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Endless is the sixth episode of Season 5 of Warehouse 13. It is the 65th episode in all and is the series' and show's finale.


While the team deals with the news that Warehouse 13 is moving, Mrs. Frederic has them load their greatest memories of their missions into an artifact for future generations.


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London, 1889 — A woman runs screaming from a man carrying a lantern. She comes to the end of an alleyway and then puts on a pair of glasses, as the man closes in on her from behind. The woman removes Harriet Tubman’s thimble and reverts to Helena Wells, greets her attacker as Jack, and kicks the lantern out of his hand. Jack runs away but when she calls him a coward, he turns and draws his knife. Helena stuns him with a Tesla just as her mentor, Catarunga, arrives. He compliments her on her success in her first month as an agent, and Helena is glad to have found a place where her talents are useful. Catarunga assures her that she is helping the entire world and that England didn’t house for the first eleven Warehouses. When England’s power wanes, another nation will host Warehouse 13.

The Present — The team and Mrs. Frederic watch a visual recording of Helena’s case and Myka notes that Helena is now dating a woman named Giselle.

Mrs. Frederic explains that the round table they’re gathered around is the artifact that inspired King Author’s Round Table. The table stores each agent’s defining moment at the Warehouse, and they’re all to contribute. Artie objects, saying that it’s too soon, and explains that agents only contribute when a Warehouse reaches the end of its tenure. Mrs. Frederic assures them that it’s not their fault, and Myka explains that the host country provides the agents.

Pete suggests that they do something crazy like stop the warehouse from moving, getting increasingly angry. Claudia jumps in before he can lose his temper and offers to go first, and Mrs. Frederick tells her to put her hand in the circle in the center of the table. The table will then choose her moment to store.

Thousands of showgirls dance down the aisles of Warehouse 13. Pete and Myka are uncontrollably tap-dancing and Myka complains that Pete accidentally activated an artifact. The showgirls advance on them, dancing and singing 42nd Street, forcing the agents to dance along with them. Elsewhere in the warehouse, Steve is cornered and tries to Tesla them, but the gun has no effect.

At the database panel, Claudia dances over to Artie, who says that the marquee from the Strand Theater is causing the dancing. Pete, Myka, and Steve arrive and Claudia warns that there are too many showgirls in front of the marquee for them to get to it. Artie explains that they have to recharge the marquee with a big show-stopping finale, while they use Busby Berkeley’s flask and the tin pan from Tin Pan Alley. All of them indicate with a dance move that Claudia is the only one with the energy to pull it off. They get Claudia into a showgirl’s outfit and she makes her way to the marquee. The marquee bulbs start to light up as she dances. Meanwhile, the others find the flask and the pan and get to the marquee. They pour the flask contents on the tin pan and throw it, shattering all of the charged-up lights. Claudia finishes her dance number and Pete throws the flask, destroying the marquee... and the showgirls disappear as everyone cheers and collapses in exhaustion.

Pete and Myka wonder why Claudia looks so sad, and Mrs. Frederic realizes that was the moment when Claudia discovered she didn’t want to be the next caretaker. Claudia explains that was the day when she realized that she’d rather be an agent than the caretaker, and Pete agrees that it’s the best job in the world. He wonders why the others aren’t freaking out and Myka says that some of them are but are quieter about it. Pete says that they need to be loud about it and promises to make sure they don’t lose Warehouse 13.

Once Pete leaves, Artie admits that he’s surprised and Claudia assures him that she’ll fulfill his responsibility. Artie tells her that she has to do what is right for her, and then asks what memory he contributes. Mrs. Frederic warns that it could backfire and he says that it absolutely will.

Artie and his assistant, Scott Mohr, break into an abandoned officer’s club from the 1940s. As they go in, the ghostly image of the club appears on the spot where it was. Artie explains that it’s December 31, 1941, and somebody there doesn’t want the war to end.

