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Personal Effects is the third episode of Season 4 and the forty-first episode of Warehouse 13. It aired on August 6, 2012 on Syfy.


The entire Warehouse team must track down the last of Sykes's artifacts, six of which are out loose in the city.


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Steve gets his personal belongings out of his stored room in the Personnel Quarters Archive. Claudia comes in and notices him looking at a photo of the two of them, and she tells her friend that they have a briefing. However, when they get to Artie's office, they discover Pete has called the meeting to discuss the lack of hot water at the B&B. Artie interrupts to tell them that they've received a report of a housecleaner in Devil's Lake, North Dakota, suffering from spider poison but with no indication of a bite. Steve realizes that it's a wooden spider token, one of the artifacts that Sykes stole from the Warehouse. He doesn't know where they ended up because Sykes moved them after he died, and they figure that Marcus Diamond took them there. They check the houses that the cleaning woman went to and discover that one of them is registered to a Mr. Mazzanti. Mazzanti was the original illustrator of Collodi's Pinocchio and Sykes used that name as a cover to maintain a safehouse.

Pete and Myka drive to Devil's Lake and break into the Mazzanti house. They find fake family photos and fake fruit and realize that the house was set up to look inhabited. Pete hears something moving in the cellar and goes to investigate while Myka finds the spider token and neutralizes it. When Pete calls her down, the agents confirm that someone has broken into the crates holding the stolen artifacts.

Jesse Ashton takes the artifacts to Kev's Pawn Shop and convinces the owner to buy them. As Kev goes in back to check the prices, Jesse picks up a pipe with a windmill carved on the side, mock-smokes it, and discovers that it generates a strong wind. When Kev comes back, they haggle over the price and Jesse sells everything except the pipe.

Pete and Myka call back to the Warehouse while confirming that whoever came in knew the house's security code. Claudia confirms the address of the security company and the agents go there and talk to the clerk, Roy. When they identify themselves as Secret Service agents, Roy claims he's going to get his supervisor but tries to slip out the back. The agents easily capture him and Roy explains that Jesse got the idea to break into the Mazzanti house. Roy supplied the security code and it's clear that he has no idea who Sykes really is. Once Roy confirms that Jesse took the items to the pawnshop to sell, the agents head there just as a huge fireball blasts out the windows.

The agents call in Steve, Claudia, and Artie to help and Artie brings Leena along so she can use her powers. They confirm that the artifact that caused the fireball is Catherine O'Leary's Cow Bell, which caused the Great Chicago and London Fires. Kev survived the blast and has been taken to the hospital after telling Steve that six of the artifacts are gone. They check the ledger against the list Kev gives them and realizes that Jesse kept the pipe, which Artie suspects belonged to Admiral Byrd. Claudia and Steve take half of the list, Leena and Artie take the other half, and Pete and Myka set out to find Jesse. They go to Jesse's apartment and find a book on medical anatomy... and a huge hole in the ceiling.

Steve and Claudia go to a lingerie shop where Jordan Tivoli, the teenager who bought a pair of artifact sunglasses, works. As they go in, Steve worries about the metronome's downside but Claudia tells him that there's no point in worrying.

They talk to the clerk, Rachel, and find out that Jordan Tivoli works in the stock room but she hasn't seen him in a few hours. Claudia asks if the clerk had noticed anything strange, perhaps the smell of fudge. The clerk happily says that's the fudge factory next-door. However, she also describes weird things happening, liking hearing a sneeze when she was alone and items falling off the shelves on their own.

Claudia get a ping on the UAD (unsnagged artifact database) and they find out that sunglasses belonged to John A. Macready, the pilot who first developed Ray-Ban's®. Claudia explains that pair were so well made that they actually made the sunlight bend around the wearer, make them invisible. Steve wonders why Jordan would be hanging around the store and a woman runs out of the dressing room, screaming about a ghost. Steve says he now sees why as they both get ready to go confront the teen.

