and uncomfortable?
Claudia: Not this time.

Pete: H.G. is probably already here.

Myka: Good. First time, shame on her. Second time, I'm bringing that bitch down.
Pete: Oh, I love it when you talk dirty.

talking about the lawyer in the tar

Pete: Don't fight it, dude! That's what the woolly mammoths did!

Pete: I've been, um, trying to figure out ways to simplify my life and it all boils down to three words: quit your job, Pete. Four words... I wasn't counting the Pete...

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