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The Imperceptor Vest was designed by Helena G. Wells and kept in a secret room of the H. G. Wells Museum in London. The vest was designed to give its wearer super speed, but Wells could never get it to work. However, after MacPherson un-bronzed her, he explained to her that anti-matter could power it, something that humans weren't aware of 100 years earlter.

The file pertaining to the Vest retrieved by Claudia Donovan reads:

The Imperceptor Vest
art# 42394677 dwg# 423-40003-HGW
H.G. Wells schematic #4677
Wearer can move fast enough to become
imperceptible to the naked eye.
Requires compact energy source
capable of providing 6 terajoules
of energy.
*Development halted due to
insufficient power source availability.

In July 2010, Wells succeeded in retrieving the Vest after being released from the Bronze Sector of Warehouse 13, immobilizing agents Myka Bering and Peter Lattimer with an antigravity generator in the process. She then met up with James MacPherson, who had successfully conspired to steal a sample of antimatter from the particle physics laboratory at CERN. Wells used the antimatter to power the Vest, and employed the vest to navigate the Escher Vault within Warehouse 13 in order to retrieve her personal effects, including her ring, locket, and compact.

After she returned from the Vault, Wells used the Vest to escape from the Warehouse and left it outside once its power source was depleted.

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  • The Imperceptor Vest may be based on H. G. Wells' short story "The New Accelerator", in which a professor ingests a special elixir that accelerates the ingester's mind and body to the point where the world around them seems frozen in time and only the motion of extremely fast objects can be perceived.[1]

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