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Insatiable was the tenth episode of Season 3 and the thirty-fifth episode in the series Warehouse 13.


A 19th-century mason jar in a taco truck may be linked to a zombie-like outbreak in Ithaca, N.Y.; A fortune-telling machine has bad news for Claudia; Marcus Diamond has a proposition for Steve Jinks.


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In Ithaca, NY, a couple are making out in a parked car when the boy, Paul, hears someone gasping for air. Amy ignores it and removes her blouse but the boy goes into the nearby woods to check out the noise. Someone charges out of the forest and attacks Paul, throwing him against the car and attacking Amy as well.

At the Warehouse, Pete complains that Artie let his mother go, but Artie says that he has no control over her. Pete wants to protect the Regents but Artie tells Pete and Myka that they have it under control and it's not their job to deal with Walter Sykes. As the agents leave for Ithaca, Leena comes in asks what happened between Steve and Mrs. Frederic in Atlanta. Artie admits that Steve was stripped of all his credentials and tells Leena not to tell Claudia, and that he's given Claudia a few days off because she's upset about what happened to her friend.

Claudia is performing at the coffeehouse open night in Univille when a guitarist, Dwayne Maddox, comes by and invites her to join his band. She accepts and Dwayne tells her to meet him at his garage. She then tries to call Steve to share the news but only gets his answering machine.

At the Ithaca general hospital, Amy tells the agents that something bit both of them. Their attacker was distracted by something and she got Paul into the car and drove off. Myka checks Amy's wound and discovers they were made by what Pete identifies as human teeth. He suggests that some kind of supernatural creature is responsible, but Myka isn't convinced.

They drive to Lover's Lane at night to investigate and Pete insists on staying with Myka as she checks the woods. They find a man eating a deer. When he looks up, they realize that he's a zombie. It cowers before their guns and Myka figures that he's an artifact victim, not a supernatural zombie. Pete isn't convinced and Myka tries to get through to the victim, but he charges them and they have to use the Tesla on him. Myka checks the man's identification and confirms that he's Kevin Monroe, a local resident.

The agents take Kevin to the hospital and call Artie. He tells them that there are artifacts that simulate death and could create a zombie. The frostbitten Kevin wakes up and says "Peas, elk, bison," and then starts shivering with cold. Artie tells them to check out Kevin's house while he flies out to assist them.

Claudia is leaving the Leena's Bed and Breakfast for rehearsal when Artie calls to tell her to do research on living-death artifacts. She objects, saying she has two days off, but he insists. At the Warehouse, Claudia tries to call Steve again and he finally answers, demanding to know what she wants. She tells him about Dwayne and how they have something, but Steve says that he's a former co-worker, not a friend. He tells her to stop calling him and hangs up. Claudia snaps at the phone and a nearby Sultan Sallah fortune-telling machine starts up on its own. A fortune card pops up and Claudia takes it. It says, "Death comes for you this night." As Claudia walks away, a gargoyle statue falls from a shelf above and just misses her.

Pete and Myka go to Kevin's house and discover that he had the heat turned up to resist freezing. They hear someone in the closet and tell the person to come out. Pete finds the key and unlocks the door, and they find a young boy cowering inside. Pete sees photos of him and Kevin on the wall and realizes that Kevin was actually saying, "Please help my son."

Back at the hospital, Pete and Myka bring in the boy, Danny, and tell Artie what happened. Danny runs to look at his father and Pete tries to reassure him, but the boy doesn't say anything. As Pete leads him away to get a candy bar, Artie says that the couple haven't developed any symptoms but that the police got a call from a frat house reporting someone eating a squirrel. They don't know what the connection is and Artie says that they have to contain it. Pete comes back with Danny and tells Artie that he has to stay with the boy while they check out the frat house. Artie reluctantly agrees to talk to the boy.

At the fraternity, the house president, Fenton Wallis, says that their frat pledge Moose Mulder went berserk after returning from a burrito run and started biting people. Pete confirms that they have ten minutes before the police arrive and the agents go inside to check the basement where Moose is hiding. They make their way past discarded tacos on the floor and find Moose, chewing on a rat. He begs them to help but then charges them and tackles Myka. Pete knocks him out with a wooden paddle before he can bite his partner, but one of the frat brothers emerges from a closet, distracting Pete long enough for Moose to bite him on the arm.

