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A prayer-rope once belonging to Grigori Rasputin is currently kept at Warehouse 13. It was won by Artie in an auction.

Several attempts were made on Rasputins life, but all were unsuccessful. It was believed Rasputin cheated death each time, but really he was killed by the very first assassin. Every time Rasputin was killed, his followers would use this lestovka (a Russian prayer rope) to resurrect him in order to make their enemies believe he was immortal. 

It was thought that this artifact caused the apparitions of James MacPherson to appear so, Arthur Nielsen, Claudia Donovan, and Leena used a scrubber on this artifact which apparently would completely and totally neutralize it. It was not however this artifact that was causing the apparitions.


Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin was a Russian Orthodox Christian and mystic that was perceived to have influenced the Russian royal family. Some believed him to be crazy, a "mad-monk", others believed him to be prophet. Assassination attempts on Rasputin have become kind of a legend and nobody knows exactly how he died, but some think the Russian royals did it. According to Greg King's 1996 book "The Man Who Killed Rasputin", Rasputin was visiting his family when a woman who was a member of an "anti-Rasputin" group stabbed him in the abdomen, and as his entrails spewed out she screamed "I have killed the Antichrist". After intensive surgery, he survived. According to legend, Rasputin also survived being poisoned, getting shot in the back, drowning, getting badly beaten, and being burned alive. 


  • The rope was collected July 17th, 1947 and is stored in aisle YYZ-2112.[1]
    • Aisle YYZ-2112 later appear in the webseries "Of Monsters and Men" and "Grand Designs".
    • "YYZ" and "2112" are references to songs of the same name by the Canadian rock band Rush.