Origin[edit | edit source]

Created by the Viking prince Godfrid Haraldsson (circa 820 - 852) who made it from the armor of fallen warriors. It was used to give strength to Godfrid's warriors in battle.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Anyone who drinks from it or any liquid it touches begins to show increased muscle strength. However, if a person uses the artifact too many times then eventually their muscles will catch fire and they'll be burned alive. The more a person takes in, the sooner they die.

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Collection[edit | edit source]

This artifact was first discovered after a college wrestling team went from being losers to being unstoppable overnight. Also, one of team's members died in a fire while he was camping; strangely it appears the fire started from inside his sleeping bag. It was later found out that the wrestling team members were acting as test subjects for a new line of energy drinks. The doctor in charge of research at the bottling plant was using the artifact as a kind of steroid for the drink.

It's been on the Warehouse most wanted list for a while as Warehouse 12 agents were looking for it for a while.

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Appearances[edit | edit source]

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