Endless is the sixth episode of Season 5 of Warehouse 13. It is the 65th episode in all and is the series' and show's finale.


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The gang learns that despite having prevented Valda from poaching and shutting down Warehouse 13, he had gotten so close to his goal that Warehouse 13 has begun, of its own accord, inexorably, to contemplate retirement. The closure of Warehouse 13 would entail the complete migration of the contents of the current warehouse to a newly-christened Warehouse 14 in a new host country. Of greater concern to the team, however, is the fact that, per the manual, the new Warehouse would be run by a new group of agents chosen from the new host country. In accordance with a tradition followed as a Warehouse approaches the end of its life, Mrs. Frederic asks each member of the team to contribute to the Warehouse Time Capsule. The artifact serving as the time capsule, the Round Table of King Arthur, can pick out an agent's most formative memory from their time immersed in Warehouse 13's world of endless wonder. Pete, however, refuses to accept that the Warehouse is moving and resolves to find a way to stop it.

Claudia goes first and remembers the time that she helped the team deactivate the 42nd Street Marquee, which Pete had accidentally activated, and defeat an army of dancing showgirls by doing a showstopping tap dance. She reveals to the others that the incident made her realize how much she loved being an agent and her hesitations in accepting her destiny as Caretaker.

Artie, in an attempt to show Claudia that he supports her life choices, show the team his mission to investigate a time bubble that leads to December 31, 1941. He is partnered with a young agent, Scott Mohr, who helps him identify the artifact, Thomas Wedgewood's champagne glass, causing it. They bag the artifact and it is revealed that Scott is Artie's son, which shocks Claudia. Artie and Mrs. Frederic reveal that Artie was responsible for the rule which allows agents to have a "one" that they can reveal the secrets of the Warehouse to and Artie explains that Claudia, like he did, has to fight for the things she wants. He also explains to Claudia that Scott helped Artie be a better father to Claudia and that he's proud of her no matter what she chooses. Myka, meanwhile, tries to reason with Pete that they can't stop the Warehouse from moving and that they should simply make the most of the time they have left. Pete remains determined and returns to researching a way to keep the Warehouse.

Myka returns to the Round Table and adds her moment. She is seen confronting a group of women and using her deductive skills to reveal how they were all involved in a conspiracy involving an artifact, which the women unexpectedly use to transform into ninjas. She and Pete proceed to fight them off. They succeed and the memory makes Myka realize her feelings for Pete.

Artie is then shown wandering the aisles of the Warehouse and begins to rant about how he has been faithful to the Warehouse and feels he is being abandoned by it and that he is unappreciated. The Warehouse, in a show of affection and gratitude, sends a small gust of wind and an apple rolling down the aisle towards Artie, who says to the Warehouse "You're welcome."

Myka goes in search of Pete and Claudia returns to the Round Table in time to see Steve contribute his memory, though he is reluctant to do so since he feels that he's never really belonged within the Warehouse. Mrs. Frederic and Claudia encourage him to go anyway and let the Warehouse determine if he belongs. His memory involves himself and Claudia inside Artie's body in search of an artifact. Steve is sent into Artie's heart and finds the artifact, neutralizing it. He reveals to Claudia that being inside a human heart helped show him inner peace and Mrs. Frederic reveals that the Round Table ritual is a gift to the agents from the Warehouse.

Myka finds Pete trying to push the Compass into the furnace and states that the Warehouse made him the best version of himself and that he doesn't know who he'd be without it. Myka kisses him and tells him that she loves him and, no matter what happens with the Warehouse, she will always be with him. Pete tells her he loves her, too, and they return to the Round Table. Meanwhile, Mrs. Frederic is showing Steve a memory of the first time she met Leena, who revealed she knew she would die there someday. Reuniting with the others, Pete finally contributes his moment, which is revealed to be every moment since the beginning, feeling that every moment he has spent in the Warehouse and with the team has made him a better man. Steve jokes that Pete broke the table, causing Mrs. Frederic to laugh out loud. The team is summoned away by a ping and, before leaving, Pete asks Mrs. Frederic if it's really over. Mrs. Frederic simply states that this wonder is endless. Pete and Mrs. Frederic say they'll see each other tomorrow and the team is last seen investigating the ping, business as usual. In the end of the episode we find out that several decades later, long after the original team had gone their separate ways, Claudia is now caretaker of Warehouse 13 and it never moved.


Main CastEdit

Guest StarringEdit


  • Anthony Gerbrandt as Jack the Ripper
  • Ryan McDonald as Jonah Roth
  • Brittany Allen as Laura Roth
  • Jeffrey Wetsch as Mark
  • Jennifer Gibson as Maddie
  • Mark Gibson as Adam Maddox (Future Agent)
  • Tamara Almeida as Jenny (Future Agent)
  • Allison Brennan as London Prostitute


  • Kara Duncan as Tap Dancing Chorus Girl
  • Genny Sermonia as Tap Dancing Chorus Girl
  • Sarah Vance as Tap Dancing Chorus Girl
  • Nancy Gassner (and eight other women) as 42nd Street vocals[2]
Wikia W13 - Future W13 team
Wikia W13 - Caretaker Claudia activates Round Table