Pete and Myka talk to Jesse's landlord and confirm that Jesse created the hole an hour ago. They spot char marks caused by lighting and try to work out where Jesse would go with a weapon-artifact. Myka checks his laptop and discovers that Jesse was pinpointing the location of a bank.

Leena and Artie track down Tia, the daughter of the woman who bought an artifact violin. They find her at a music school just as she starts to play, causing bolts of energy to surge everywhere. Artie grabs the artifact, saying that he's with the government and it's contagious, and quickly neutralizes it. They confirm that the violin belonged to Napoleon and if she had hit a G-sharp it would have caused riots. They head for a country club to find Hank Conway, the man who bought a bag of artifact golf clubs.

Pete and Myka go to the bank only to discover that Jesse has robbed and destroyed the ATM. It's snowing in June and they figure that the pipe controls weather. They talk to an injured bank customer who informs them that a tornado appeared out of nowhere, ripping out the ATM, and the agents realize that Jesse can control the pipe. Meanwhile, Jesse takes his stolen money to a warehouse but realizes it's not enough for what he needs. He notices a nearby forklift and uses the pipe to create a tornado to lift it up into the air.

The agents go to see Mrs. Gwen Ashton, Jesse's mother. She admits that her son has already had a bad temper. When Myka notices some mail from the bank on the table, she asks for a glass of water. When Gwen goes to get it, Myka checks the mail and realizes that the same bank that Jesse stole from is foreclosing on the Ashton home. Since there's only one branch of the bank in Devil's Lake, the agents don't know where Jesse is heading and Pete suggests they track the weather. As Gwen comes back, she asks the agents not to hurt her son.

At the lingerie store, Claudia goes into the dressing room area while Steve and Rachel watch her on the security cameras. Steve spots Jordan but they realize that he can only see him digitally. When Jordan runs past Claudia, Steve uses the clerks phone camera to spot him and then clotheslines him with his arm. They remove the sunglasses and discover that Jordan is blind, and Claudia explains that the downside is that the wearer is blind for twice as long as he wore the sunglasses. As they leave with the neutralized artifact, Claudia complains that her shoulder hurts but figures that she's just been exercising too much.

Leena and Artie go to the country club and try to find Hank. They spot the discarded golf clubs on the floor and Artie confirms that they belonged to golfer Bobby Jones, who lost his temper in a famous 1921 match and threw his clubs all over the nearby, nursing a head wound.

Pete and Myka drive through Devil's Lake and finally pick up a major weather disturbance. They follow it to a warehouse and find an armored truck guard handcuffed to a railing. He explains that Jesse somehow took the truck but will never get it open. The agents run into the main room and discover that Jesse is trying to open the armored car with a thunderstorm. They order him to surrender but Jesse refuses, saying that he's running out of time. Pete looks up and pushes Myka out of the way just in time as the armored truck falls out of the sky, through the roof, and into the floor where they were standing. Jesse takes the money and escapes in the confusion. Myka remembers seeing a bandage on Jesse's arm that looks like the one given after blood tests, and Pete remembers the anatomy book he saw at Jesse's apartment. The agents figure that Jesse is sick and needs the money for treatment.

Hank explains to Artie and Leena that he bought his wife Janet a bag of clubs because she wanted to go golfing with him. However, he really didn't want her along because he uses golfing as an excuse to get away from her. Artie asks Hank where his golfing friends are, unaware that a furious Janet has already found them.

Pete calls Claudia to get the encryption code so they can check the hospital records. She emails him the code and explains that she has to whisper because Steve has found the birdcage at the Vineyard Bird Sanctuary... and it's turned the birds violent. Steve is surrounded by birds and finally makes a run for it, tossing the cage to Claudia. She gets to their car and dunks it in neutralizer fluid, causing the birds to fly away. As she gets in the car, Claudia complains that one of the birds attacked her on her neck. Steve can't find any wound on her neck but notices a cut on his from one of the birds.

