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Parks and Rehabilitation is the twelfth episode of the fourth season, and the fiftieth overall.


Pete and Claudia investigate a series of accidents involving earthquakes, sinkholes, and landslides, while Myka and Steve try to help Artie adjust to a Warehouse without Leena.


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The episode opens with the entire team sitting in on Artie's conference with the Regents, who have convened to decide the appropriate punishment for Artie's part in the release of the Sweating Sickness and Leena's murder. The Regents ultimately agree with Pete, who argues that the astrolabe should be blamed, not Artie, for the tragic series of events. Artie, however, desires to be punished, pointing out that, possessed or not, Leena died by his hand. The Regents tell him that he will have to live with that and that will be more punishment than they could ever devise. They offer Artie a flashdrive containing the statement Leena made when she first joined the Warehouse as closure. Claudia is shocked that her drastic actions towards Artie are not even mentioned by the Regents. She has not yet reconciled her feelings regarding the traumatic act of stabbing her mentor.

When a possible artifact pings the system, Pete heads off to investigate. Myka, worried about both Artie and Claudia, sends Claudia along in her place, in the hopes that the activity will do Claudia's guilty conscience some good. She and Steve stay behind to keep an eye on Artie, whose grief and anger is evident.

Pete and Claudia arrive at the scene of their ping to find that a man has been sucked into the ground by a mysterious force. While Pete talks with a local ranger Evan Smith, Claudia uncovers a symbol carved into a nearby tree and a damaged cell phone buried nearby, possibly belonging to the victim. Pete finds the mans wallet and discovers his name, Linus Bentley. Bentley was under fire from a great deal of environmental organizations claiming his work was a harm to local owl habitats.

Meanwhile, Steve and Myka discover Artie tinkering with shelved artifacts. Alarmed, they ask what he is doing. Artie is evasive but they find a list nearby titled "Leena's List," which describes a variety of preventative maintenance procedures for several artifacts. Leena performed these tasks to keep the shelved artifacts "happy" and to keep them from acting up. Myka and Steve insist on helping Artie fulfill the list's instructions.

Pete and Claudia's investigation leads them to Autumn, an environmental activist who, initially, has nothing good to say about the victim. Her attitude changes when she hears of his death, becoming agitated and obviously sorrowful. She excuses herself to make a phone call leaving Pete and Claudia to investigate the only lead they have, the victims phone. After cloning the phone, thereby transferring the information to a usable device, Claudia and Pete investigate the names found on the device. A glance into the phone's call history reveals Bently made a call to Fine Young Cannabis, a medical marijuana facility. When they arrive, Pete and Claudia find a second victim, also buried in earth. Again, the mysterious symbol is inscribed nearby. Pete remembers that the symbol was used by an environmental terrorist group called the Last People on Earth. With the help of the secret service database, Pete and Claudia determine their next visit should be to the shack where The Last People on Earth used to meet and Pete knows just the ranger to take them there.

Back at the Warehouse, Artie is trying to place the Norge Porthole with the help of the Feng Shui Spiral. Myka and Steve watch as the spiral chooses the emotion associated with the artifact's creation. The spiral selects "great sorrow" and Artie flips through a book to determine the aisle that would correspond. Myka and Steve are not quite satisfied with Artie's hostile behavior but they admit their presence is not having the desired effect.

Ranger Smith takes Pete and Claudia to the shack and they see the place has mostly been burnt down. Smith explains that when the FBI was investigating The Last People on Earth, they chased member Ryan Clayton here, where he burned the place down before being arrested. Smith then excuses himself allowing Pete and Claudia to have a look around. Pete finds a quote from the same poet Autumn quoted earlier. This new information leads them straight to Autumn's house. When they confront her, she frantically protests that the previous victims were part of the same group and that she will likely be killed next. With Pete and Claudia on her side, Autumn explains the origins of The Last People on Earth and explains that Haddon Lockhart, head of Lockhart Logging, was injured in one of their protests. Pete and Claudia agree that if anyone would want the members of The Last People on Earth to be dead it would be Lockhart. Peter leaves to go question him, leaving Claudia to stay with Autumn in case Lockhart is already on his way.

At the Warehouse, the artifact Artie placed earlier using the spiral acts up causing several other artifacts to leave their shelves. In Artie's office Artie is seen holding the envelope containing Leena's statement. Myka asks if he is going to watch it and Artie says there is no point. Myka tries to convince him to watch the video but before any progress is made the computer alerts them of several artifact disturbances. Seeing that they are located in the same area where Artie shelved the porthole they rush to correct the problem.

At Lockhart Logging, Pete questions Lockhart. Though it is evident Lockhart hates The Last People on Earth, Pete is unsure if Lockhart is their culprit. Lockhart shows Pete a framed newspaper clipping depicting the trial of the one jailed member. In the photograph of the trial Pete notices a familiar face standing in the background, Ranger Ethan Smith.

