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Combining a dangerous number of artifacts, Paracelsus attempts to travel through time to the era of Warehouse 9 and rewrite history, making him Caretaker for over 500 years. He turns the Warehouse into a scientifically advanced house of horrors, where he experiments with artifacts on people.

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After Paracelsus takes control of the warehouse, Claudia steps forward to contest his control of the building. The two of them fire artifacts back and forth at each other, but each one counters the other... until Paracelsus realizes that if Claudia is part of the warehouse, he can control her as well. He takes control of her and forces her to go to the office with him. Once there, he probes her memories and then has her bring up information on Karl Schwarzschild. When Claudia wonders what he’s doing, Paracelsus tells her that he plans to combine a few artifacts and change everything.

Pete meets Myka at the hospital after her surgery. Once the nurse wheels Myka out, Pete confirms that she’s okay and Myka explains that it was a benign cyst. She then asks Pete what is happening at the warehouse.

Artie and Steve are at the force field trying to get through the barrier. Steve gets in their rental car and Artie covers it with neutralizer fluid. As Steve backs up, Mrs. Frederic calls Artie to tell him that the Regents are on an overseas retreat and she’s going to meet them. Artie assures her that he has everything under control and signs off. Steve rams into the wall and fails to pass through, and Artie says that he has another idea to get through and rescue Claudia. At the hospital parking lot, Pete tells Myka what has been happening but avoids telling her that Paracelsus tricked Pete into freeing him by promising to cure Myka. When Pete mentions the force field around the warehouse, Myka tells her partner that they need to go to the Innes Observatory right away.

Artie and Steve bring dozens of car batteries back to the warehouse and wire them together, and then prepare to use jumper cables on the field. Steve wonders what they’re going to do about Paracelsus when they get inside, and Artie explains that they’ll use the Arrow of Achilles to kill the now-immortal scientist. Pete and Myka arrive and Myka tells her friends that once she heard about the force field, she went to the Innes Observatory, The force field draws power from the Alpha Centauri star system, so she redirected the telescope at Uranus. The barrier is still up but is visual only, so Myka can easily walk in and the others follow her. When they enter the warehouse, Artie has Pete and Steve go to distract Paracelsus, while he and Myka break off Paracelsus’ connection to the warehouse by restarting the fires in the Endulari. Pete yells at Paracelsus and starts knocking items off the shelf. Paracelsus is having Claudia assemble a device and hears Pete yelling, and sends Claudia to attack him. She shows up with several weapon artifacts and opens fire on Pete and Steve.

At the Eldunari, Artie produces a set of Sumerian mirror artifacts and tells Myka that they can use them to reflect the flames back into their alcoves. Once the alcoves are reignited, it will sever Paracelsus’ connection to Warehouse 13. However, if they don’t simultaneously use the mirrors, they’ll be incinerated. Their plan works, but only two of the four alcoves reignite. Claudia corners Pete and Steve in a dead-end corridor and prepares to kill them. Artie has Myka wait and the two remaining alcoves finally reignite. Paracelsus loses his connection to the warehouse and Claudia, but goes back to work on his device. Meanwhile, Myka and Artie call the others and Claudia explains that Paracelsus had her combine three artifacts with H.G. Wells’ time machine. Artie realizes that the three artifacts are extremely powerful, and they figure that Paracelsus plans to physically jump back through time. Artie tells them to get the arrow and some guns, while he and Myka meet them after picking something up.

Paracelsus uses the artifacts to open the time portal just as Pete arrives and shoots at him with the Arrow. He misses and the Arrow goes into the portal, and Paracelsus boasts that he will remake the world. He leaps into the portal and disappear, just as Myka and Artie arrive and toss their teammates metal dining forks. A wave of energy sweeps through the warehouse, transforming it into a high-tech storage facility. The team finds themselves standing in a hallway surrounded by banners bearing Paracelsus’ face and the names of the previous five warehouse. They realize that Paracelsus went back in time and became the caretaker of the warehouse five iterations ago.

Artie translates the motto on the banners and realizes that the first part says that ”Science is everything.” When Claudia wonders why they didn’t change along the warehouse, Artie explains that the forks are artifacts that let the holder maintain their original timeline. Claudia discovers that the warehouse has an advanced computer system with an organic component, and summons up a hologram of Paracelsus that acts as an interface. Claudia tells the others that she’ll need to get to the hub to access the main computer and find how what specific time and place that Paracelsus went with, so that they can go there and intercept him, restoring the original timeline. When Artie disagrees with her plan, Claudia points out that they need full knowledge of what’s going on, and that he hid the existence of her sister from her.