Leena and Artie find Janet as she attacks Hank's friends. Artie distracts her by yelling that Hank is behind her and yanks the club from his hand. However, he goes berserk as well, ranting about how he saved the world and that no one appreciates it. Leena sprays the club with neutralizer fluid and asks what he's talking about, but Artie dismisses it as his typical grumpiness and they leave.

When Pete and Myka find the hospital that Jesse has been attending, they find Gwen in the room with her younger son, Ronnie. She explains that someone has been sending her anonymous donations for her son's treatment for myocarditis, but they've been unable to find a donor because the brothers have a rare blood type. She tells the agents that Ronnie has been getting worse and the agents realize that Jesse is stealing the money to cure his brother, not himself.

Jesse breaks into the office of Dr. Garner, the hospital supervisor, and gives her the stolen money. He insists that she cure his brother but she says that the money isn't enough. When he realizes that she can't do it, Jesse takes out the pipe and drags her out of her office. Meanwhile, Pete gets a vibe that Jesse is in the hospital. They see storm clouds gathering over the roof and realize where Jesse is. When they run up, they find Jesse using the pipe. He throws a blast of lightning at Pete, disarming him, and orders them to make the doctors to cure Ronnie. He refuses to give up the pipe, insisting that he has control now, and tells them to have the doctors cure Ronnie in an hour or he'll destroy the hospital. Jesse then blasts Garner and the agents back through the door with a strong wind and slams it shut.

As the agents try to get everyone down into the basement, Garner warns them that it can't hold everyone. She explains that they can only cure Ronnie if they have a heart to transplant, and that they currently have no viable donors. Steve and Claudia arrive and, taking in the situation, come up with an idea. Myka goes out on the roof and distracts Jesse while Pete puts on the sunglasses and turns invisible. However, when he tries to approach Jesse, a tarp blows loose and covers the agent. Jesse knocks the sunglasses off of Pete, blinding him, but the agent manages to grab him. The pipe drops in the struggle and the storm disappears instantly. Myka tells Jesse that Ronnie can't live without a perfectly matched heart, and Jesse tells them to tell Ronnie that he wishes he'd been a better brother. He then grabs the pipe and brings down one last lightning bolt, killing himself. As Garner comes out, Myka checks with her and confirms that Jesse is a match for his brother. Garner gets the operation room ready while the agents realize that Jesse saved Ronnie after all.

Later, Peter gets an elderly nurse to treat his cut on his head, still blind and unaware of what she looks like, she kisses him on the cheek and walks away. He asks them to be honest and tell him if she's hot. They all claim she's just his type and they'll give her his number. Artie and Leena are gone, taking all of the artifacts to the Warehouse and they figure the case is closed. As they leave the hospital, Steve confirms his suspicions by pricking his finger with a thumbtack...and Claudia sucks at her finger in pain.

Later, Artie is in his office and opening a cabinet when Leena comes in. He hastily closes it without her noticing and she asks what he was talking about earlier. Artie refuses to discuss it and Leena admits that his aura has been different ever since they fought Sykes in the Warehouse. She assures him that she's there if he needs her and leaves. Once Leena is gone, Artie makes a call to someone and asks for their help finding the dagger...the one that he's seen in his dreams as Claudia uses it to kill him.[1]


Main Cast

Guest Starring


  • Philip Williams as Kev
  • Pat Thornton as Roy
  • Laura Miyata as Rachel
  • Shailene Garnett as Half-Dressed Woman
  • Karen Andrew as Teacher
  • Hannah Goodjohn as Young Girl (Tia)
  • Tran Bronstein as Bank Customer
  • Kirsten Bishopric Gwen Ashton
  • Mathew Peart as Jordan Tivoli
  • Lee Smart as Hank Conway
  • Ann Turnbull as Janet Conway
  • Brian Young as Leonard
  • James Collins as Armored Truck Driver

