"Nevermore" is the eleventh episode of Warehouse 13 that aired on the Syfy Channel on September 15, 2009.


Myka travels home to see her dying father only to discover that he's the victim of an artifact.


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At the Bering and Sons Book Store in Colorado City, Colorado, a deliveryman leaves off a package. The owner, Warren Bering, comes out and gets the package. Inside is an old notebook contained within a silver foil package. In Berlin, Myka breaks in to James MacPherson's apartment but finds nothing. While in Montreal, Pete is chasing MacPherson, and the cops are chasing Pete. Artie manages to impersonate RCMP Headquarters to call off the police. In Berlin, Myka finds a case and warns Artie that MacPherson has the Supersonic Cymbals; Artie warns Pete to cover his ears. In Montreal, MacPherson takes out the pair of small finger cymbals, raises his finger to his lips, and claps them together sending out sonic waves that pushes over Pete and the police. MacPherson walks past them.

In Colorado City, the ink lettering from the notebook shifts up Warren's hand and arm to crawl across his skin as he screams in pain.

Pete recovers consciousness first and reports that MacPherson has escaped. Meanwhile, Myka gets a call from her mother, Jean, that her father is dying, and she tells Artie that she has to go home.

At the Kingford Academy of Portland, Oregon, Bobby Buseki is making his way through the halls as the girls ignore him and the bullies trip him. One of the bullies, Greg Permut, discovers that Bobby has a dropped a photo of another student, Tamara Resnick, and teases him, asking if she knows that Bobby is stalking her. Bobby demands the photo back but Greg rips it off and walks away.

At Leena's Bed and Breakfast, Artie comes in to brief Leena and finds Mrs. Frederic waiting for him. With two Montreal policemen dead, she's unhappy that Artie didn't share information about MacPherson with her before acting, and used poor offensive strategy. Mrs. Frederic wants to know where the agents are and Artie says that they're out. Artie insists he can find MacPherson again and she tells him that she knows he can, but not to make another move without consulting her first.

At Kingford, the students are taking a test when a whispering sound comes from an exhibit of Edgar Allen Poe memorabilia. The teacher, Mr. Ives, comes in and gives them the assignment for the next day. As the students leave, Ives calls Bobby over and asks how he's doing. The teacher wonders if Bobby has talked to Tamara yet. When he learns he hasn't, he goes to get Bobby something: Bobby hears the whispering again and approaches the case, but notices that Tamara isn't hearing anything. Bobby realizes the whispering is coming from Poe's quill pen. After Tamara leaves, Ives gives Bobby a book of poetry and suggests he use it to let the poetry be his muse to get closer to Tamara.

Myka arrives at her father's bookstore and her mother tells her that her father is doing fine now. Warren insists it was a wasted trip and his wife was overreacting. Myka is surprised when Pete walks into the room. He got there first and is there to offer Myka his support. She insists she doesn't need any support but thanks him and admits that it could have been worse. Pete notes that her parents think she's still in D.C. and Myka warns him not to tell them the truth. She admits it's force of habit to keep her father from being disappointed in her.

Warren sits down to read from the notebook.

At Kingford, Bobby is taping together the photo of Tamara and hears the whispering again, and has visions of the book. Both objects whisper to one another about the pain of separation and seem to be trying to find each other. He gets up and goes to the case, breaks the glass, and takes Poe's pen. In Colorado City, the lettering from the book crawls up Warren's hand again and he screams in pain once more. Myka, Pete, and Jean come running and find him lying on the floor. Pete puts on a pair of neutralizer gloves and removes the notebook from Warren's grip, and they realize he has an artifact.

The next day, Claudia arrives at the bookstore with a cylinder of neutralizer fluid. Jean demands to know what's going on and that her husband should be taken to a hospital; Myka insists it isn't a medical problem. When Jean wonders what makes Myka qualified, Myka admits she's still with the government but no longer protecting the President. However, she can't tell her mother what she's really doing.

Pete puts the notebook in the neutralizer fluid but the fluid turns into ink and Warren's condition remains the same. They call Artie, who explains it's a bifurcated object, giving it at least two parts, making each part separately immune to the neutralizer fluid and the separated parts are currently panicking due to their separation. Until its partner can be found, Warren has become a hostage/ surrogate of the Artifact. When the neutralizer turned to ink, Artie believes the second object is a pen. The package came from a phony address and they wonder if MacPherson sent it. Artie puts security in place around Joshua and Pete's family and insists they have to focus on Warren. The notebook is getting under Warren's skin because it isn't joined with the pen. He believes that if they reunite the pen with the notebook, it will cure Warren. Artie warns that the notebook's energy is thriving on Warren's love of the written word, and he only has a day or two left. He tells Myka to surround him with his books and read the ones that he loves to keep Warren connected with reality.

As Myka reads to Warren in Colorado, at Kingford, Greg tries to warn Tamara about Bobby, but she insists he isn't that bad. They're unaware that Bobby is watching them both. Bobby follows Greg to his locker while Warren mutters the word "Tiger" and then "Fire" at the same time at Kingford school a burst of fire shoots from Greg's locker, burning him.

That night, Pete reports to Myka that Artie has matched the incident to the time that Warren was shouting, and Greg is a football star for the Kingford Tigers. He asks Myka to stay there but she insists on helping her father by going with Pete to get the point. Pete insists that she needs to stay there to help her father and that Claudia will help him. Myka finally agrees and asks Pete to keep Claudia safe.