Artifacts and Gadgets FeaturedEdit

  • Round Table - Copies and stores a Warehouse agent's memories of a defining moment that they had with the Warehouse when they place their hand on its surface. These memories can be accessed later by other agents, even hundreds of years in the future. Kept in the Memini Chamber, as revealed in the episode commentary.
  • Jack the Ripper's Lantern - Looking into the light of the lantern puts viewers into a transfixed state.
  • Harriet Tubman's Thimble - Bends light around the wearer to give them the appearance of someone else.
  • 42nd Street Film Marquee - Conjures up an endless army of showgirls while forcing everyone in the area to tap dance to the beat. If left unchecked, the marquee will force them to literally dance until they die.
  • Busby Berkeley's Flask - Applies fine choreography to anything alcohol poured from it touches. Can also induce drunken behavior.
  • Tin Pan from Tin Pan Alley - Has amazing navigating properties and can be thrown across great distances, unaffected by weather or turbulence.
  • Thomas Wedgwood's Champagne Glass - Once owned by Thomas Wedgwood who is most widely known as an early experimenter in the field of photography. This artifact has the power to literally capture a moment in time, keeping everything in a time bubble that appears at the initial starting point, and drains any liquid poured into it, although the method and purpose are unknown. It was activated on December 31, 1941 at 11:35 P.M..
  • Louis XIV's Silverware Forks - Protects holders from changes in the time continuum.
  • Five-Tailed Fox Ceramic Statue - Stems from the mythical five tailed fox, the trickster in Japanese mythology. Transforms whoever touches it into a ninja.
  • Thomas Edison's Bioelectric Stagecoach - Seen behind Pete when attempting to throw Hiram Abiff's Compass into the Lehmann Fornax. Runs on bioelectricity rather than oil.
  • H.G. Wells's Shrink Ray - Can shrink matter down for up to three hours, at which point the shrunken object will return to its normal size.
  • Nautilus III Submarine - Used by Claudia and Steve to get around in Artie's bloodstream.
  • Miniature Smith Alarm Clock - Exact effects unknown. Was stuck inside Artie's heart.
  • Barack Obama's Basketball - Exact effects unknown. Is believed to be connected to a case being investigated by the Warehouse agents of the far future. From his game against Sports Illustrated Senior Writer S.L. Price.
  • Hsinbyushin's Wooden Stork[3] - An ancient Thai wooden stork said to contain the spirit of King Hsinbyushin of Siam. Allows user to fly for short distances.
  • Draconic Artifact: - Specifics are unknown, but gives scaly skin and the ability to breathe fire. Effects mentioned in the final episode as the ping appeared on the Warehouse system.
  • Record Player: Seen on the screen In the far future when Caretaker Caludia appears.
  • Saddle Mate Elephant: Made by Gametime Inc. in the 1960-70s. Seen behind the group before Pete threw the Tin Pan. Effects unknown.
  • Hard-shell Space Suit - Seen behind Pete and Myka when Pete attempted to throw Hiram Abiff's Compass into the Lehmann Fornax. "Canada" is written on its left shoulder.


  • When Artie and Scott Mohr are in the 1941 time bubble, Artie identifies the ranks of the three potential subjects as a Captain, Lieutenant and Lieutenant. However, the insignia's show them to be Lieutenant, Corporal and Captain respectively.


  • Pete addresses Mrs. Frederic as "Irene", her first name.
  • "Jack", the warehouse Special Agent in Charge seen in the flash forward is played by series Producer/Writer/Director Jack Kenny. He is credited as a guest star in the end credits.
  • When Artie is in the Warehouse aisle he begins to mutter "All good things must come to an end," a reference to the series finale episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation "All Good Things," where Q says the full line to Picard.
  • During the ending future scene, it appears that the logo for Warehouse 13 has changed. During the present, it was an outline of the Warehouse with 13 stars over it; in the future, it appears to be the number 13 in the same font style for the show's logo underneath the word "Warehouse", and above three illegible words, inside a yellow gear.[4]
    • These have been worn by the show's crew,[5] but whether they originally belonged to them or were made for the finale and worn by staff is unknown.
    • Additionally, it appears the Warehouse may have gained a dress code sometime in the future, as all three future agents wear some kind of gray jacket, identical Warehouse 13 caps, and identical silver lapel pins.[6]
  • Artie's line "You may be going out there B-team, but you're comin' back A-team" could likely be a reference to the quote 'Sawyer, you're going out a youngster, but you've got to come back a star!' from 42nd Street (which was voted as the #87 movie quote by the American Film Institute (out of 100)).
Caretaker Jacket
  • As seen in the auction costume description for Claudia's Caretaker jacket, the end of the episode takes place 50 years in the future, in 2063.[7]
  • The "Mr. Kipling" that Helena mentions in her memory may be Rudyard Kipling, an English poet and novelist. He was described as "morally insensitive and aesthetically disgusting", and "an incomparable, if controversial, interpreter of how empire was experienced,"[8] explaining his having taken to writing rude verses in jealousy of Helena's talent as an agent.
    • Assuming these Kiplings are one in the same, Helena's memory may be dated to October of 1889; Rudyard Kipling had resided in British India until early 1889, where he traveled across the world for several months until he returned to Britain October of that year.
  • Several lines and scenes were cut from the episode for time or were replaced in the final version.
    • There was a scene where Pete reads the Warehouse Manual and learned why artifacts smell like fudge.[9][10]
    • Artie pleading to Mrs. Frederic and the Regents was shown at the end of his memory.[11]
    • Instead of Mrs. Frederic showing Steve who her husband was, she showed him how she came to the Warehouse.[11]
    • The memory of Mrs. Frederic meeting Leena was originally going to be Mr. Frederic's death scene.[9]
  • Claudia and the others dancing in front of the Marquee was the last scene of the series filmed, and was filmed August 30th, 2013.[12]
  • The DVD commentary for this episode was recorded January 16th, 2014.[13]

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