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Pandora's Box is a mysterious artifact. It is stored in Aisle 989-B of Warehouse 13. Later, it was revealed that the box was in the Ytterbium Chamber. Artie initially claimed the box was empty.

According to legend, once Pandora opened it, a stream of chaos was released. The box now only contains the spirit of hope, which was left inside because Pandora slammed the lid shut after the world's evils escaped.

If it is opened or destroyed, all of the world's hope will vanish. When the box was destroyed in the destruction of the Warehouse, the hope within was also lost. Without hope, the world economy suddenly crashed, riots broke out in major cities all over the planet, and hundreds of people committed single and group suicide.

Without hope, fear takes over and chaos follows after it.

The brain starts producing far fewer endorphins, natural pain and stress relievers, and as a result, people start seeing the world in a much duller context.

The box was destroyed along with the entire Warehouse by the House of Commons Masonry. However, Artie was able to restore the box and the Warehouse by going back in time through the use of Ferdinand Magellan's Astrolabe. Restoring the Box and reversing its effects and putting it back into the Ytterbium Chamber.