Oh you should have kept your promises, Erik.

Erik Kluger was a scientist and weapons designer who appeared in Season 1.


Little is known about Erik's past except that his ingenuity allowed him to create extremely powerful and dangerous weapons. Initially, his genius brought him much renown, but the Warehouse agents deemed his inventions too dangerous to exist. They ruined his reputation, confiscated all of his inventions, and forced him to promise never to build anything like them again. Erik was left to make a living from an electronics shop, which the Warehouse kept tabs on to ensure that he kept his promise.

MacPherson Edit

Years later, James MacPherson tracked Erik down and commissioned his skills to build six Implosion Grenades.[1] Erik was under the impression that James was still working for the Warehouse, and wryly observed how they were coming back to him for help despite their previous actions. He completed the weapons that MacPherson requested, but upon their delivery of the last grenades, MacPherson used an unknown flamethrower-like device that used small fuel pellets to kill him, incinerating him completely. Artie later tracked him down, and upon finding the ashes of his corpse, quietly expressed regret that he broke his promise.

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Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown if Erik was designing weapons for good or ill intentions before the Warehouse stepped in, though the fact that they stepped in at all implies that it was more for ill.


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