Pete goes with Claudia and they follow the fiber optic connections to the computer hub. Pete asks about her comment to Artie but before Claudia can answer, stormtroopers walk past. They’re wearing mind-control eyepiece artifacts, and Pete realizes that they’re wearing copies of the Spine of Saracen, the first artifact that almost killed him. They realize that Paracelsus has found a way to recreate artifacts and weaponize his personal security force. Claudia and Pete stare in surprise as Benedict Valda, a Regent in their timeline, arrives to inspect the troops. Once they move on, Pete and Claudia head for the computer hub.

Artie, Myka, and Steve follow Claudia’s directions and look for the three artifacts. They hear someone screaming and go into a chamber. The screaming man is being tortured by two scientists who are experimenting on him with artifacts. Artie blacks out the viewscreen and tells Steve and Myka that the scene reminds him of what his parents used to tell him about the experiments the Nazis performed in the concentration camps during World War II. When Pete and Claudia get to the computer hub, they discover that Paracelsus has tied Abigail into the computer system and is using her as the organic component. Pete wants to free her but Claudia warns him that they could kill Abigail. Claudia is unable to access the secure data files and starts to access the lower-level information.

Artie, Myka, and Steve gather the three artifacts that Paracelsus used but realize that they may not have enough energy to send Pete and Myka back. An alarm goes off just as Pete and Claudia arrive, and they inform the others that they’ve determined that Paracelsus traveled back to June 10, 1541. On that date the Regents were killed and Paracelsus remained the caretaker of the warehouse without Regent supervision. They activate the mechanism just as stormtroopers come down the corridor toward them. Artie runs down the hallway to draw them off and Claudia and Steve monitor the portal. However, Claudia goes after Artie and Steve monitors the controls as first Myka and then Pete enter the time portal.

When Pete leaves the portal, he finds himself in an underground chamber. A dead guard lies on the floor, the Arrow of Achilles in his back. An attractive woman has captured Myka and is holding a knife to her throat. Pete explains that he’s a warehouse agent and the woman introduces herself as Lisa DaVinci, agent of Warehouse 9. She is comfortable with the idea of time travelers and explains that she’s the granddaughter of Leonard DaVinci. Myka disarms Lisa and holds the knife on her, and explains that Paracelsus traveled back from their time and killed the guards. Lisa tells them that “her” Paracelsus was just bronzed and the Regents are choosing the next caretaker.

In the new present, Artie is taken to a chamber and strapped into a chair. He tries to convince Valda that the timeline has been altered, but Valda dismisses him as insane. Paracelsus comes in and realizes that Artie is a product of the original timeline. When Artie claims that he’s there on his own, Paracelsus isn’t convinced and tells Valda to interrogate Artie using artifacts. Valda calls in their two lead scientists–Vanessa Calder and Hugo Miller–to conduct the interrogation.

Claudia goes back to Steve and they have Steve cycle on Jack LaLanne’s stationary bike to power the portal. Once the portal stabilizes for the moment, Claudia goes after Artie. Artie tries to convince the two scientists that they know him in his timeline. Hugo tells Artie that he and Vanessa are married, and both scientists loudly profess their dedication to Paracelsus so that the security monitors can hear them. Artie realizes that they’re afraid of Paracelsus, and Vanessa admits that Paracelsus has their children as hostages. When they prepare to use Joan of Arc’s helmet to tap into Artie’s mind, Artie tells them personal details that only a close friend would know and they realize that he’s telling the truth.

Lisa brings out a mirror artifact that will let them see the immediate past, and together she and the two future agents watch as Paracelsus enters the chamber, kills the guards, and leaves. The Warehouse 9 agent is satisfied that Pete and Myka are telling the truth, and says that the Regents are meeting at a secret location to choose the next caretaker. Pete points out that the Regents meet in public restaurants to avoid drawing attention, and they finally realize that they’re at a nearby olive garden.

Claudia enters a stairwell and hears Paracelsus and Valda talking overhead. Paracelsus seems to sense her momentarily but then leaves to check on the artifacts. Claudia makes her way to the experimentation chamber and uses her tesla, stunning Vanessa and Hugo. She reminds Artie again of how he hid the existence of her sister from him and Artie insists that he was just trying to protect her. Claudia tells her mentor that he can’t protect her anymore and she’s an adult... just as Paracelsus addresses them from the observation booth, saying that they won’t be protecting anyone anymore. Valda and one of the stormtroopers come in and captures Claudia.

The Regents are at the local olive garden discussing their next caretaker when Paracelsus arrive and tells them that they must appoint him caretaker. He will then create a world where science is worshipped as the one true faith. Paracelsus tells the Regents to decide and one of them, Marcus, says that they will never work with hm. Furious, Paracelsus takes out an elephant tusk artifact and drives it into the ground. Boa constrictors emerge from the ground, crushing the Regents, just as Pete, Myka, and Lisa run up.

