Minoan Trident


The Minoan Trident was the world's first weapon of mass destruction. It was the first item collected for Warehouse 1 by Alexander the Great. The trident was the reason Julius Caesar attacked Egypt and why Warehouse 2 was buried. When struck to the earth three times, it causes fissures in the earth's crust; if placed properly, this could cause a volcanic eruption.


In Reset, H. G. Wells attempted to use the trident to erupt the Yellowstone Caldera and start another Ice Age. She wanted to do this because she believed that the earth needed time to repair itself from what humans have done to it. Helena managed to stick the trident into the surface of the caldera twice before being talked-down by Myka Bering. The trident was split into two pieces (in order to prevent its use) sometime during or before it's being stored in Warehouse 2, as only the staff and central point were there. The other two points were stored elsewhere. H.G. Wells found this piece of the trident in the 1800s and used it as a part of her daughter's coffin so she could come back for it later.

Real World Connections

A volcanic eruption at Thera, a Grecian island, in 1627-1600 BC is thought to be a contributing factor to the fall of Minoan culture and how the island of Santorini was created.

Also, the Greek god Poseidon's trident was able to cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.


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