He’s using an artifact to keep that one moment frozen. Agents can only enter there once a year, and the Versailles Forks will keep them safe until midnight when they’re ejected in 22 minutes. Artie has narrowed it down to three men: family man Captain Jason Fleece; Lt. William Drischler who has a sick mom; and Lt. Jonah Roth, who eloped with his girlfriend Laura a few months ago.

Scott suggests that they start with the angry guy, Roth, because the other two are partying. He approaches Laura, who explains that she’s pregnant and hasn’t told Jonah yet. Scott advises her to tell Jonah, but Laura says that Jonah lost his brother at Pearl Harbor and it would tear him apart to stay out of the war. She goes to find Jonah, while Artie tells Scott that Jonah is clean.

Scott tells Artie that Laura refilled her glass three times but didn’t take a sip, and Artie realizes that the champagne glass is the artifact.

Laura apologizes to Jonah for getting upset about his leaving. Artie and Scott come over, realizing that she’s the one who is using the artifact to stay with Jonah always. Laura insists that she can’t lose Jonah, but Artie tells her that life comes with good time and bad, and she’ll miss them all if she stays in the time bubble. As the seconds countdown to midnight, Scott tells Jonah that Laura is having his child, and Jonah says that he wants to meet his baby. Laura kisses him and Artie neutralizes the artifact just in time. He tells Scott that he’s proud of him, but Scott says that the case hit close to home. Artie remembers what had happened to Scott, and Scott reassures his dad that he didn’t even know about him.

Shocked, Claudia yanks Artie’s hand off of the table and demands to know what’s going on. Artie explains that when he was arrested for treason, he was seeing someone and she was pregnant. She never told Artie that she was pregnant and he didn’t find out until years later that Scott even existed. Agents weren’t allowed their “One,” and Artie had to fight to get the Regents to change the policy. He tells Claudia that she has to fight for his happiness just like he did, but she says that she has to process it and walks off.

In the warehouse aisles, Myka takes Pete to the library containing the warehouse manual. When Pete asks he what book it is, she says all of them. He said she read the manual but she warns that she’s never read anything that lets the warehouse stay in place when it’s time to move. Pete insists on searching for an answer, but Myka says that their only job now is preparing the time capsule. Angry, Pete says that she really doesn’t care about them or the warehouse. Myka tells him not to call her when he discovers that he can’t stop it and walks off.

In the office, Claudia is talking to Trailer when Artie comes in. He explains that Scott has his own life now and that he lives in San Diego and they see each other once a year. Artie insists that he has the best of both worlds, and that he didn’t tell Claudia because he knew she would want to meet him. Once she did, she would have wanted Scott to become an agent, and Artie didn’t want that for his son. Artie says that sometimes an agent has to be selfish to stay sane. He’s angry that Claudia didn’t tell him about her doubts, and tells her that she has to stay true to herself even if means being selfish. Claudia concedes the point and Artie says that his life is perfect.

Myka returns as Mrs. Frederic is at the end of showing Steve one of her memories, she sits down, and touches the table to provide her memory.

In a suburban home, Myka is confronting a room full of women who all have dark secrets. One of them, Maddie, bought antique Japanese ceramic art, including a five-tailed fox statue. When Maddie touches the fox, she turns into a ninja cat burglar. Maddie tells Myka that it was all five of them. They touch the statue and turn into five ninja cat burglars. Pete comes in, posing as Myka’s husband, and joins in the fight. Myka teslas one before another one disarms her, and the two agents work as one, totally in sync with one another, to defeat the remaining four ninja. The moment they finally take out the last ninja, she thanks him for the save. Pete assures Myka that he’ll always have her back. As soon as Pete looks away Myka smiles and looks softly at him in return.

As soon as the memory freezes on Myka's face, Steve says "Well hello..." Myka, misunderstanding his comment, agrees and explains that she got to use all of her deductive skills and kick some suburban ass. Steve says he wasn't talking about that and points out her face in the memory, and says it's so obvious that she's in love with him. Myka insists that there is no Pete and her. She denies it several times before looking at the image again, realizing that she is in love with him and admitting it out loud. Both Steve and Mrs. Frederic smile at her, Steve nodding.