The EMTs treat Pete's wound and Myka calls Artie, who admits that he has no idea when or if Pete could fall victim to the disease, given that Paul and Amy are still asymptomatic. Myka talks to Fenton and the others and confirms that they were only chartered last year and Moose had no connection to Kevin that they know of. Pete asks Myka to put him down if she has to and she jokingly agrees, and then suggests he go to the hospital. He refuses to leave her alone and then notices that the EMTs are bringing out Moose and that he's blinded by the daylight. Hungry with normal hunger, Pete goes to the nearby taco shop and orders a meal. While he waits, Myka suggests that the artifact works in stages and Pete discuss zombie symptoms in front of the waiting line. He has her pay for his taco and they leave.

At the hospital, Artie tries to make small talk about what he knows with Danny. It doesn't go well and Artie goes inside to check on Kevin. The doctor informs Artie that Kevin is going through IV bags but his body is ice cold, and his organs will soon shut down.

At the warehouse, Claudia hears an air tube message coming in and tries to open the tube, only to be sucked into the pipe. She manages to shut it down and remembers the fortune, and gets a call from Artie. Upset, she starts to rant at Artie and refuses to tell him what's going on. Claudia gives him a list of possible artifacts and Artie gives her Kevin's symptoms. She says that the network is running slow but promises to get him the information as soon as she has it. Once Claudia hangs up, she gets a call from Leena saying that Dwayne is at the B&B. She goes there and Dwayne reminds her that she missed the rehearsal. Claudia says she has one thing to do and goes to get her guitar, but trips on the stairs and knocks him back against a light switch. A bolt of electricity shoots from the switch to the chandelier, bringing it down. Claudia manages to shove Dwayne out of the way just in time and tells Dwayne that she's marked for death and has to get away from everyone.

As Kevin's condition worsens, Artie gets an idea and takes out a pair of glasses from his bag. He puts them on and Kevin stabilizes. Artie warns that it won't last and mutters that the glasses belonged to the inventor of the thermostat. He goes to check on Paul and Amy, but the doctor tells him that they were released hours ago.

As Artie tries to piece together why they are fine, Moose gets free and goes berserk. Pete and Myka arrive and go after the frat boy as he runs to a vending machine. Myka tries to shoot him but hesitates, and Pete grabs the Tesla and shoots Moose. He gets back up and advances on Moose, who draws his gun and begs Moose to stop. The college boy collapses and Artie runs in to confirm that he's dead of hypothermia and starvation. Pete says that he feels fine and Artie says that the artifact's effects aren't spread by bite. However, when they turn to Myka, they discover that she's suffering from temperature loss and hunger.

As Myka gets worse, Pete assures her that they'll find the artifact. He checks with Artie, who figures that Myka came into contact with the artifact somewhere. Artie goes to talk to Danny, telling him that his father was sick once, and now there are others in danger and they need Danny's help. Danny finally speaks, asking if they want to give the glasses to Myka. Artie asks him if Kevin came into contact with anything weird and the boy says that they got tacos from Manny's taco truck. Myka insists that she didn't eat anything there, but they figure that there must be connection. Pete looks up the truck's address on Twitter and heads for a construction site, and Myka insists on going with him. Once they leave, Artie tells Danny that his father was eventually fine.

Claudia goes back to the fortune-telling machine and asks if she's going to die. It gives out another card, "R.I.P. Claudia Donovan." When she asks if she's going to die that night, it gives her another card saying that she is. Claudia douses the machine with neutralizer fluid and walks away, but notices a leaking drum above her. The brandy inside comes to life and envelops her.

That night, Pete and Myka find the taco truck. Myka finally goes berserk and tries to attack Pete. Transformed construction workers run out of the site and attack their car, pounding on the windows. Pete manages to shove Myka out and close the door, but discovers that the keys are outside.

Leena sees that an artifact is active and runs to help Claudia. She frees her from the water and Claudia breaks into tears, saying that nothing is good. Leena demonstrates that the fortune-telling machine always predicts death and instills a feeling of dread into anyone who activates it. To beat it, Claudia has to actively ignore it.

