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Lost & Found is the eighteenth episode of the fourth season of Warehouse 13, and the fifty-seventh episode overall. 


Claudia and Steve get an intruder alert, which leads them to the shocking reveal that someone they never would have expected is in the Warehouse. Meanwhile, Pete, Myka and Artie hunt down artifacts stolen by pirates centuries ago. To find the cache, they team up with the mysterious Charlotte Dupres whose agenda puts all their lives in danger.


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It is a dark and stormy night as Myka searches the internet for information about ovarian cancer. Pete wakes up and asks why she's up. She reminisces about their first night together. She tells him about the cancer and he freaks out, except that his reaction is just in her head; she doesn't tell him anything.

Claudia and Nick return late at night from a good time out. Then, Artie arrives and says he has an important ping. He sends Nick to bed. Artie wants Claudia to find a place for him to stay. He tells Pete and Myka they have to go right now; they have a chance to get back a bunch of artifacts stolen from Warehouse 12 by pirates, led by Roaring Dan, a pirate who killed the former agent David Wolcott.

Artie has a piece of a puzzle box; if he gets the other half, the box will lead him to where the pirate put his stash. He has found a dealer in upstate New York with the other half that will sell it to him if they can get there in five hours.

The next morning, Jinks is giving Claudia a hard time about being out late with Nick at a concert. She asks what's wrong. Jinks says Nick has been lying since he arrived three days ago. He tells her to be careful around him. She notes he's 15, homeless, and mistrustful. He tells her to "just keep her eyes open". Claudia says she will. Nick hears this whole exchange. He then goes to meet Charlotte, who is his mother. She gives him an untraceable cell phone and a gun to continue his undercover work.

Nick confronts Jinks about being called a liar. He says it's true, that he apologizes, then clarifies that people are not usually nice to him and that he's used to lying, stealing and getting beat up. Jinks says that's the first honest thing he's said. Nick hugs him and offers to buy him lunch. Jinks says he's got paperwork to do.

Nick goes to Claudia and says he and Jinks just "got into it something fierce," and that he wants to get away from him since Steve never believes anything he says.

Claudia gets an intruder alert on her laptop, and she and Jinks head to the Warehouse. As they arrive, Jinks assumes it's Nick. Claudia defends him. Jinks thinks the Bronze sector would be a good hiding place since the people there are alive and are giving off a faint heat signature just like a real intruder.

Jinks calls Claudia, and is startled by an intruder. Claudia hears him say "you're dead, she killed you!" Claudia runs to find him, and is confronted by the (thought to be dead) Marcus, who was killed by Claudia's hand. Marcus chases Claudia and says that he bronzed Jinks. Claudia throws some sort of fireworks artifact at Marcus, escapes, and attempts to unbronze Steve. "Marcus" comes to look at her and morphs into Nick.

In her pocket Claudia finds a shimmering magnet. Nick whammied her and Jinks with Franz Mesmer's magnets, slipping them into their pockets when he hugged them. He fooled Claudia into thinking that she was seeing Jinks when it was really Nick, which tricked her into letting him into the Warehouse. Claudia and Jinks unwhammy themselves; Claudia states that she can't believe she trusted him, and now he's loose in the Warehouse. He pulls a Tesla gun on her. He wants to unbronze someone, someone dangerous. His name is Paracelsus and was bronzed in 1541. Claudia warns him that he's dangerous, however he says that he understands, and that she will understand later. He then zaps her and unbronzes Paracelsus. He recognizes Nick and asks the year; he can't believe it's 2013. He realizes he's in the Warehouse. He sees Claudia on the ground and says if she's from the Warehouse she's dangerous and must be dealt with with.

Artie, Pete, and Myka meet the artifact dealer in Buffalo. It turns out that it's Charlotte and she knows who they are. She has the puzzle box half. Artie is impatient with her long speech about the artifact. When Artie asks about the price, Charlotte states that she doesn't want money, she wants Roaring Dan's treasure. She wants to partner up and split the treasure 50/50. Artie wants to shake on it but Pete and Myka suspect that she's not to be trusted. Artie argues that they should keep their enemies close. Artie shakes on it.

