A special machine used to deactivate psychicly triggered artifacts. Normally when an artifact is deactivated the artifact is simply tossed in the nearest bath of neutralizing goo, but when dealing with a particularly difficult artifact it's required to place the artifact in a scrubber in order to get into those "pesky hard to reach pores" as Artie put it. 

Artie used the scrubber in the episode "Mild Mannered " in order to deactive Rasputin's Prayer Rope after he became convinced that that was the artifact that was causing him to see James MacPherson 's ghost everywhere. However, Artie later realized it wasn't the prayer rope that was causing him to see MacPerhson, but rather him and MacPherson were connected by the Phoenix because it brought them both back from the dead. 


  • Claudia nicknamed the scrubber the "super gooer". 
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