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"For The Team" is the seventh episode of Season Two of SyFy's Warehouse 13, that aired on August 17, 2010.


Pete is temporarily removed from field duties as the result of his encounter with the telegraph. Myka is partnered with Claudia while they seek to uncover the artifact affecting a high school wrestling team. Their assignment is complicated by the reappearance of H.G. Wells.


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Myka calls in Dr. Kelly Hernandez, the town veterinarian, to the B&B to take care of her ferret, and Pete comes in. He starts arguing with Kelly, and Myka quickly escorts her out before things escalate further. Artie and Claudia arrive to inform them that they've picked something up, but Pete is grounded after his recent bout of artifact-induced paranoia. Their latest report concerns a team of California wrestlers that have recently become unbeatable, one of whom died in an isolated fire a few weeks ago. Artie sends Claudia as backup with Myka for her first mission.

As Myka and Claudia arrive at Tamalpais University, Myka reminds Claudia that she's just an apprentice, not a full agent. She goes into tutorial mode and Claudia tries to take in everything. They talk to Coach Tappon in the men's locker room, and he has one of the wrestlers, Garry, talk to them. Garry insists that they simply want it (victory) bad enough, while Claudia tries to look everywhere except the mostly naked wrestler. Myka finally sends her out to the gym, where she finds the winning wrestler, Philip, writhing in pain. In a matter of seconds, he bursts into flame and is reduced to ash.

Later, Claudia and Myka go to the gym to watch the coach address the team, and Claudia blames herself for not doing enough. She's hacked the coroner files and the burn patterns confirm that the first wrestler, Teddy, died of spontaneous combustion as well. They watch as the coach has the team grasp a gold medal and leads a cheer, and Myka goes to talk to the coach and sends Claudia to interview the wrestlers.

At the warehouse, Pete is bored and playing with artifacts again. Artie grasps at his side in pain and explains that his appendix is growing back... again. He calls for a doctor.

Myka talks to the coach and suggests that as a former athlete turned college coach, he has reason to want to be successful again. Tappon insists that he doesn't, but refuses to show her the medal. The team's alumni benefactor, Jeff Russell, asks for a meeting and Tappon warns Myka not to interfere with the team.

Claudia goes to see one of the wrestlers, Garry, who loyally defends his coach and notices that she seems unsure about what she's doing.

Dr. Vanessa Calder, the Warehouse doctor, comes to South Dakota to tend to Artie. The two of them start bantering and Pete figures something is going on. Dr. Calder suggests that they remove the appendix again and goes to set up the operating room. Pete then suggests that there is something between them, but Artie angrily denies it. The younger agent isn't convinced.

Claudia meets up with Myka and they plan to break into the coach's office to get he medal. When Myka explains that Tappon is lying, she insists that she's a trained agent and that people rarely surprise her. They arrive and find someone breaking into the coach's trophy case: Helena G. Wells. Myka holds her at gunpoint and then grabs her and angrily chokes her. Claudia finally convinces Myka to loosen her grip, and Helena insists that killing MacPherson doesn't make her "a killer". She then explains that she's hunting for the same artifact as them and shows them the medal. She readily hands it over and then casually walks out and distracts Tappon as he arrives.

Myka and Claudia slip away and then call to tell Artie what's going on. Dr. Calder calls Artie to surgery but has to take a call. While she's gone, Pete discovers that Artie has the P.T. Barnum's Top, which is used to regrow, among other things, internal organs. Pete figures that Artie used it to regrow his appendix and get Dr. Calder to visit. He suggests that Artie actually ask Vanessa out on a date. Dr. Calder returns to say that she's been called to Budapest to tend to an ailing Regent, and Artie lets her go without plucking up the courage to say anything.

Myka tries to neutralize the medal but nothing happens, and they realize Helena knew it wasn't the artifact. Claudia has discovered that Tappon has recently moved into an expensive house, and Myka sends her to finish the interviews. Claudia admits she isn't good with people and tried to be like Myka, and Myka tells her to be herself. When Claudia proves reluctant, Myka employs reverse psychology, telling her to go back to the warehouse if she can't handle it, and Claudia angrily insists on continuing the investigation. She goes to talk to Garry again and she gets him to admit that the coach has put the town on the map and given them a chance to become something better, particularly as the town's main source of income, the bottling plant, is due to shut down very shortly. Garry explains that Tappon recently started acting scare.

Coach Tappon is on the street, calling someone to inform them that he's under suspicion and has had enough. Someone runs him over, killing him, and then escapes with his cellphone.

As Dr. Calder prepares to leave, Pete tells Artie to do something other than act like an obsessed Warehouse agent. The best he can do is wish Dr. Calder a nice flight.

Myka and Claudia go to the crime scene and figure someone knew about the artifact. They spot Helena, and Myka runs to catch up to her and demand answers. Helena insists that she doesn't know what's going on, and tries to appeal to Myka as a fellow woman. Myka doesn't fall for it, and gets Helena to admit she finally recovered her own belongings from the Escher Vault. She shows Myka a locket which has a photo of her daughter, Christina, and explains that the Warehouse is the only thing she has left in her life, and she wants to go back to work. Helena is investigating the deaths to prove that she's a good agent, and begs Myka for a chance, now that she's lost every other tether she has. Before Myka can answer, someone drives down the street in a SUV and tries to run them over. Helena uses a grappling hook gun to lift herself and Myka out of the way. Afterward, Myka wonders if she set the whole thing up, but agrees to work together.