Artie is heading down the aisle and starts to adjust a monitor, and then realizes that it doesn’t make a difference because it’s over. He wonders if he’s just supposed to walk away. Artie screams at the warehouse, complaining that he’s dedicated his entire life to it, he's lost family and friends, but hasn’t received even an acknowledgement. A wind springs up and an apple rolls down the aisle to stop at his feet. Artie picks it up and says, “You’re welcome.”

As soon as Mrs. Frederic is ending another one of memories, this time of Mr. Frederic, for Steve, Claudia comes back. Mrs. Frederic tells Steve that it’s his turn. Steve hesitates, wondering if he doesn’t have a defining warehouse memory because he’s never really belonged there. Claudia assures him that he does and Mrs. Frederic tells Steve to let the warehouse decide. He touches the table and they see his memories.

Helena is in a room with an unconscious Artie strapped to a table. She contacts Claudia and warns that her shrinking device was only designed for three-hour intervals. When it wears off, the agents will enlarge and explode out of his chest. Claudia from inside the Nautilus 3, a submarine, says that they’re closing in on the clock near Artie’s heart. They have to get it before it strikes 12.

Helena warns that it’s too dangerous to pilot the sub into the heart, and Claudia agrees. Steve is in a diving suit outside of the sub and goes to neutralize the clock. He makes his way through the valve and drifts inside the heart, and finally spots the clock. Steve destroys it with a neutralizer beam and looks around in wonder.

Claudia, saying that was proof that he belongs with the warehouse and asks Steve if he feels better now, pointing out that no one else could have made the shot. Steve says, yes but not because of that. He feels better because he was inside a beating human heart, and it was indescribable. He says that when he came to the warehouse he thought it was just going to be chaos. When Claudia says he found peace, he disagrees and says that the warehouse gave it to him.

Steve asks Mrs. Frederic if the ritual is not just about the warehouse, but the agents as well, Mrs. Frederic explains that the ritual is also Warehouse 13’s gift to them.

Myka goes to find Pete and discovers that he’s trying to shift the compass. He plans to throw it into the furnace, and apologizes to Myka about what he said earlier. Pete explains that he’s been bouncing without a purpose for his entire life, but in the warehouse he’s the best version of himself. A Myka finally tells him to shut up and kisses him. After a moment she stops and looks at him.

Pete figures that it’s Steve in disguise and Myka confirms that it’s her. He then checks her for a fever and wonders if a nympho artifact is affecting her. Myka tells him that it’s not where he is that defines him but the decisions that he makes. Pete insists that he doesn’t want to lose the warehouse or her, and Myka tells him that he can’t lose her because she loves him. She asks what Pete is going to do about it, and he says that he loves her as well. They kiss again and chuckle, and Myka says that he has to do the time capsule first.

Pete asks when they get naked and she says they've already been naked, plus they body swapped. He agrees saying that was a good day. She punches him in the arm and he says he needs to tell her something. After five years with the whole punching thing, it really turns him on. She smiles and says she knows.

Mrs. Frederic meets with Leena at her first day in Warehouse 13. Leena explains that she can read auras and Mrs. Frederic assure her that she’ll fit in nicely. As she looks out over the warehouse, Leena says that she can see that she will die there someday but it’s all right.

Mrs. Frederic finishes showing Steve her memory as Pete comes in and notices Steve crying. He goes out to get himself under control and Pete assures Mrs. Frederic his tantrum is over. He touches the table and all of his memories of everything he's done since he first saw the warehouse play out, right up to Myka kissing him. When he pulls his hand out and sits back, Artie, Myka, Claudia, and Steve are all standing right behind Mrs. Fredric, looking mildly shocked. Myka asks Mrs. Fredric why they saw all of Pete’s memories, and not just one case. Mrs. F looks at Pete and tells him to explain it since he knows the answer. Pete says that his defining moment is every minute that he got to spend with them. He was scared that he’d go back to the person he was, but now he’s a better man and that will never change. Steve says it could be that, but it's possible that Pete just broke the table. Mrs. Frederic breaks out into laughter, startling Artie and Myka. They all look at Mrs. Fredric in shock as Artie comments that he'd never heard her laugh before. She points out that she is a woman of infinite surprises.

