The Hatfield-McCoy Rifles are a pair of dangerous artifacts.

Description[edit | edit source]

They are a pair of rifles owned by the infamous feuding families. They are connected to each other by a strong gravitational pull; the closer they get to each other, the more powerful said pull is. If they come within firing range, they will both open fire, regardless of if the triggers are pulled.

Looking through the aiming scope of one shows the view of the scope from the other.

According to its display card, the rifles also have the potential to lead to a 30 year feud between any two handlers.

McCoy Rifle Screen.PNG

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Arthur Nielsen originally snagged the McCoy rifle himself, while the Hatfield was snagged by another (unspecified) Agent. The McCoy rifle was stolen by Artie while he was under the effects of Ferdinand Magellan's Astrolabe, but was retrieved by him once more with help from Steve Jinks.

The McCoy Rifle

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