Pete calls to tell Claudia to hack into the Ithaca power grid and turn on all the lights at the construction site. The infected cower back, clutching at their eyes, and Pete runs to Manny's taco truck. Manny is cowering inside and Pete tells him to let him in.

The circuits blow and the lights go out. The infected run to the taco truck and Manny finally lets Pete in. Pete locks the door and searches, and finds an old jar that Manny uses as a tip jar. He's out of static bags and has to smash the jar, releasing a wave of energy. Myka and the others are returned to normal. Artie calls to tell them that Kevin has recovered as well and is with Danny.

Back at the warehouse, Artie explains that the glass jar was from the Donner party and puts away the shattered pieces. The survivors used the jar to bury some of their money, and the tips triggered it. Pete is at the Univille Diner and has invited everyone to join him, his treat.

Claudia goes to the coffee house where Dwayne is performing alone on stage. Once he's done, Claudia tells him that things happen to her but it puts things in prospective. She kisses him and says she still wants to join the band. As Dwayne goes to finish the set, Claudia sends a text message to Steve, who is drinking in a bar. The bartender tells Steve that his card has been declined. Marcus Diamond steps up to the bar and pays Steve's tab, calling him by name. Steve realizes that Marcus was with Sally in Atlanta, and Marcus points out that because of his scruples, the Regents have cut him off. Marcus and his people want Steve on their team, and insists that they just defend themselves. When Steve wonders why he would work with them, Marcus admits that he's good and that he should work with people who can appreciate his talents. Steve doesn't say anything at first, but then pushes a stool out and invites him to sit down.


Main Cast

Guest Starring


  • Jenny Raven as Amy Gillan
  • Kyle Buchanan as Paul
  • Diego Fuentes as Manuel Flores
  • Nick Baillie as Kevin Munroe
  • Drew Adkins as Danny Munroe
  • Carter Hayden as Wally (Frat Guy)
  • Craig Cornfield as J.T. (Frat Guy)
  • Jesse Nerenberg as Moose (Frat Guy)
  • Patrice Goodman as Nurse
  • Azdin Zaman as Orderly #1
  • Tommy Chang as Orderly #2
  • Phil Morrison as Bartender
  • Jee Yun Lee as TV Newscaster
  • Darren Marsman as Construction Worker #1
  • Edward Queffelec as Construction Worker #2
  • Dean Copkov as Construction Worker #3
  • Mike Chute as Construction Worker #4

Artifacts and Gadgets Featured

  • Glass Jar from the Donner Party: Causes symptoms of severe hypothermia, sensitivity to light and intense carnivorous cravings when people place money in the jar. The carnivorous cravings initially begin with animal meat but soon become cannabilistic, and the victim eventually dies from freezing to death and starvation. It is the main artifact of the episode.
  • 'Sallah the Soothsaying Sultan' Booth: A fortune telling game that appears to predict life-threatening misfortune that ends up coming true; in reality it is more of a hypnotic device that fills its victim with so much dread that bad things do start to happen, usually through the victim's own actions. The only way to defeat Sallah is to actively ignore him.
  • Albert Butz's Glasses: Raises the wearer's internal temperature.
  • Eau de Vie Faucet: Contains water that comes alive and actively tries to drown the victim when they touch the water.
  • Torch of Thanatos: Mentioned but not seen; has properties that cause living death.
  • Bodhidharma's Slippers: Mentioned but not seen; has properties that cause living death.
  • Marie Leveau's Crucifix: Mentioned but not seen; has properties that cause living death.


  • An early draft of this episode referred to Night of the Living Dead as a documentary, as revealed in a tweet posted the day the movie's director, George A. Romero, died.[1]

Quotable Quotes

Pete: Listen, um... When it happens... I want you to be the one who puts me down.
Myka: Okay.
Pete: I know it's not gonna be- Wa-Wait, What?
Myka: Two shots in the head, right? Pop! Pop!
Pete: Mykes!
Myka: Everything's gonna be fine.

Artie: Myka, what did you eat?
Myka: Off the truck? Who am I, Pete?


  1. https://twitter.com/Wondermasons/status/886706023427317762 @Wondermasons #Warehouse13 fun fact: early script draft of S3 ep "Insatiable" referred to "Night Of The Living Dead" as a documentary. #RIPGeorgeRomero
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