Everyone laughs and they ask if they can watch some more memories. However, Artie gets a ping and they go back to work. As Pete leaves, he asks Mrs. Frederic if it’s really over. She tells him that particular wonder is never over, and says that he’ll see her tomorrow. Pete kisses her gently on the cheek and goes after his friends as they work on their new case.

Fifty years later, three agents are arguing over their newest case and worrying that Warehouse 13 is going to move. Miss Donovan appears to them and tells them to focus on the present, and assures them that there have been stories that it would move before. She hesitates and then admits that the three agents remind her of some people that she knew. They go back to work while Claudia goes to the round table and plays back the memories of her and her friends.


Main Cast

Guest Starring


  • Anthony Gerbrandt as Jack the Ripper
  • Ryan McDonald as Jonah Roth
  • Brittany Allen as Laura Roth
  • Jeffrey Wetsch as Mark
  • Jennifer Gibson as Maddie
  • Mark Gibson as Adam Maddox (Future Agent)
  • Tamara Almeida as Jenny (Future Agent)
  • Allison Brennan as London Prostitute


  • Kara Duncan as Tap Dancing Chorus Girl
  • Genny Sermonia as Tap Dancing Chorus Girl
  • Sarah Vance as Tap Dancing Chorus Girl
  • Nancy Gassner (and eight other women) as 42nd Street vocals[2]

Wikia W13 - Future W13 team.png
Wikia W13 - Caretaker Claudia activates Round Table.png

Artifacts and Gadgets Featured

  • Round Table - Copies and stores a Warehouse agent's memories of a defining moment that they had with the Warehouse when they place their hand on its surface. These memories can be accessed later by other agents, even hundreds of years in the future. Kept in the Memini Chamber, as revealed in the episode commentary.
  • Jack the Ripper's Lantern - Looking into the light of the lantern puts viewers into a transfixed state.
  • Harriet Tubman's Thimble - Bends light around the wearer to give them the appearance of someone else.
  • 42nd Street Film Marquee - Conjures up an endless army of showgirls while forcing everyone in the area to tap dance to the beat. If left unchecked, the marquee will force them to literally dance until they die.
  • Busby Berkeley's Flask - Applies fine choreography to anything alcohol poured from it touches. Can also induce drunken behavior.
  • Tin Pan from Tin Pan Alley - Has amazing navigating properties and can be thrown across great distances, unaffected by weather or turbulence.
  • Thomas Wedgwood's Champagne Glass - Once owned by Thomas Wedgwood who is most widely known as an early experimenter in the field of photography. This artifact has the power to literally capture a moment in time, keeping everything in a time bubble that appears at the initial starting point, and drains any liquid poured into it, although the method and purpose are unknown. It was activated on December 31, 1941 at 11:35 P.M..
  • Louis XIV's Silverware Forks - Protects holders from changes in the time continuum.
  • Five-Tailed Fox Ceramic Statue - Stems from the mythical five tailed fox, the trickster in Japanese mythology. Transforms whoever touches it into a ninja.
  • Thomas Edison's Bioelectric Stagecoach - Seen behind Pete when attempting to throw Hiram Abiff's Compass into the Lehmann Fornax. Runs on bioelectricity rather than oil.
  • H.G. Wells's Shrink Ray - Can shrink matter down for up to three hours, at which point the shrunken object will return to its normal size.
  • Nautilus III Submarine - Used by Claudia and Steve to get around in Artie's bloodstream.
  • Miniature Smith Alarm Clock - Exact effects unknown. Was stuck inside Artie's heart.
  • Barack Obama's Basketball - Exact effects unknown. Is believed to be connected to a case being investigated by the Warehouse agents of the far future. From his game against Sports Illustrated Senior Writer S.L. Price.
  • Hsinbyushin's Wooden Stork[3] - An ancient Thai wooden stork said to contain the spirit of King Hsinbyushin of Siam. Allows user to fly for short distances.
  • Draconic Artifact: - Specifics are unknown, but gives scaly skin and the ability to breathe fire. Effects mentioned in the final episode as the ping appeared on the Warehouse system.
  • Record Player: Seen on the screen In the far future when Caretaker Claudia appears.
  • Saddle Mate Elephant: Made by Gametime Inc. in the 1960-70s. Seen behind the group before Pete threw the Tin Pan. Effects unknown.
  • Hard-shell Space Suit - Seen behind Pete and Myka when Pete attempted to throw Hiram Abiff's Compass into the Lehmann Fornax. "Canada" is written on its left shoulder.