Charlotte texts Nick and says she's partnered up. Nick responds he's about to "start" whatever he is supposed to do.

Pete and Myka chat a bit and Pete says "what would I do without you?" Again she imagines telling him she has cancer and him freaking out.

Artie puts the puzzle pieces together, revealing that there are longitude and latitude numbers on it. The box closes up; Charlotte attempts to open it, however it appears to only work once.

They head to a cemetery to find the treasure, or whatever Dan has buried there. They find a headstone, made of concrete, that might offer a clue. Artie uses a Hammer and Chisel to reveal a clue hidden in the grave. When they find it Charlotte overhears them discussing ways to get rid of her; subsequently, she tazes them and takes off with the info.

Artie holding Artifact

They recover and head to a nearby waterfall on which there is a power company. They head into the control room, and find that the meters resemble the clue. They touch one and a door opens. But it looks like Charlotte has already been there, she killed her own henchman and left him behind.

They find Roaring Dan's hidden room, however it looks like Charlotte hasn't been there. They find Roaring Dan's bones in a bed nearby.

Myka runs into Charlotte; in their tussle, Charlotte says she didn't kill her man; someone else did, and they are not the only ones down there.

Back in Roaring Dan's room a smoke monster attacks Artie and Pete, only Artie hitting a bell and Pete making noise sends the smoke monster away, back under the rug.

They figure out that the smoke monster is protecting the treasure. They find a hatch under the rug. In the hatch, they find the crate of missing Warehouse 12 artifacts. Charlotte pockets one. She then accidentally grabs some treasure, and the smoke monster attacks her. They make noise but it doesn't work, and the monster snaps her neck. Pete and Artie note that there is something up with Myka. They then figure out the smoke monster is the ghost of Roaring Dan, having used an artifact to keep protecting his treasure after his death. They notice one artifact is missing, and realize Roaring Dan's skeleton is holding it.

Artie has a plan to grab the artifact safely; Pete is supposed to hit the bell and Myka is to bag the artifact. However, the minute Artie touches it the smoke monster appears and simultaneously attacks all three of them. Charlotte arrives, bags the artifact, and saves them all, despite having her neck snapped earlier.

It turns out she can't die. She reveals she is the countess of St. Germain, aka Sutton's wife. She tells them she saved them because they were the first Warehouse agents to ever risk their own lives to save hers. She shows them what she stole, the philosopher's stone. The stone has many powers but the one that matters to her is its ability to make her mortal again. The Warehouse agents wonder why she would want to be mortal again. She points out all the drawbacks to immortality: watching all the people you know dying, not getting close to people, loneliness. Her main motive is that Nick, her son, is also immortal; he has been 15 for 500 years. She calls immortality his prison. She wants him to have a real life, to fall in love, grow old and die.

Myka freaks out a little bit talking about death and how it can be ugly, messy, and painful. Pete finally confronts her and forces it out of her. His response is measured and sweet, he simply hugs her.

Jinks calls Artie and tells them to get back to the Warehouse pronto: Paracelsus-- a famous alchemist-- has bronzed Claudia and taken off with Nick.

Source: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2424324/synopsis?ref_=tt_ov_pl


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Artifacts and Gadgets Featured

