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No Pain, No Gain is the fifth episode in the fourth season of Warehouse 13 and the forty-third overall that aired on August 20, 2012 on Syfy.


Artie and Steve investigate the theft of artifacts from the Warehouse while Mrs Frederic invites Claudia to lunch, and Pete and Myka look into a series of incidents involving a miraculously healed athlete.


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Myka and Claudia travel to Kyoto and pose as geishas to infiltrate a meeting between a Japanese businessman and his Middle Eastern client. The businessman is selling his client an artifact, a crow's feather. Myka gets up to perform and uses an artifact pinwheel to stun the guards. Claudia knocks out the businessman and they close the case on the glowing artifact. As they prepare to leave, Myka's cell phone rings. She takes the call from her sister Tracy, who tells her that she's pregnant. As they talk, Myka knocks one of the guards out as she discusses nursery themes.

Artie is watching hockey in his office when Myka and Claudia arrive with the artifact. Pete comes in as Myka tells them about her sister's pregnancy, and Artie tells them that they have a ping in Toronto. The team's veteran player, Mike Madden, broke his arm in the taped game that Artie is watching. They see his arm glow and then watch as Mike gets up and throws an opposing player through the glass. Pete and Myka leave for Toronto and Artie gives Claudia an invitation from Mrs. Frederic to meet her in Minneapolis for lunch. When Claudia mentions that she's been having weird feelings, Artie asks her for more details. She says that she hasn't been feeling like herself and Artie remembers his visions of her stabbing and killing him with the dagger.

In Toronto, Pete and Myka go to the arena past a crowd of fans gathered outside and meet with the team's owner, Larry Kemp. They pose as league representatives and Myka interviews Mike, who flirts with her. Myka isn't impressed and asks how he put the player through the glass, and Mike says that he just had an adrenaline surge. She notices that he's wearing a gold necklace and asks to examine it. When Steve runs into Artie at the warehouse, he notices Artie acting oddly and asks if everything is okay. Artie says that he's fine and heads for the inventory, but Steve uses his ability and realizes that he's lying.

Kemp tells Pete that all of his players have tested clean for drugs and then hands over the x-rays of Mike after his injury. Meanwhile, Myka neutralizes the necklace and doesn't get a reaction, and asks Mike if he has bought any antiques recently. He gets the wrong idea and skates off, and Myka and Pete go over the x-rays. Myka realizes that the x-ray is a fake and they go to Kemp's office to find the real x-ray.

Artie searches the Warehouse inventory and finds another missing artifact and a black diamond left by the Brotherhood. Steve arrives and demands an explanation, telling Artie what he knows. Artie admits that someone bypassed the security systems and took some of the artifacts. When Steve suggests they have Claudia check the security systems, Artie insists on keeping it between them. Artie realizes that all of the artifacts are ones that he recovered and goes to check on some of the others he brought back.

The agents find the real x-rays and Myka determines that Mike's muscle tendons and wrapping around the broken bone to support it. She sees that there are other broken bones in his lungs and knees and that he shouldn't even be able to walk. They go to the locker room while he's in the shower and neutralize all of his belongings, but don't get a reaction. Myka sheepishly admits that since Mike isn't wearing any clothes, she's sure that he doesn't have an artifact on him. Mike and another player, Beast, get into a fight and Pete goes to investigate. Mike is flinching in pain and the two men quickly separate when Pete arrives. Pete goes back to tell Myka what he saw and they figure that someone is using an artifact on him during the game to improve his performance. They figure that Kemp is helping Mike and go to find him.

In Minneapolis, Claudia meets with Mrs. Frederic and the older woman takes her for a walk. As they go, Mrs. Frederic tells Claudia that it's about her destiny as a warehouse guardian.

When the agents talk to Kemp, he admits that he gave them a fake x-ray but figures that Mike is just performing better than average. He points out that he has younger players who could use the help if he could improve them, and points out that Mike is only good at the home games. Once he leaves, Myka and Pete check the arena to see if there is an artifact hidden there. They figure that one of the hometown fans is helping Mike but that leaves them with thousands of suspects.

Artie confirms that the artifacts he recovered have been stolen and more black diamonds have been left behind. He hides them from Steve, who asks if they can track any of the stolen artifacts. Artie gets an idea and confirms that the McCoy Rifle has been stolen. He goes to the shelves, explaining that he didn't recover the Hatfield rifle so it should still be there.

As they walk down the street, Mrs. Frederic tells Claudia to concentrate. When she does, she goes to a nearby shop window and fixates on a woman inside. A man brings his baby in and then goes to pick up a gift, and a robber comes in with a gun. Claudia starts to intervene but Mrs. Frederic stops her and says they're not there to get involved. The clerk screams, startling the robber into shooting in the direction of the baby. The woman bravely leaps in the way and takes the bullet in her shoulder. Claudia goes in and sees the woman's charm bracelet sparkle briefly. When she talks to Mrs. Frederic, she realizes that they've seen the birth of a new artifact. Mrs. Frederic explains that not all artifacts are famous, and each one is a combination of an item, a person, and a critical moment. When Claudia wonders if they should obtain it, Mrs. Frederic says that they don't go after artifacts until they cause trouble. She then ushers Claudia into her limo and they leave.