Pete returns to the office to discover that Artie is in extreme pain as his appendix continues to grow.

Helena and Myka break in to the dead wrestler's room to search. As they go over the room, Helena avoids Myka's question about why she was bronzed, but insists it was an injustice. They find his laptop and discover pictures of Phillip showing how he built up his body over three weeks.

Pete takes Artie to Kelly for treatment because the town doctor is away. Kelly agrees just to get rid of Pete, but then calls him in to work as a prep nurse.

Claudia meets Myka and Helena, and warns that the other wrestlers are getting ill. They spot a locked refrigerator and break it open, and find bottles of energy drink. Claudia remembers that Garry was drinking a bottle of the liquid, and Myka sends her to warn him. She and Helena then go to the local factory, where Dr. Gerald Mahoney produces the energy drink. He admits that they used the wrestlers as a focus group to test the drink. It turns out that Jeff Russell is the owner of the company, and he insists that he's trying to give something back to the town and the drink is completely harmless. Jeff offers to show them his process.

Later at the B&B, Artie recovers while Kelly makes fun of Pete panicking at the site of blood. She puts Pete in charge of making sure that Artie stays there and recuperates. Once Kelly leaves to get some soup, Artie suggests that Pete should ask her out, and that Pete thinks he might end up alone as an obsessed warehouse agent. He tells Pete he doesn't have to miss out on a real life, and Pete admits he'd be honored to have a life like Artie's.

Claudia goes to Garry's room and discovers that he's starting to swell up. She asks him about what he said earlier of the bottling factory closing.

Pete finally asks Kelly for a date, but she says that she had an ugly divorce and came there to avoid any cute guys. She walks away over Pete's objections.

Russell shows the women around the lab and Myka notices an ancient iron ladle. Helena explains that it was a Viking artifact. Claudia arrives and tells them that the factory is being bought out. Myka realizes that someone decided to hush up the deaths to protect the buyout. Mahoney joins them and admits he did it to keep the sale going and avoid losing from all the company stock he owns. He and Claudia struggle and she falls into a vat of the drink. The others get her out but Mahoney warns that the larger the dose, the quicker the effects. Claudia only has an hour or two before she blows up. Myka suggests that amino acids might prove a cure. Helena says he'll do what she says, and forces Mahoney to work with her. Myka and Russell get Claudia into a tub of ice but she continues to overheat. Helena develops a treatment and administers it to Claudia, and asks Myka to keep an open mind about her intentions. Claudia recovers and Helena slips away... after leaving Myka her grappling gun as a loan.

Later, Myka and Claudia return to the B&B and brief Artie. He isn't convinced that Helena is on their side. Once he leaves, Myka offers Claudia a brochure on college so she can get a degree and apply to join the Secret Service. Claudia thanks her for being hard on her and embraces her. Once she goes, Pete admits he might have a date with Kelly. He plans to pursue it even though she turned him, and says that sometimes people can surprise you. Myka agrees.

At the Warehouse, Artie is working on his music when Dr. Calder arrives to make sure that he's okay. As she turns to go, Artie stops her.

Pete goes to see Kelly at her office and admits that he likes her. She agrees to have dinner but warns him not to get any ideas.

Artie invites Dr. Calder to stick around for a while for a date and she says she'd like that.

Claudia applies to college.

Myka goes into the warehouse and puts Helena's grappling gun in a case for safekeeping.


Main Cast

Guest Starring


  • Robert Clark as Gary Gross
  • Scott Wickware as Coach Tappon
  • Kamiran Aldabbagh as Philip
  • Hamish McEwan as Dr. Mahoney
  • Christian Campbell as Jeff Russell

Artifacts and Gadgets Featured

  • Godfrid's Spoon: Forged from the armor of the fallen warriors in Godfrid Haraldsson's army, any liquid that comes into contact with the ladle amplifies the strength of the drinker. Excessive use causes spontaneous combustion. It is the main artifact of the episode.
  • Telegraph from Telegraph Island: Causes the victim to suffer from vivid hallucinations by tapping into subconscious anxieties as well as increasing insanity. Mentioned by Artie.
  • P.T. Barnum's Top: Used to grow extra limbs and internal organs.
  • H.G. Wells's Grappling Hook : Built by Helena Wells, the gadget was used to save her and Myka from being run over by Dr. Mahoney's car.
  • Timothy Leary's Reading Glasses: While a duplicate was featured in MacPherson, in this episode Pete is wearing the genuine artifact, which causes psychedelic hallucinations reminiscent of being on LSD.
  • Chromatic Pitch Pipe: Precise effects are unknown, but it most likely tests for infection or disease. One of Dr. Calder's medical tools.
  • Shyness Reducing Wooden Box: This artifact is said to reduce shyness. Pete grabbed this artifact from the stacks to help Artie talk to Vanessa.


  • This episode's title is taken from the phrase "take one for the team", meaning ot willingly undertake an unpleasant task or make a personal sacrifice for the benefits of one's friends or the majority.
  • According to Vanessa, the Warehouse has a "procedure room", likely where immediately required and on-site medical procedures are performed.
  • According to Artie, this episode takes place three weeks after the first death caused by Godfrid's Spoon. As this occurred on August 10th[1], and the episode itself takes place on a school day, this places this episode between August 30th and September 3rd.[2]
  • Artie references the Telegraph Island Telegraph and the events from the previous episode, "Around The Bend".
  • Gary's name is misspelled "Garry" in the credits.

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