The Lenape Native American tribe told legends of a sacred cave, deep under the island which we now call Manhattan, which served as the birthplace of all creation. Housed there are artifacts attuned to the primal forces of Nature itself.

When the artifacts were buried the Man who put them there said, in the Lenape tongue, "When He comes let these elements be His strength and our hope." They were put in the cave to be offerings to the spirits of creation. The Lenape Cloak is not part of the set, but is needed in order to get them.

Usage[edit | edit source]

The Waters of Eternal Life[edit | edit source]

Drinking from this copper basin will supposedly make the drinker immortal. The artifact briefly conveys the sensation of being underwater while its effects take hold. This effect does not appear to take proper hold until the transformation is completed with all four artifacts. (see 'Arrow of Nature', below)

The Arrow of Nature[edit | edit source]

The holder of the arrow gains control over 'the power of Nature itself'. What it actually appears to do is grant the user control over the weather, including the ability to create intensely powerful localized gusts of wind. The arrow was used by Pete to defeat Radburn by impaling it into his chest before the transformation he was attempting was completed.

Lenape Sacred Stone[edit | edit source]

The wielder of this unnamed stone gains the strength of a hundred Lenape men. When acquired, it briefly turns the skin of the wielder's hand to stone, before returning to normal.

Lenape Sacred Coal[edit | edit source]

This artifact appears to be a lump of coal or volcanic glass. The effects of the artifact were not explained, but is assumed that it gives its owner the ability to wield the primal element of fire. Interrupting the transformation ritual caused this artifact to engulf Radburn in a pillar of flames, presumably destroying the buckskin coat in the process.

Real-World Connections[edit | edit source]

The Lenape are a real Native American tribe who are also known as the 'Delaware Nation'. It is a Lenape legend that inspired the Boy Scouts' honor society known as 'The Order of the Arrow'.

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