Pete and Myka tell Mike that one of his fans is helping him but remain vague about the details. He doesn't remember any particular fan but surprises Myka by saying that he doesn't want to cheat by receiving outside help. The agents come up with a plan: they'll offer a raffle to all of the fans and get them in a special section. They'll then collect all of their addresses for the "raffle" and have Mike fake an injury. The agents figure that the fan will react and use the artifact. As Myka starts to go, Mike asks about the origins of her name and they realize that they're both opera fans. Myka has to leave and Pete teases her that she has a new boyfriend.

Artie finds the Hatfield Rifle and explains that it shares a gravitational attraction with the McCoy Rifle. Steve looks through the sight and sees through the other rifle. He identifies a restaurant sign and Artie realizes that it's in Featherhead.

The game begins and Pete gets all the names and seat numbers from the fans. Myka wishes Mike luck as he prepares to take his fall and he admits that he was attracted to her from their first meeting. They kiss for good luck and the announcer throws it up on arena cam. Pete and the fans cheer except for one female fan. She sits down, disappointed, and drops her keychain into her purse. Once Mike goes out on the ice, Pete starts searching bags and backpacks and finds the keychain. He doesn't notice anything unusual but sees a young boy watching him intently. The boy's father takes him away while Mike fakes the injury on the ice. None of the fans pull out an artifact but Myka suddenly feels ill and runs to the nearest restroom. She starts throwing up and then calls Pete. When he arrives, he discovers that his partner is now eight months' pregnant. They figure that the fan targeting Mike used the artifact on her and Pete feels guilty because it was his plan.

The agents call Artie in Featherhead as he looks for the rifle. Myka grows increasingly upset and breaks into tears, and Artie says that it's probably a wish-fulfillment artifact. Myka says that she didn't touch anything but she did kiss Mike. Artie tells them to check with Mike and signs off as Steve tries to hold onto the rifle as it is attracted to its counterpart. Once they cut off, Myka wonders if she secretly wanted to have a child after hearing from her sister. However, Pete admits that it was his wish that caused it. When he saw the kid, he started thinking about having a family and realized that there's only one person who would understand his life. Pete realizes that he was holding the keychain and the go to find it.

Artie and Steve let the Hatfield Rifle pull them to a warehouse. When they open the door, the McCoy Rifle starts to fire on them. Steve manages to get out of the way and blurts out that even though he's invulnerable, Claudia would have felt the pain. Artie realizes what the downside of the metronome is and figures that they have to get Steve off the metronome. However, first they take the Hatfield Rifle back to the car so they can focus on recovering the other artifacts.

Pete and Myka go back to the arena but discover that all of the fans have left. They check the raffle tickets and discover that the woman with the keychain was Judy Giltoy. Pete has her address and they head off for her apartment.

When Artie and Steve get into the warehouse, they discover all of the stolen artifacts there. Artie spots a box of the black diamond and hastily hides them before Steve can see them. When Steve suggests that they tell the others, Artie claims that there's a protocol they have to follow and that they'll tell them later. Steve spots some shipping supplies and they realize that not all of the stolen artifacts are there.

Pete and Myka break into Judy's apartment and discover that she has filled the place with photos and memorabilia about Mike. They look around and Pete discovers that Judy's grandfather, John, died recently. In World War II he was in the Bataan Death March and convinced his best friend to keep marching. Pete remembers that there were dog tags on the keychain and they figure that when Judy comes back, they can get the artifact from her. However, Myka has to go to the bathroom and discovers that Judy has packed up her things and left.

Judy goes to the arena and catches Mike outside the arena. She tells him to get into her car and when he refuses, she uses the dog tags to break his arm again. Judy then drags him into her car and tells her that he'll love her.

When Judy doesn't show, Pete and Myka call Kemp, who had called the police when Mike disappeared. Myka is unable to focus because of her pregnancy and Pete suggests that she use her female instincts for the first time. Looking around, Myka spots a photo of John's cabin in the woods and figures that Judy would take Mike there.

Judy takes Mike to the cabin and fixes his arm with the dog tags, and then makes him hot cider. She tells the hockey player that she was going to wait until after the championships to declare her love, but then she saw him with Myka at the arena. Judy explains that she's been using the keychain to help him at all of the home games. She suggests that they start their new lives with a kiss and Mike tells her to close her eyes. He throws the cider in her face and tries to run, but Judy breaks his leg again, immobilizing him on the floor.

