An 18th century clock  given to Beethoven by his former piano teacher as a gift. It has a small figurine of Aphrodite on top and has a unique lunar face.

Artie accidently activated it while in the Warehouse just before Claudia's 21st birthday party. Artie immediately began hearing Beethoven's music everywhere he went, Claudia and Artie tried to neutralize the clock, but the clock couldn't be neutralized as it was missing the Aphrodite figurine that was suppose to be on top of it. Claudia discovered the figurine was recently donated to an art gallery; Claudia and Artie snagged and bagged the figurine and were finally able to neutralize the clock and restore Artie's hearing. 

Effects[edit | edit source]

The clock causes its victims to hear Beethoven's opuses, one after the other in numerical order, with each one being louder than the last, eventually leading to the user to becoming deaf. The effects mirror the life of Beethoven, who famously conducted his symphonies even though he was deaf, able to hear the music only in his head.

When activated, the clock briefly glows gold and the face on the clock changes temporarily from a smile to a frown. In part due to his deafness that caused him a great deal of pain, Beethoven was pictured frowning intensely in almost every picture of him as an adult and his scowl has become a part of popular image.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • As the artifact is (presumably) bifurcated, it is unknown how the artifact was Neutralized when the bust alone was bagged separately from its clock.
    • It is also unknown if the bust itself has any properties (it presumably has none), or if the clock's effects change in any way when it is made whole.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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