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Warehouse 13 - Season 1 Intro

Season One Intro:


Warehouse 13 - Season 2 Intro

Season Two Intro: It was extended to fit Allison Scagliotti into the main credits


Warehouse 13 Season 3 Intro

Season Three Intro: Sadly it was shortened so they could fit more into the episodes but still great.

Seasons 1-2

Image Name Notes Additional Images
S10 08 Egypt Gizeh01 SL1.jpg The Sphinx (circa 1849) Before the clearance of 1925, a significant portion of the Sphinx was buried in sand Sphynx.jpg
Egypt 43.jpg

Temple of Edfu (circa 1849)

S10 08 Egypt Thebes03 SL1.jpg Southern Colossus (Base) in Thebes Egypt taken circa 1849.

The Colossi of Memnon (known to locals as el-Colossat, or es-Salamat) are two massive stone statues of Pharaoh Amenhotep III. For the past 3400 years (since 1350 BC) they have stood in the Theban necropolis, across the River Nile from the modern city of Luxor. This particular image, is a side-panel found on the western exposure of the South(or West as stated in some of the literature) Statue.

Please note the placement of the crate on the right hand side of the gentleman in the video still

02-2.jpgColossi of Memnon.jpgAmenhotepIII South Colossus.jpgEgypt.ColossiMemnon.01.jpg Egypt ColossiMemnon 02.jpg
03.png Scarab Egyptians believed that the scarab (or dung beetle) object was a representation of immortality.
04.png Box-like crate Box-1.jpgBox-2.jpgBox-3.jpg
Court of Statuary.jpg World's Columbian Exposition: Court of Statuary, Art Building, Chicago, United States, 1893,  05-2.jpg
S03i2160l01.jpg World's Columbian Exposition: Anthropological Building, Chicago, United States, 1893 The crate is located on the open field next to the samurai warrior in the video still. Also, some Computer Graphics Imagery (CGI) was added in post-production, to make the scene look as if it were set in a Japanese urban area (see person with parasol, lantern hanging off wooden pole, person opposite the samurai of similar size,  & warehouse printed in kanji script found on the signage on the building corners) 06-2.jpg
Japanese painting.png "The Sea off Satta" from Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji by Hiroshige
Samurai.png "Ike-no-shōji Sukenaga", from the series The Ten Brave Retainers of the Oguri, One by One [Oguri jūyūshi no ichinin] by Utagawa Kuniyoshi
07.png Honjo Masamune This sword can grant its wielder invisibility
08.png South Dakota The location of the Warehouse
Warehouse exterior.jpg The Warehouse A storage facility for artifacts
09.png United States Secret Service Badge The agents of this service were recruited to the Warehouse
10.png Peter "Pete" Lattimer The male lead
11.png Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf Short story found in Grimms Fairy Tales Grimm-1.jpgGrimm-2.jpgGrimm-3.jpg
12.png Ink Pen Unknown, seems to be tipped with red ink or blood. Poe-pen1.jpgPoe-pen2.jpg
15.png Myka Bering The female lead
16.png 3D/2D Converting Camera This camera is a part of Artie's emergency travel kit 17.png
18.png Shoshone Chiefs The Shoshone are a Native American tribe in the United States with three large divisions: the Northern, the Western and the Eastern.
Farns1.jpg A videophone affectionately called "the Farnsworth". It is an allusion to Philo Farnsworth, an early pioneeer of Television set innovation. Farns2.jpg Farns3.jpg
19.png Dr. Arthur "Artie" Nielsen The Warehouse's senior Gatherer and apparent Supervisor.
20.png Nikola Tesla The creator of the Warehouse Gatherer's primary weapon, the Tesla, This photo in particular is actually a double exposure (one image superimposed upon another), created for dramatic effect. It was taken in his laboratory in Colorado
21.png The Tesla The Warehouse Gatherer's primary weapon
22.png Apollo 11 Moon Rock A levitating artifact
23.png Studio 54 Disco Ball Transfers memories and thoughts 24.pngStudio-54-1.jpgStudio-54-2.jpg
Wright-bros-1903-flyer2.JPG Wright Brothers 1903 Flyer The Wright Brothers from Ohio invented powered,or heavier than air, flight. This proof of concept was demonstrated on the shores of Kittyhawk, North Carolina. Wright-bros-1903-flyer.JPG
Dirigible-liner.JPG German Airship (zeppelin) & British Passenger Liner. Likely references to the Hindenburg and the Titanic. Both modes of transport met tragic ends.
Trojan-horse.JPG Trojan Horse Ruse used by the Greeks to get past the gates of Troy, so that they emerge victorious over their enemies. Inspired the phrase "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts".
25.png Artie's office Viewed from the storage section of the Warehouse
Statue-1.JPG Statue of unknown provenance, most likely Aztec or Mayan Found in Season 5 Episode 1 "Endless Terror"; allusion to god-like status which Paracelsus was trying to achieve through the use of the artifacts. Statue-2.JPGStatue-3.JPGFace-statue.JPG
Circus-ring.JPG Circus Ring Found in Season 5 Episode 2 "Secret Services"; allusion to throwing one's hat into the ring (running for public office)
Viaduct.JPG Roman Viaduct Found in Season 5 Episode 3 "A Faire to Remember"; allusion to "building bridges" (possible reference to the scene where Claudia uses Bob Dylan's bus transfer ticket & Volta's biscuit bin to remove the curse from her sister Claire; or it may refer to the increased closeness among the current Warehouse 13 staff.) Viaduct-cu.JPG
Maya-temples.JPG Mayan temples Found in Season 5 Episode 4 "Savage Seduction"; allusion to Mexico where the television drama known as telenovela was produced. Upon further inspection, there is a Mariachi band on the temple on the left-hand side. Mariachi-band.JPG
Spanish-galleon.JPG Jolly Roger Found in Season 5 Episode 5 "Cangku Shisi " (or "Warehouse 14").The Jolly Roger is a Spanish Galleon, more specifically a pirate ship which harassed other boats on the Spanish Main (the Caribbean Sea) for treasure.It is an allusion to the warehouse being moved to China without consent by Benedict Valda. Jolly-roger.JPG
42nd-street-marquee.JPG 42nd Street Film Marquee Found in Season 5 Episode 6: "Endless"; Forty-Second Street is a well- traveled road in New York City, in the borough of Manhattan. It is also the name of a musical which played in the Broadway theater district of the same city. It is an allusion to Claudia Donovan's, agent & future caretaker, defining moment in service to the Warehouse.
Lunarset.png Apollo 11 Lunar Landing Hoax Set Found in Season 4 Episode 9: "The Ones You Love"; Reference to the conspiracy theory that the 1969 lunar landing was really a televised hoax. It is a possible allusion to the discovery that the Brother Adrian Artie has been chasing after is in fact a hoax, and a construct created by Magellan's Astrolabe.

Seasons 3-5



  • Although an image in the opening credits depicts a building in Japan with the kanji for "Warehouse" (倉庫), no iteration of the Warehouse was ever established in Japan.[1]
    • Further, starting in the 1630s and ending in the 1850s, Japan had enforced strict policies that severely limited Japan's contact with the outside world, including preventing foreigners from entering and Japanese citizens from leaving, both under threat of death. This would have made Warehouse operation extremely difficult, if not impossible.