  • When Artie and Scott Mohr are in the 1941 time bubble, Artie identifies the ranks of the three potential subjects as a Captain, Lieutenant and Lieutenant. However, the insignia's show them to be Lieutenant, Corporal and Captain respectively.


  • Pete addresses Mrs. Frederic as "Irene", her first name.
  • "Jack", the warehouse Special Agent in Charge seen in the flash forward is played by series Producer/Writer/Director Jack Kenny. He is credited as a guest star in the end credits.
  • When Artie is in the Warehouse aisle he begins to mutter "All good things must come to an end," a reference to the series finale episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation "All Good Things," where Q says the full line to Picard.
  • During the ending future scene, it appears that the logo for Warehouse 13 has changed. During the present, it was an outline of the Warehouse with 13 stars over it; in the future, it appears to be the number 13 in the same font style for the show's logo underneath the word "Warehouse", and above three illegible words, inside a yellow gear.[4]
    • These have been worn by the show's crew,[5] but whether they originally belonged to them or were made for the finale and worn by staff is unknown.
    • Additionally, it appears the Warehouse may have gained a dress code sometime in the future, as all three future agents wear some kind of gray jacket, identical Warehouse 13 caps, and identical silver lapel pins.[6]
  • Artie's line "You may be going out there B-team, but you're comin' back A-team" could likely be a reference to the quote 'Sawyer, you're going out a youngster, but you've got to come back a star!' from 42nd Street (which was voted as the #87 movie quote by the American Film Institute (out of 100)).

Caretaker Jacket.jpg

  • As seen in the auction costume description for Claudia's Caretaker jacket, the end of the episode takes place 50 years in the future, in 2063.[7]
  • The "Mr. Kipling" that Helena mentions in her memory may be Rudyard Kipling, an English poet and novelist. He was described as "morally insensitive and aesthetically disgusting", and "an incomparable, if controversial, interpreter of how empire was experienced,"[8] explaining his having taken to writing rude verses in jealousy of Helena's talent as an agent.
    • Assuming these Kiplings are one in the same, Helena's memory may be dated to October of 1889; Rudyard Kipling had resided in British India until early 1889, where he traveled across the world for several months until he returned to Britain October of that year.
  • Several lines and scenes were cut from the episode for time or were replaced in the final version.
    • There was a scene where Pete reads the Warehouse Manual and learned why artifacts smell like fudge.[9][10]
    • Artie pleading to Mrs. Frederic and the Regents was shown at the end of his memory.[11]
    • Instead of Mrs. Frederic showing Steve who her husband was, she showed him how she came to the Warehouse.[11]
    • The memory of Mrs. Frederic meeting Leena was originally going to be Mr. Frederic's death scene.[9]
  • Claudia and the others dancing in front of the Marquee was the last scene of the series filmed, and was filmed August 30th, 2013.[12]
  • The DVD commentary for this episode was recorded January 16th, 2014.[13]


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