Lisa warns that they can’t safely approach the tusk, and whistles. A giant purple swamphen flies out of the sky and Paracelsus runs off, while the swamphen neutralizes the tusk and flies off with it. Myka figures that Paracelsus will go back to Warehouse 9 and attempt to become the caretaker by using the Eldunari again, and heads there with Pete and Lisa.

The stormtroopers strap Claudia into a chair and Hugo and Vanessa bring out Alice’s mirror, unaware of its powers. Claudia points out the mirror to Artie, who realizes what she intends and asks Hugo and Vanessa to take a photo of them before they proceed with their interrogation.

The three warehouse agents return to the warehouse and discover that Paracelsus has killed another guard. Lisa sends Pete directly to the Eldunari while she and Myka circle around in case Paracelsus takes a detour.

In the present, the alarm goes off and Steve realizes that they’ll be coming for him. In the past, Pete spots Paracelsus, who tries to throw the warehouse agent off his trail with a fire bomb artifact. Pete climbs the shelves and gets ahead of him, and throws the artifact scalpel that Paracelsus could cure Myka. It hits Paracelsus in the leg.

In the present, Paracelsus clutches at his leg as he goes to confront Steve. Pete knocks the wounded Paracelsus to the floor.

In the present, Paracelsus clutches at his leg and tells Valda that he’ll deal with the intruder on his own.

Furious, Pete grabs the scalpel and reminds Paracelsus that he tried to buy his freedom with Myka’s life. Myka and Lisa arrive behind Pete, who is unaware that they are there. Pete tells Paracelsus that he lied but the scientist begs for a chance to make a better future. Ignoring him, Pete drags Paracelsus to Warehouse 9’s Bronze Sector.

In the present, Paracelsus uses an artifact to disarm Steve when the warehouse agent tries and shoots him. Paracelsus then prepares to use another artifact on Steve... but time alters once more as Pete in 1541 bronzes Paracelsus, stopping him from killing the Regents and changing the past.

Everyone is restored back to the normal Warehouse 13, and Claudia confirms that Mrs. Frederic has taken control of the warehouse again. However, Claudia warns the others that she can sense something is changing but she doesn’t know what. Abigail informs her friends that the Regents have summoned her overseas to consult with them. Meanwhile, Pete takes them to the sarcophagus where he stored “their” Paracelsus after he was bronzed in 1541. Artie tells Pete to take Paracelsus to the Bronze Sector and leaves with Claudia and Steve. Myka tells Pete that she’s worked out that he had the scalpel because he had made a deal with Paracelsus to cure her. She angrily tells him that he’s never to place her life before the world and the warehouse again, punches him in the shoulder, and walks off.

As Artie returns the forks to their case, he tries to distract Claudia by complimenting her on using Alice’s mirror. She isn’t fooled and warns him that she hasn’t forgotten her sister Claire. As she walks off, Artie counts the forks and realizes that one of them is missing. In the Personnel Quarters Archive, the alternate timeline Benedict Valda holds onto the missing fork and brings up the quarters of his dead counterpart. 


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  • Hardee T. Lineham as Marcus
  • Diane Johnstone as Nurse
  • Jerald Bezener as Screaming Man

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Artifacts and Gadgets Featured[edit | edit source]