When Pete arrives at the cabin, he discovers that Myka has dozed off. He goes in on his own and Judy hears him coming. She grabs an axe and goes outside, circles around, and takes Myka hostage. She forces Pete to drop his weapon and then uses the dog tags to collapse his lungs. Pete falls to the ground, seemingly dead, and Judy goes over to make sure he's dead. However, Pete grabs the keychain from her and Judy grabs the axe, but Myka stuns her with her Tesla. Pete neutralizes the dog tags and Myka becomes normal.

The agents get Mike to the hospital for treatment and Pete figures that the dog tags only work on people that the user loves. Myka points out that he's admitting that he loves her and Pete insists that it's brotherly love. Myka doesn't buy it and boasts that she has power over Pete. Pete tells her that she'll make a great mother one day because of how she protected him. Myka goes in to say goodbye to Mike and Pete leaves them alone.

Mrs. Frederic takes Claudia to a retirement home and shows her an old man that is painting a picture. Claudia wonders who he is and Mrs. Frederic says that he is her grandson...and her son is long dead. As Claudia looks at the old man, Mrs. Frederic tells her that not all wonder is endless and then goes to hug her grandson.

When Myka comes back from Mike's room, she sees Pete enviously watching a father holding his newborn son.[1]


Main Cast

Guest Starring


  • Peter Kosaka as Japanese Businessman
  • Navi Dhanoa as Saudi Businessman
  • Lee Oliveira as Frank the Beast
  • Jasmine Chen as Female Fan
  • Josh Young as Man with Infant
  • Lizz Alexander as Saleswoman
  • Justin Darmanin as Thug
  • Damien Howard as Male Fan
  • Jackson Hodge-Carter as 4-yr old Boy
  • Seann Gallagher as Dad
  • Katerina Taxia as Doctor
  • Ted Ludzik as Mrs. Frederic's Limo Driver
  • Melissa Kramer as Woman in Bathroom


  • Jason McCormack as Rival Goalie

Artifacts and Gadgets Featured

  • Bataan Death March Dogtags: Owned by one of the soldiers who survived the Bataan Death March during World War II, the dog tags grant the holder the ability to fulfil wishes that affect the people that they love and care for. It is the main artifact of the episode.
  • Bracelet: "Born" during a robbery at a jewelry store, imbued with its wearer's desire to protect a baby from being shot by a robber at the risk of her own life. Effects unknown, although presumably protective in some manner.
  • Emperor Jimmu's Feather: A beautiful glowing crow's feather that is capable of inducing insanity and/or death if gazed upon directly.
  • Alfred Hitchcock's Metal Pinwheel: When spun releases a spray of petals and sparkles that put whoever they're blown at to sleep.
  • Primo Levi's Scarf: The wearer gains deep insight and intellect; side effects include prolific bouts of writing and easy inticement into deep thought. It however makes the wearer prone to extreme dizzy spells and dangerous falls. One of the artifacts stolen by the Brotherhood of the Black Diamond.
  • Hatfield-McCoy Rifles: Drawn to each other by the ire of the famously feuding families; the two rifles have an intense gravitation towards one another and if you look down the scope of either rifle you can see out the scope of the other one. Once they meet, though, they start wildly shooting at each other all on their own. The McCoy rifle is one of the artifacts stolen by the Brotherhood.
  • Steampunk Segway: A Warehouse 13-style Segway that Artie uses to quickly travel through the Warehouse.


Mrs. Frederic: The creation of an artifact is simply the meeting of an object, a person... and a moment.

Artie: At Warehouse 13, anything is possible. (Hesitates) U-uh, sometimes.

Pete: Egh, get me some popcorn and a tampon 'cause i am watching a romantic comedy.
Myka: What? Shut up.
Pete: Oh, yeah, you and Mike meet and you hate each other, and next you know you're kissing.
Myka: That's crazy.
Pete: Oh, yeah? 'Cause love is crazy, Mykes!
Pete: That's right, girl, i am the sassy best friend! (Twirling his hand in the air, then snapping his fingers)

Myka: (dressed in traditional Japanese clothing in a Japanese house) I'm going to be an aunt! I'm gonna get to hold a new life in my arms! (Goon wakes up and Myka kicks him knocking him out) Trace? Listen, what do you think about a Japanese theme for the nursery??

Artie: There see that?
Myka: I do.
Pete: (mouth full of banana) See what? (Artie and Myka look at him ) What? She's the observant one, and I'm the one who eats all the time.

(Artie cuddles the bear that Claudia and Myka brought back for him from Japan) Claudia: Oh... He's so soft and fuzzy. The bear too.

Pete: Hey, can we get going? Uh, you can play Mike's magic flute later.
Myka: I have to go kill him now so I'm just gonna ... go...

Myka: (After being cured of the artifact) I got my body back! I have a stomach and a waist and hips! It's all good! It's goodie, good, good, good!


  • This is the first time in the series in which the birth of an artifact is witnessed.
  • Two guest actors that feature in this episode, Kirsten Nelson and Timothy Omundson, both star on Psych.
  • The piece Claudia is playing in the opening scene is 'Sakura', one of the most famous examples of Japanese folk music.
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