Claudia and Autumn are bonding over old photographs Autumn has. Autumn discusses how though the LPE did some awful things, they did good too. Claudia reminiscences over her stabbing of Artie and Autumn offers her some advice. They are interrupted by Ethan holding the artifact, a lantern. Autumn reveals Ethan Smith is actually the brother of Ryan Clayton. Ethan knocks Claudia out and takes Autumn. Pete arrives just as they are about to leave but Ethan uses the artifact to bury Pete and takes off. Claudia regains consciousnesses moments later and frees Pete from his grave but Autumn and Ethan are gone.

Artie, Myka, and Steve arrive at the aisle to find several artifacts going crazy. Artie offers a simple solution, the goonade, an invention of Claudia's. The artifacts immediately calm down and Artie sees the porthole was the cause of the commotion. Myka finds a broken crate that held Leonardo da Vinci's Gargoyle. A noise is heard and Artie order's everyone to get down.

Cut to Pete and Claudia searching Ethan's office. They find out Ethan had his brother's journal which explains how he knew who the other members of the LPE were. Pete also finds a map that depicts one of Lockhart's logging camps. They agree this must be where Ethan took Autumn. On their way there, they are stopped by a large chasm in the road. A short bit of product placement later and they are heading toward Ethan on some ATVs.

In the Warehouse we find Steve has just been attacked by the gargoyle. Artie devises a plan to catch the artifacts.

Cut back to Pete and Claudia. Lockhart is reluctant to evacuate the premises and Claudia can't find Ethan. Pete gets a vibe and they find out Ethan's plan is to bury the entire camp and then blame Autumn. Pete teslas Ethan causing him to drop the lantern. It rolls off the cliff and catches on a root.

Artie's plan plays out at the Warehouse with Steve playing as bait for the gargoyle while Myka shoots it down. The plan works and they successfully neutralize the artifact leaving them to wonder why the porthole caused all this to happen.

Claudia and Pete are working out a plan of their own. Pete lowers Claudia down the cliff face so she can retrieve the lantern. They bag it and the commotion below stops.

Artie, Myka, and Steve are back at the spiral trying to figure out what went wrong. Every time Artie tries to read the artifact they get a different symbol. Artie is about to give up when Myka suggests the spiral may be reading Artie not the porthole. Artie hands off the porthole to Steve to try and read it and this time the spiral gives them the reading of "indescribable beauty", the correct reading.

As Ethan is arrested, Autumn opens up to Claudia. She admits that she was the one that turned in Ryan all those years ago. As Autumn blames herself for turning Ryan in, Claudia realizes that, like she had to stab Artie, turning in Ryan was the only option. Autumn tells Claudia that her one regret was not standing by Ryan and Claudia sees that she should stand by Artie

At the end of the episode, Artie thanks Claudia for saving him. After she leaves the room, Artie plugs a flash drive into the computer, bringing up a recording of Leena during an apparent interview regarding her acceptance of her role at the Warehouse. In the recording, an offscreen voice (Benedict Valda) questions whether Leena understands the dangers and responsibilities that come with her position. Leena explains that she absolutely understands and accepts, adding that she is willing to risk her life to make the world a better, safer place. Artie freezes the recording and tearfully apologizes to his dead friend.


Main Cast

Guest Starring

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  • Jeffrey R. Smith as Mister Keeler
  • Chris Cordell as Linus Bentley
  • Matt Cooke as Haddon Lockhart
  • David Amito as Geoff Nevins



  • When Artie use the Feng Shui Spiral again and get the reading "Misplaced anger" (錯位的憤怒), the symbols actually says "Indescribable beauty" (美麗不可方物), which is the same reading that Steve get when he use the spiral.
    • "Misplaced anger" is one of the readings that the light passes through while Steve is using the spiral.