  • Theodosius of Bithynia's Sundial - When used with a certain combination of artifacts it allows a person to travel through time.
  • Karl Schwarzschild's Pocket Watch - When used with a certain combination of artifacts it allows a person to travel through time.
  • Pierre-Simon Laplace's Telescope - When used with a certain combination of artifacts it allows a person to travel through time.
  • Tesla Coil - Used to power H.G's Time Machine.
  • Arrow of Achilles - The Arrow that Paris used to kill Achilles by striking him in his heel. Pete and Steve got the artifact to use against Paracelsus.
  • Louis XIV's Silverware Forks - During his reign, The Palace of Versailles would often experience time slips and somehow his silverware was imbued with the power to keep him and his court in the same time continuum. Once held it protects the holder from temporal changes.
  • Joan of Arc's Helmet - Alternate Hugo showed this artifact to Artie when contemplating mixing the effects of some artifacts.
  • Sargon the Great's Mirrors - Used by the Akkadian ruler to shine the light from the sun to blind the Sumerians whilst in combat. Artie and Myka used the mirrors to reflect the fire back into the Eldinari.
  • William Bleckwenn's Stethoscope - Bleckwenn was American physician who evolved the process of the administration of truth serum. This artifact was in the Alternate Advanced Warehouse 13. Hugo was going to use this artifact with others to experiment on how to extract the truth from Artie.
  • Homing Bazooka - Fires a rocket that follows the target.
  • The Maltese Falcon - Seen behind Pete and Steven when Claudia fired the bazooka at them.
  • Al Capone's Duel Thompsons - These dual strapped M1928A1 Thompsons once belonged to the infamous gangster, Alphonse "Al" Capone. Exact effects unknown, but they can shoot bullets.
  • Stick Grenade from the Führerbunker- When thrown, the grenade explodes twice.
  • African Elephant Tusk - Taken from the only elephant ever known to be killed by a boa constrictor. When thrust into the ground cracks appear and boas emerge and crush the user's targets. Used by Paracelsus to attempt to kill the Regents of Warehouse 9.
  • Black Bart's Cannon- Seen in the stacks when Claudia fought against Paracelsus.
  • World War II Tessen Fan - Contains the fearsome spirit of the kamikaze pilot who last held it. Once it starts cutting, it's nearly impossible to stop. It is capable of slicing an entire warehouse aisle in half.
  • Lewis Carroll's Mirror - Seen in the alternate advanced version of Warehouse 13, intact in this universe.
  • Doorknob from the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory - Was seen being experimented with on a person with the Phoenix.
  • The Phoenix - Was seen being experimented with on a person with the Triangle Factory Doorknob.
  • Spine of the Saracen - This artifact was reproduced by Paracelsus in the Alternate Advanced Warehouse 13 for his army of super soldiers.
  • Chester Moore Hall's Achromatic Lens - This artifact was originally collected during the time of Warehouse 12. It was reproduced by Paracelsus in the Alternate Advanced Warehouse 13 for his army of super soldiers.
  • Jack LaLanne's Stationary Bike - Used to generate power for the time machine and keep the portal open.
  • Orville Wright's Aviator Goggles - Used by Paracelsus to read Claudia's mind.
  • H.G. Wells' Time Machine - Used along with the sundial, watch and telescope can allow a person to travel through time and change history.
  • The Duke of Exeter's Daughter Torture Rack Spindle - Taken from the the first torture rack, located in the Tower of London commissioned by, John Holland, 2nd Duke of Exeter. Alternate Hugo showed this artifact to Artie which he instantly recognized.
  • After-Image Mirror - A tool used by the agents of Warehouse 9 that works much like the Durational Spectrometer. Placing a candle near the mirror shows the image of anyone that has been in front of mirror in the past few hours.
  • Hua Tuo's Scalpel - Removes impurities from the body. Was going to be used with Hippocrates' Fibula to heal Myka.
  • Ilse Koch's Whip - This whip was used by Paracelsus to disarm Steve.
  • Robert Mapplethorpe's Bullwhip: Mentioned by Eddie McClintock in the commentary of Endless Terror when Paracelsus used Ilse Koch's Whip to disarm Steve. From his Robert Mapplethorpe: The Perfect Moment art show.
  • Spiked Orb - Another artifact that was going to be used against Steve. This artifact opens up to reveal a row of spikes that glow and expand, the device looks like a torture device as it is placed around the mouth and eyes.
  • Red Fire Ball - A part of the inventory of Warehouse 9. This little red ball, when thrown, multiplies and lights on fire. Paracelsus threw this artifact at Pete, while being chased.
  • Remati Shackle (mentioned) - Creates an impenetrable barrier around the Warehouse. Was revealed to draw power from the Alpha Centuri system via the Innes Observatory. Myka exploited a failsafe which the Regents created after the Sykes incident and redirected the flow to be from Uranus, allowing the agents to walk through it.
  • Red ROTERA Lantern - Seen behind Artie and Pete when Pete showed off Paracelsus in the box.
  • Gone with the Wind - A 1964 Book Club Edition seen behind Artie and Pete while Pete showed off Paracelsus in the box.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This episode has the most new artifacts: 21.
  • The stage that the Warehouse 9 regents had their meeting is the same stage set used in the party scene in the Pilot episode.
  • Saul Rubinek found the original idea of the Eldunarí, but it was later found out to be part of the Inheritance Cycle tetralogy. In that series, it is a large gem capable of containing the consciousnesses of dragons. However, they were allowed to use the word Eldunarí.
    • Eldunarí is derived from the Old Norse word "Aldrnari", one of several words for "fire".
  • The Innes Observatory was named after Robert T. A. Innes, a Scottish astronomer best known for discovering Proxima Centauri (also known as Alpha Centauri C, a red dwarf and nearest-known star to the sun) in 1915, and numerous binary stars.

Errors[edit | edit source]

  • In the scene where Artie, Myka, and Steve discover someone being tortured with simultaneous use of the Phoenix and the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Doorknob, the man being experimented on is in extreme pain from being burned alive but being unable to die. However, as shown with all three previous uses of the Phoenix shown in the past (by Artie, James, and a random man James threw into a furnace), the user does not experience any pain from the flames.
    • It's likely that this inconsistency was simply used to showcase the immorality of artifact testing and why Paracelsus had to be stopped.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Claudia: Well it's this feeling that something is changing. I can't explain it, but something has begun. It's good and bad.


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