Artifacts and Gadgets Featured

  • Claudia Donovan's Portable Ping Device: Allows the agents to access the Warehouse System offsite.
  • Richard E. Byrd's Smoking Pipe: Grants control over the weather when the user smokes the pipe. It produces thunderstorms, blizzards, tornadoes and precise lightning strikes when the stem is pointed at the desired location.
  • Boa Vista Plantation Token: Induces the exact symptoms of a spiderbite from the Theraphosa blondi (Goliath Birdeater Spider) when one touches the token.
  • John A. Macready's Ray-Ban Sunglasses : Reflect light so well that it turns the user invisible, but renders them blind for double the length they've been wearing it. It also only renders the wearer invisible to the human eye, not to the digital eye such as from a camera.
  • Napoleon Bonaparte's Violin: Playing the violin summons glowing, concussive balls of violent energy that bounces around the surrounding area with enough force to demolish marble. Hitting a G sharp on the violin would - according to Artie - cause an entire town to erupt in a wave of violence.
  • Bobby Jones' Golf Clubs: Magnifies anger so much that the slightest annoyance can cause the holder to erupt in a violent fury.
  • Catherine O'Leary's Cow Bell: Causes the surrounding area to erupt in a violent fire storm. Caused the Great Fire of London in 1666 and the Great Chicago Fire.
  • Birdcage: When held, attracts the attention and rouses the anger of any feathered, winged, bipedal, endothermic, egg laying, vertebrate animals within a one-mile radius. Also, causes the user to smell strongly of bacon for many days afterward.
  • Maurice Vermersch's Waffle Iron: According to Claudia, it makes the best tasting waffles in the world but causes the consumer's skin to melt.
  • Headphones: Effects unknown, but Leena says it shouldn't be next to the mask.
  • Senufo Kpelie Mask: Effects unknown, but Leena says it shouldn't be next to the headphones.
  • Clothing Iron: When improperly stored, the iron will steadily increase in temperature causing any item it comes in contact with to combust. Leena says the iron shouldn't be left flat, presumably for the aforementioned reason.
  • Rubik's Cube: Effects unknown; solved.
  • John McEnroe's Tennis Racket: Presumably the one McEnroe destroyed during the 1990 Australian Open. Exact effects unknown. Mentioned only.
  • Buddy Rich's Drumset: Effects unknown. Cancels out the energy of Bobby Jones's golf clubs. Mentioned only.
  • Francesco Borgia's Dagger: Artie calls someone (later evidence suggests it is H.G.) to find the artifact before it "finds him."

Quotable Quotes

Pete: (after biting into a plastic pastry) Eugh! Plastic. He really was evil.
Claudia: I bet I can snag more artifacts on this list than you, Debbie.
Steve: If I say no, you're still going to make me play anyways, aren't you?
Claudia: The challenger has accepted.
Claudia: Ooh, sale! There's a sale.
Steve: Thong's give me a rash
Steve: Oh, it's okay, I'm a federal agent. Also, I'm gay.
Lingerie Store Clerk: Oh my god! Do you watch Revenge?!


  • The date on the paper with the list of the 6 artifacts says "6/12/2012", about 8 months after Stand, which contradicts Claudia's statement on how Steve Jinks was dead for 3 days.
  • Steve keeps a framed photo of himself and Claudia dressed as Civil War soldiers, as seen in "Queen For A Day", in his bedroom.
  • A continuity error of sorts occurs as Steve and Claudia leave the lingerie shop. At first, while Steve was monitoring the dressing room, Rachel (the sales representative) had her camera-equipped cell phone in-hand. When attempting to catch the Ray-Ban-wearing and otherwise-invisible Jordan, Steve grabs Rachel's phone. After the Ray-Ban snag however, Steve and Claudia are clearly leaving the shop, but the cell remains in Steve's hand despite there being no acknowledgement of this during their departure, nor thereafter.
  • Aaron Ashmore was promoted to series beginning with this episode and onwards.
  • According to the episode commentary, the episode was originally planned to be an "Ice Station Zebra kind of story," where Pete and Myka end up where Agents go for "re-tutoring."


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