  • Aleister Crowley's Ruby Studded Universal Hexagram Necklace - Belonged to notorious occultist Aleister Crowley, who after devoting much of his life to studying and mastering the art of astral projection, imbued it with the power to create a smoke-like spectral projection lasting beyond the life of the user’s corporeal form. The sound of a high C-note can drive the apparition away, though. It is the main artifact of the episode.
  • Philosopher's Stone Piece - The legendary Lapis Philosophorum, when whole is said to be capable of transmuting base metals into gold. Also used to create a universal medicine – the elixir of life – that can be used for physical rejuvenation and achieving immortality, or make an immortal mortal.
  • Dan Seavey's Pyramid Puzzle Box - Created by "Roaring" Dan Seavey that was a clue to where the lost stolen cache of artifacts were kept. When one piece is fit inside of the other, the puzzle turns and reconfigure into a few seconds long written coordinates that lead to the headstone of Seavey's first mate.
  • Auguste Rodin's Hammer & Chisel - After a lifetime of use, Rodin’s favorite tools now possess the power to reveal shapes hidden inside other objects. Should only be used on inanimate objects.
  • Franz Mesmer's Magnets- Once a magnet touches someone, it creates a ‘whammy field’ that causes the victim to see illusions through the power of suggestion. The magnets can be used separately to whammy multiple people at once.
  • New Year's Noisemakers - Imbued with the cheer from a wild and crazy 1937 New Year’s Eve party. When used, creates streamers, fireworks, and balloons and an appropriately cheerful “Happy New Year!”  Also induces a slight alcohol-like buzz in whoever holds them when activated.
  • Insecurity-Serving Serving Platter - Anyone who eats contents served from platter may experience waves of doubt about their capacity to reason. Useful for political manipulation. Seen near Claudia when she reached the dead end. [1]
  • Robert the Bruce's Tartan: Inspires unyeilding defiance. This was one of the artifacts stolen from Warehouse 12 by Roaring Dan Seavey durring the move from Warehouse 12 to Warehouse 13. It is currently in Warehouse 13.
  • Thaddeus Cahill's Teleharmonium Keyboard: Causes a form of synesthesia. This was one of the artifacts stolen from Warehouse 12 by Roaring Dan Seavey durring the move from Warehouse 12 to Warehouse 13. It is currently in Warehouse 13.
  • Tesla Rifle: Works like the Tesla gun, but has long-range capabilities.


  • At the start of the episode, when Myka tells Pete that it's 1 AM and not yet 3 AM, Pete says that he is on east coast time. However, South Dakota follows the Central Time Zone and therefore the difference between Eastern Time Zone and Central Time Zone is only one hour. The only exception to this is if the episode was taking place on the day Daylight Savings Time begins, in which case it would be 3 AM in the Eastern Time Zone and 1 AM in the Central Time zone.
  • The symbols on the box that the stone was pulled from were "sulfur" "mercury" and "salt"
  • The HMS Avalon was named after the island of the same name from Arthurian legend, where the sword Excalibur was forged and King Arthur recovered from his wounds after the Battle of Camlann.
    • It's name literally translates to "the isle of fruit [or apple] trees."
  • As seen on the HMS Avalon's shipping labels, the ship departed April 27th, 1914.[2]
    • Departing from London, the Avalon would have reached America's shore within 5 to 10 days had it not been attacked by Dan Seavey. [3]
  • This episode references David Wolcott, Helena's previously unnamed partner from "3... 2... 1", and confirms his death at the hands of pirates.
  • The Tulip Steakhouse, where the Agents meet with Charlotte, is a real steakhouse located in Toronto, Canada.[4]
  • Dan Seavey's Puzzle Box is inscribed with lyrics from a sailor song in Frederick Marryat's novel The Dog Fiend; Or, Snarleyyow, describing "Fiddler's Green."[5]
    • Fiddler's Green is a legendary supposed afterlife, where there is perpetual mirth, a fiddle that never stops playing, and dancers who never tire. In 19th-century maritime folklore it was a kind of afterlife for sailors who have served at least 50 years at sea.
  • The coordinates on the Puzzle Box (42.906, -78.820) actually correspond to the Concordia Cemetery in Buffalo, NY.[6]
    • However, they are close to the real coordinates (43.088, -79.095; approximately 19 miles) from the Drummond Hill Cemetery, Niagara Falls, where the cemetery scene takes place.[7]




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