Lorna Soliday is a lawyer in Iowa, and the main antagonist of the Pilot episode of Warehouse 13.


She Cody Thomas' godmother. She was very good friends with Cody's parents, and she cares a great deal for Cody. When Cody is charged with the assault of his girlfriend, Emily Krueger, Lorna intercedes as Cody's lawyer.

Artifact InvolvementEdit

It is revealed that Lorna received a comb from Edward Marzotto, which is actually Lucretia Borgia's Comb. The comb transfers its mindset to Lorna and she then feels an overwhelming need to protect Cody. She then uses this comb to control Cody and make him attack his girlfriend. She later uses the comb on Edward, as Edward was insisting that Lorna hand over the comb to him so that he could return it to Italy. Edward then commits public suicide while under the control of the comb. Lorna later uses the comb at the renaissance party on the crowd there. When she is confronted by Pete, she uses Cody as her defence. When Myka confronts her, Lorna uses the comb in attempt to make Myka commit suicide. Pete thwarts the attempt by stunning Myka with The Tesla. It is assumed that Emily was also under control of the comb, so that she would drop the charges against Cody.


Lorna claimed that she and Edward were in love, that it was Emily forced them apart and that Emily also broke Cody's heart. It is unknown if this really happened - these circumstances could've been invented by Lucretia/Lorna to gain the Warehouse agents' trust.