A pair of fezzes that allow the user to read the mind of the animal wearing Coco's Fez while wearing Mr. Mental's.

Background[edit | edit source]

In Mr. Mental performances, Coco would scamper into the audience where a spectator would show Coco a dollar bill, credit card, anything with numbers on it and then Coco would go back to Mr. Mental, who was blind folded, and he would recite the numbers. Unlike most artifacts there's no mystic voodoo to how this artifact works; Mr. Mental was an amateur inventor with a background in neurology. One night an audience member pulled off Coco's fez and Mr. Mental was never the same; as Claudia put it "Mr. Mental went Mental".[1]

Artie used this artifact on Trailer after the Doorknob from the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory was stolen and Trailer was the only witness to the robbery. 

Artie and Trailer wearing the fezzes

Effects[edit | edit source]

Coco's fez acts like a transmitter and Mr. Mental's fez acts like a receiver. However, Coco's fez doesn't transmit radio waves; it transmits brain waves, Coco's thoughts. The person wearing Mr. Mental's Fez goes into a trance while the animal remains unaffected. If one of the hats is taken off while the other is on it causes the brain of the wearer of the second fez to get shocked with a massive amount of static electricity that literally short circuits their brain. When the hats are put on and taken off at the same time this effect is avoided, but residual effects cause the animal to develop a bond to the human.

References[edit | edit source]

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