Artifacts and Gadgets Featured

  • Lantern from the Courrières Mine: Created by the determination of trapped miners to escape a collapsed mine, it developed the power to shift the earth, ranging from small localised sinkholes to massive landslides. Collected by Pete and Claudia. It is the main artifact of the episode.
  • Feng Shui SpiralReads the energy of artifacts and identifies the most powerful emotion within the spiral. Used by agents to tell where they could be best shelved in the Warehouse. If the user isn't in a state of serenity, however, it can offset the readings.
  • Norge Porthole: Capable of projecting photons captured from the Northern Lights. Keep away from light-sensitive artifacts. Taken from the Airship Norge, the first dirigible to cross the North Pole, where it was created as the ship's crew huddled around the window, captivated by the beauty of the Aurora Borealis.[1]
  • Leonardo da Vinci's GargoyleAn automaton created by Da Vinci to protect the treasures of Milan, it does its job too well and terrorizes anyone who comes near its territory. Only high amounts of electricity can disable the automaton. 
  • Hans von Bülow's Piano Wire: A piano installed with the wire gives the player brilliance at the cost of becoming tactless with others. 
  • Claudia Donovan's Goo-NadeReleases a cloud of neutralizer 'goo' when detonated. Useful for large groups of artifacts or long-range neutralizations. 
  • RC Racing CarWhen activated, it controls its own speed and direction. Induces wandering into dangerous situations. 
  • Tesla Coil: Used to send an enhanced electrical charge through von Bülow's Piano Wire connected to an arrow to down da Vinci's Gargoyle. 
  • Seii Taishogun's Tantō Blade: Blade collects vast amount of energy that must be (illegible).[2] A blade or pair of blades that seem to be sharp enough to split an object by touching it, seen when Artie accidentally dropped one on their display monitor, splitting it cleanly in two. Requires someone to 'redistribute their energy weight' at regular intervals to keep them 'happy'.[3] The term "shogun", referring to military dictators of Japan, is the shortened form of "Sei-i (or Seii) Taishogun"; tantō blades are the blade most commonly used in the Japanese ritual suicide known as seppuku
  • Alexander Alekhine's Chess Set: Effect(s) unknown, but the pieces require randomizing at regular intervals to keep it 'happy'.[3]
  • Bill Todman's 'Penny Ante' Board: Effect(s) unknown, but requires an extra two cents added to it at regular intervals to keep it 'happy'.[3]
  • Évry Schatzman's Telescope: Effect(s) unknown, but the lens require re-focusing at regular intervals to keep it 'happy'.[3]
  • Georges Mochet's Pedal Car: Effect(s) unknown, but requires its wheels turned at certain intervals to keep it 'happy'.[3]
  • Henry Work's Grandfather Clock: Effect(s) unknown, but requires winding at regular intervals to keep it 'happy'.[3]
  • Leonard Smith's TV: Effect(s) and origin unknown. The rabbit ears require adjusting at regular intervals to keep it 'happy'.[3] Likely belonged to the many-credited cinematographer Leonard Smith, who started his career directing a now-lost silent film, and occasionally worked in the camera and electrical department.
  • Prince Hussain's Flying Carpet: Presumably can fly. Requires vacuuming at regular intervals to keep it 'happy'.[3] Prince Hussain was a character in the One Thousand and One Nights collection of stories, in which he purchases a flying carpet from India.[4]
  • Ricardo Setaro's Radio: Effect(s) unknown, but requires a static drain at regular intervals to keep it 'happy'.[3]
  • Romano Cattaneo's Spider: Effect(s) unknown, but its badge requires polishing at regular intervals to keep it 'happy'.[3] Romano Cattaneo was the designer of the Alfa Romeo car manufacturing company's original logo in 1910, which was inspired by a coat of arms seen on the gates of the Sforza Castle. The company produced two models of cars called "Spiders": the Alfa Romeo Giulia (also known as the Guilia Spider) in the early 1960s, and the Alfa Romeo Spider that succeeded it a few years later. The badge is an emblem on a car that identifies its manufacturing company and its model.
  • Roseland Ballroom Marquee: Effect(s) unknown. The light-bulbs need to be checked at regular intervals to keep the artifacts 'happy'.[3]
  • Statues of Castor and Pollus: Effect(s) unknown. Require "reversing" of some manner at regular intervals to keep them 'happy'.[3]
  • Zhang Heng's Seismometer: Effect(s) unknown. Needs to be given "a good shake" at regular intervals to keep it 'happy'.[3] Is incorrectly called a "seismometer", when Zhang Heng actually invented the seismoscope; while a seismometer provides continuous records of ground motion, a seismoscope merely indicate that motion (such as an earthquake) has occured, perhaps with some simple measure of how large it was.
  • Soccer Ball: The handler of the ball develops extreme skill at forming offensive plans and scoring goals.[5]
  • Plant/Vine: Grows automatically whenever light is directed onto it. Activated by the Norge Porthole, and knocked over the Soccer Ball.
  • Haliburton Exponential Mailbox: Origin and effect(s) unknown.[6]


  • The title is presumably a nod in the direction of the NBC series Parks and Recreation, which first aired, like Warehouse 13, in 2009.
  • The voice of the interviewer in Leena's video statement is that of Benedict Valda.
  • The Metallica song with the Henry D. Thoreau quote Pete mentions is Of Wolf and Man from their self-titled 1991 album Metallica.
  • Myka and Steve assuming Artie is about to kill himself with one of the tantō blades is a reference to how they are commonly used to commit seppuku, a Japanese ritualistic suicide performed to restore lost honor through death.
  • According to Claudia, this episode takes place "a couple of weeks" after "The Living and the Dead" and "We All Fall Down", when she stabbed Artie.
  • At the end of the episode, when Artie is watching Leena's signature statement video, a card with lyrics from the song "Lust for Life", written by Iggy Pop and David Bowie, is seen leaning on the monitor.[7]
    • These lyrics are somewhat miswritten, as the card's first line is "Here comes Johnny yeah yeah", when the real line is "Here comes Johnny Yen again".
  • The Feng Shui Spiral is inspired by the feng shui spiral in Chinatown, LA[8][9], which itself is a wheel of hexagrams from the I Ching and their meanings (for example, 泰 (tài), corresponding to the hexagram and number 11, means "Pervading" or "Peace")[10]. The I Ching is a collection of practical wisdom, pertaining to every conceivable situation, which is used as a kind of oracle through various methods.



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