Ives calls Bobby in to ask if the poetry helped. Bobby admits it didn't and Ives brings up the theft of the pen. He notes that Bobby was "fascinated" by the pen and Bobby takes offense. Ives says that he'll leave for a soda, and if the pen shows up, he'll forget the whole thing. Bobby hands him a piece of paper with the word, "Wall" written on it. After a bit of query from Ives about what the note means, Bobby says "You" and a nearby wall with a picture of Poe on it opens. Ives is dragged in and then sealed inside before the hole closes over. In Colorado, Warren is having visions of everything that happened.

Pete and Claudia arrive at Kingford and talk to the principal, who dismisses the burning incident as a prank. They examine the locker and discover a charred piece of paper with the word, "Fire" written on it. Pete asks about Poe's pen and the principal explains that Edgar Allen Poe's pen is owned by Mr. Ives and he keeps it in his classroom but it was recently stolen. They're unaware that Bobby is listening in.

Myka and Jean tend to Warren, who recovers consciousness and apologizes for not being a good father to her. He passes out and Jean explains that Warren's had regrets about his life, regrets about Myka, and regrets that he never wrote books. The best he could do was a single novel that he wrote over and over twelve times and that he loved it too much to let it go and that he was afraid. When Myka askes where it is, Jean says that a long time ago he gave up and told her to burn it. He hasn't written a thing since.

Pete and Claudia go to see Mr. Ives and Pete hears a sound from the wall. Remembering The Cask of Amontillado, they break the wall open and free Ives. He tells them that Bobby did it and to stop him.

Tamara is studying alone and finds Bobby outside. Meanwhile, Warren has another attack and Myka calls Artie for help. He tells her to find the book that means more than anything to Warren and read it to him. At Kingford, Bobby forces Tamara to read a piece of paper with the word, "Mine" on it.

Pete and Claudia learn that Bobby had a crush on Tamara. They go to the main hall where they find Bobby with an entranced Tamara. Pete tries to get him to turn over the pen but Booby indicates toward a piece of paper on the floor with the word, "Pendulum" written on it. Claudia reads it aloud when she sees it and Pete shoves her to the ground just in time as a pendulum suddenly swings down from the ceiling. When they try to get up and get away from it, straps appear out of the floor and fasten them to it while the blade starts to descend with each sweep.

Myka asks her mother if she did actually burn Warren's book and her mother tells her where it is. She goes and gets the novel, The Blue Willow Sky, and starts reading to him. Pete and Claudia try to get through to Bobby, who insists that the pen has made things real for him. He contends that people like Claudia need to be shocked into noticing people like him, and that words have power, and words have hurt him. As Myka reads the story of a daughter and father, Warren starts to shake off the spell and some of the words on his skin start to fade. At Kingford, Bobby drops the pen and the pendulum and straps disappear. Myka's reading seems to have the effect of mildly calming the two artifacts. The moment the straps holding Pete and Claudia disappear, Claudia grabs the pen and puts it in a neutralizer bag.

Pete gets back to Colorado and Artie tells him to approach the notebook with the pen but to be careful since the two have been separated for so long and may start acting up out of excitement of their reunion. Pete drops the pen on the notebook, nothing happens. Artie explains that they have been separated for a while, they need time to get reacquainted. Then there is a flash of energy and the remaining words leave Warren and flow back into the pen and book. He's restored to normal, thinking what happened was a dream. Warren sees his novel and realizes that Jean didn't burn it and that it wasn't a dream.

Later, Myka packs and her parents admit that whatever she does for a living, she does it well. They hug and Warren promises that they'll talk about something other than books some time. Myka meets with Pete outside.

At the Warehouse, Mrs. Frederic arrives to warn Artie that MacPherson is in Colorado Springs. Artie realizes the whole thing was a distraction. He calls the agents but something interferes with the signal. Pete gets a vibe that Myka's parents are in danger and they race back into the bookstore. MacPherson is there, using Jack the Ripper's Lantern to keep Jean and Warren immobilized. He demands that they turn over the pen and notebook or he'll kill Myka's parents. When Myka says that coming after family was a low blow, MacPherson notes that Artie started it and tells her to ask Artie what he means. Myka has Pete hand over the artifacts and MacPherson points the lamp at them causing an unknown amount of time to pass before they recover while he escapes.

They realize that MacPherson has been using them all along.[1]


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  • Susanna Harter as Justine Pounder

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  • Edgar Allan Poe's Quill Pen and Notebook: A bifurcated artifact, the quill pen has the power to write things into reality when the notebook is separated from the pen and connected to a person. The book acts as a conduit that drains a person's life force to fuel the powers of the pen. Continued use of the pen results in the loss of the user's sanity and the death of the one holding the notebook. The quill and the notebook desire to be together, and it is only through their reuniting will the quill and book calm down. It is the main artifact of the episode.
  • Jack the Ripper's Lantern: Has the ability to transfix people when they are caught in its light, unable to think or move. If the light is suddenly removed, those transfixed will die, but if the light is disarmed the victims will be unharmed but dazed and confused.
  • Supersonic Cymbals: Finger-sized instruments, when struck together the cymbals resonates with a high-pitched sound that shatters glass, shorts out electrical fixtures and kills people who ears aren't covered.

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  • The actors who portray Myka's parents, Michael and Susan Hogan, are married in real life.


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